Christmas is just around corner and it’s high time to think about the gifts for your loved ones. If one of the people you’d like to get a gift is a fan of green, dried herbs, think about giving them a portable vaporizer – it’s a great idea for a Christmas gift! This article talks about the vaporizers that you should definitely take into consideration.

We’ve talked a lot about vaporization so you definitely know quite a lot about it. However, if vaporization is a new concept to you, it’s definitely worth catching up on this subject. Basically, vaporization is the process of evaporating cannabinoids from dried herbs, with no need to burn them. As a result, you inhale a vapor that is free from tar substances and hundreds of various toxins that are present in a regular smoke. Thanks to this, you absorb the cannabinoids from the herbs in a way that is safe for your health and much more effective than when you smoke them – you need a much smaller amount of herbs to get the same results. Lack of smoke equals a higher discreteness and makes your use of herbs less bothersome for others, especially your housemates. If you’re a fan of little, green herbs or you’d like to get a present for someone who likes it, make sure you consider a portable vaporizer – a device that lets you evaporate cannabinoids from dried herbs. Below, we present the most interesting models that are currently available on the market and will make a great Christmas gift.

Linx Gaia Vaporizer – the highest-level of elegance and quality

Linx Gaia Vaporizer is a new product on the market. It’s a small device, locked in an elegant and durable cover. It looks like a box-mod e-cigarette, which lets you maintain a high level of discreteness, even when you vaporize outside. However, the way it works is much more important than what it looks like and the performance of Gaia is truly outstanding.

It’s the first vaporizer with a quartz heating chamber, which – along with the glass mouthpiece -guarantees a perfect vapor flavor that’s free from any aftertaste, except for the pure flavor of dried herbs. The experience is way better than in the case of regular smoking. Linx Gaia uses mainly convection heating (with a stream of hot air), but it additionally heats the herbs with the walls of the chamber. This solution guarantees a high efficiency of the inhalation and an even heating of the herbs. On the side of the device, there is a clear, OLED display and buttons that let you set the temperature with a one-degree Celsius precision. Thanks to this solution, you can adjust the temperature to your individual preferences in terms of the strength, thickness and the temperature of the vapor. Another great advantage of this vaporizer is the speed of the heating – Linx Gaia is ready to work within just 20 seconds from the moment you switch it on!

Due to the inhalation style, Linx Gaia will be a perfect solution for those who like smoking joints – it lets you have long sessions, with numerous draws and it requires a very small amount of dried herbs, even as little as 0.2 g will do. The quality of the herbs used by this vaporizer is of the highest possible level. At the same time, Linx Gaia is much cheaper than other model that offers a similar vaping experience, e.g. DaVinci IQ Vaporizer, so this vaporizer is the best choice.

VapCap M Vaporizer – outstanding quality at an outstanding price

VapCap M Vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers in the world – it’s almost the same size as a regular cigarette! However, don’t be fooled by its small dimensions. This device is a real beast! Unlike the previous, glass models, VapCap M is made almost entirely of stainless steel, which guarantees a great durability of the device.

It’s a 100% analog vaporizer – it has no battery or any electronic or electric components. The source of the heat that’s needed to heat the herbs is the flame of a jet-flame lighter that you use to heat a special cap of the heating chamber that features a temperature sensor which informs you when you need to stop heating. It’s single-handedly the most economical vaporizer on the market – you only need 0.1 g of dried herbs to have a fully satisfying inhalation. On top of that, the vapor generated by this model is surprisingly strong.

Due to the inhalation style, VapCap M is a great solution for those who smoke herbs from a glass pipe. It lets you have a quick, intense inhalation with a minimum amount of material. The price is a great advantage, too – VapCap M costs about 46£. ‘If you don’t want to spend too much money, VapCap M is definitely a better choice than some cheaper electronic vaporizers, like Snoop Dogg G Pen or Titan 2 Hebe. Not only will it provide a much better experience, but also – thanks to the materials used in the production and the highest quality of manufacturing process – it is safe for your health, unlike some of the previously mentioned models.’ – says Jonathan Weedi from VapeFully, an expert in the field of vaporization.

HydroBrick MAXX Vaporizer – a real treat for bong fans!

Some of the people who like using bongs are still convinced that nothing can get them higher. Mistake! HydroBrick MAXX Vaporizer is a device that will not only provide equally good experience but will also be gentle on your lungs. It’s an entirely analog model – a flame from a butane lighter heats up the air that gets sucked into the chamber and triggers an intense production of vapor that is very tasty and so powerful that it surprises even the most seasoned users of herbs. Therefore, this vaporizer heats the material entirely through convection. What’s more, to have a fully satisfying inhalation, all you need is a very small amount of herbs, even 0.15-0.2 g will be enough.

