Crop Circles : The Enigma ~ Awakening Consciousness

The Crop Circle phenomena continues to fascinate and awaken all tuned in, with it's awe inspiring beauty laid out perfectly in the fields with undeniable evidence of cellular changes in the laid down crop and the presence of a strong electromagnetic field around freshly formed crop circles just to mention some of the hard known facts gathered over the years by many prominent researchers of the mysterious transdimensional phenomena we have come to know as "Crop Circles".

In this documentary titled, "Crop Circles : The Enigma", we embark on a journey into the mysterious world of crop circles like never before. Steve Mitchell guides us through the very latest thoughts on these enigmatic patterns and symbols found across the world. We take flight high above the ground at sacred sites such as Silbury Hill and Avebury to get a new and unique angle on this phenomenon. What causes these often beautiful designs ? Are they man made like some believe who know nothing more about the phenomena ? Are these formations created by Extraterrestrials or some form of higher dimensional intelligence trying to make contact ... catalyzing a multi-leveled spiritual awakening through our personal investigation of the mystery and the synchromystical communication which ensues within our consciousness when we allow our light to shine staying in tune with the highest vibration of compassion for all ...

Steve Mitchell is a musician, mathematician, writer and lectures on mysteries and ancient traditions. His new TV Show, Mitchell’s Wyrd World and his previous works such as, Dragons and Rings, have brought him critical acclaim. Mitchell also appears in the new hit movie – The Ancient Code.
Crop Circles : Compelling Evidence
The Yin Yang Crop Circle UK 2009
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Anonymous said...

These Crop Cicles has some meaning. How do I analyze some takes the form of Codes Arcturians. Certainly some of these codes has everything to do with symbols of positivity. In my belief, there is a strong significance on these cycles with Crop Codes Arcurianos. But here is my question: But who put these Crop Cicles these plantations? It would be some form of intelligence of other dimensions?
We are not alone!

Um Abraço, JC

Anonymous said...

This blog is insane ! Truth will set us free !

Anonymous said...

we are making the crop circles, they are a reflection of our own consciousness.
Shane Cubis

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