Why is HydroBrick MAXX so special? It’s a vaporizer that features an 18 mm cut glass joint that can be used in a variety of ways. You can connect it to a glass mouthpiece that comes with the set – your HydroBrick MAXX will work just like Sticky Brick Original. Instead of the mouthpiece, you can also connect a tube (also included in the set) and place its other end in a water pipe. This way, you can filter the vapor through water in order to additionally cool it down and add moisture to it so that the inhalation becomes even more comfortable and allows for taking longer draws. The third option is getting a special bubbler (a water filter) that you can place directly on the glass joint. In each of these 3 cases, HydroBrick MAXX does an incredible job.

If you’re looking for a device that will easily replace a bong, you should definitely pick HydroBrick MAXX. It will provide an unforgettable vaping experience and will help you take care of both your respiratory tract and your wallet, as you’ll use much less material than in a traditional bong.

Where to buy a Vaporizer?

You can find all the models described above in the offer of VapeFully store with vaporizers – a store that specializes in premium class vaporizers that are safe for your health. If you think about buying a vaporizer, make sure you visit VapeFully store, especially because it allows you to get free advice from the experts who will help you find the right model that will meet all your needs and match the preferences. Each of the above-mentioned models is definitely worth considering, just like the subject of vaporization in general. Christmas season and New Year is a great opportunity to make yourself or someone close a gift in the form of healthier lungs.

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Addiction is a very individual disease. Each person who suffers from addiction experiences it in a way that is unique to them. However, when it comes to treatment, we often fail to recognize how different each individual can be.

We’re facing a nationwide opioid epidemic, and the truth is we still have a lot to learn about treating addiction. There is no single magic ‘cure’ that’s going to work for everyone, and for many people recovery is often a matter of trial and error.

Treatment and the Epidemic

As more and more people are taken by addiction, we are experiencing a growing necessity for different types of treatment programs. The ‘cookie cutter’ program approach isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone.

When a doctor prescribes a medication to treat an illness, they monitor the effectiveness and make changes based on how well the treatment is working. That kind of problem solving needs to be used when treating addiction.

Its important that addicts be able to course-correct their treatment and find access to new pathways towards sobriety. Fortunately, rehabilitation professionals are becoming increasingly familiar with alternative methods of treatment.

One of these lesser-known options utilizes a drug called Ibogaine—a natural psychoactive therapy that has proven to be an effective addiction treatment.

Ibogaine – A Brief History

Ibogaine is a natural alternative to some of the more traditional addiction treatment options. It’s derived from an African plant that has psychedelic properties called Tabernanthe iboga.

The native peoples of West Africa have used this iboga root, in the form of a tea, to induce spiritual awareness. It has been the core of their spiritual ceremonies for centuries.

However, in the 1960s, Ibogaine, extracted from the iboga root, was found to interrupt addiction.

While experimenting with different substances Howard Lotsof, who at the time was a heroin addict, discovered that ingesting Ibogaine eliminated his withdrawal symptoms and his body’s dependency on heroin.

After this realization, he began treating many of his friends who were also heroin addicts with the same results—they were able to overcome the horrible symptoms of withdrawal and almost immediately break free of opioid dependence.

To Lotsof, this was a massive discovery, and he spent the rest of his life studying Ibogaine and its effects on the addicted brain.

In order to understand exactly how Ibogaine works we need to take a look at the brain and exactly how addiction affects it.

How does Addiction Change the Brain?

Chemical dependency occurs when someone’s brain becomes so accustomed to the neural chemicals, provided by drugs and alcohol, that the natural production of those chemicals becomes much less effective. This means that if they stop supplying their brain with that addictive substance, the body starts to fight back—causing physical withdrawal.

Often, the withdrawal experience is so unpleasant that many addicts will continue to use just to avoid the discomfort. When a person no longer has the ability to feel normal without taking some sort of drug, they have a serious problem with no simple solution.

Getting through physical withdrawal can be brutal. Although many clinics offer what they consider to be “better” ways to get through withdrawals, the detox solution is often just sitting in a room while the brain adjusts back to normal levels—often taking days or even weeks.

How Ibogaine Works

As an alternative to enduring this extended period of painful detox, many addicts turn to Ibogaine. Ibogaine targets the area of the brain associated with addiction. By “resetting” the brain, Ibogaine is able to renew the neurons and pathways back to their pre-addicted state.

For the addict, this means that Ibogaine eliminates 80% or more of all withdrawal symptoms almost immediately after the dose is taken.

This means that Ibogaine can often offer addicts not only a fresh take on addiction treatment, but also a holistic method of detoxing quickly without the pain of withdrawals.

According to Mental Health Daily, “The most notable potential benefit is that a single dose of Ibogaine could lead to long-term suppression of opiate/opioid cravings such that former opioid/opiate users are able to maintain abstinence for an indefinite duration.”

But if Ibogaine is so effective at treating addiction, why isn’t it available in the USA?

Ibogaine in the USA

Unfortunately, doctors in the U.S. have been unable to study the medication to its full potential. Since the 1960s, almost every psychedelic, including Ibogaine, has been outlawed even for scientific study.

However, with MDMA and other psychedelics starting to gain footing in the United States medical system, Ibogaine may not be far behind. Even though Ibogaine has shown to be fatal in some who use it, modern science has significantly reduced this negative outcome, making Ibogaine much safer than it was just a few years ago.

The future of Ibogaine and other psychedelics is promising.

Freedom from Addiction

Ibogaine can help the brain return to its naturally balanced state much faster than waiting for the body to recover on its own. But it is not a cure and it will not force an addict to stay clean.

Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol is a lifelong process that requires a different approach for each person. Ibogaine, combined with a rehab or aftercare program, can often be one of the most promising treatment options, especially for those who have tried other treatment programs with little or no success.

Ibogaine can help the brain return to its naturally balanced state much faster than waiting for the body to recover on its own. But it is not a cure and it will not force an addict to stay clean.

Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol is a lifelong process that requires a different approach for each person. Ibogaine, combined with a rehab or aftercare program, can often be one of the most promising treatment options, especially for those who have tried other treatment programs with little or no success.

With new discoveries being made in alternatives like Ibogaine, there’s more hope for long-term sobriety than ever before. Every addict deserves a chance to live a sober and successful life. There are many treatment options available and Ibogaine is just one of them. Each addict must educate themselves and find the right treatment for them.

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    Even though vaporizers have been available on the market for a few years, marijuana users still know very little about them. In this article, we present various types of vaporizers that can be used for vaping marijuana and we talk about pros and cons of each model.

    A lot of marijuana users are convinced that the majority of vaporizers are not good enough for vaping dried herbs and that they should be used only with liquids that contain THC. This is a myth. The liquids of this type are designed for e-cigarettes, while vaporizers are designed for vaping dried herbs and dabs (marijuana concentrates). Some vaporizers created for dried herbs vaporization feature a special insert for concentrates vaporization. You can also place a small amount of concentrate between two layers of dried herbs. Note that concentrates aren’t a product that’s available only in American pharmacies – you can relatively easily make them at home.

    Portable vaporizers for dried herbs

    Dried herbs vaporizers are the most popular devices, probably because the herbs are so widely available. It’s the easiest solution for weed fans. These devices are very easy to use because you don’t need to process the herbs in any way. All you have to do is just grind the herbs a bit. Then, you place them in the heating chamber and once the device reaches the right temperature, you can start inhaling.

    One of the most important benefits of using this kind of vaporizers is the flavour and aroma you experience. If you’re not a fan of tobacco, you’ll be amazed – the flavour of vapor from a vaporizer is way better than the flavour of smoke from a joint made with weed and tobacco. And there’s more! It’s even better than the flavour of marijuana smoked without tobacco! Discreetness plays an important role, too. Vaporizers produce no smoke, just vapor that has a much less intense aroma and disappears really fast. What’s more, a joint burns and releases smell all the time, which is not the case when you use a vaporizer. You can notice the smell only in the moment of the actual vaporization. When you smoke, a large amount of THC gets damaged due to the high temperature, which you can avoid by vaporizing the herbs. This means that vaporization is a much more economic method than smoking.

    Vaporization is the healthiest possible form of marijuana consumption. First of all, when you vaporize, you don’t inhale carcinogenic tar substances because no burning process takes place. All the available scientific research clearly indicate that vaporization is incomparably better for your health than marijuana, regardless of your preferred smoking method – pipe, joints or a bong. By far, the best combination is a vaporizer with a water filter. This solution lets you cool the vapor down properly and makes it thicker so the inhalation is much more comfortable. Compared to concentrates vaporizers, the models designed for herbs use require more time before you can start the inhalation (a few minutes). They also provide a less intense experience than the ones you can use with concentrates. Basically, an easy inhalation takes more time – normally a few minutes – just like when you smoke a joint. If you want to have a solution that will let you evaporate marijuana faster, you can use an on-demand vaporizer. They heat up within seconds and let you take a few quick drags in a very short time.

    Whatever method you choose, a concentrate will always provide a stronger experience than dried herbs. However, vaping herbs has its pros - the user can fully control the intensity of the inhalation and he/she can continue or stop at the right moment. With concentrates, due to the high concentration of THC, you can get really high after just a few draws, which is not always the nicest feeling. ‘The best vaporizers for herbs that are currently available on the market are PAX 3 Vaporizer (a model with 10-year warranty), Mighty Vaporizer, DaVinci IQ Vaporizer and AirVape XS. Among on-demand models, the ones that stand out are Magic Flight Launch Box and Firefly 2’ – says Ryszard Fazowski from VapeFully that sells premium class vaporizers.

    E-liquid vaporizers

    These devices aren’t actually vaporizers. They are regular e-cigarettes used with an e-liquid enriched with cannabinoids. You can get this kind of liquids in pharmacies and shops in those countries where marijuana is legal. In other places, users can relatively easily create their own liquid with THC – there are many English-language tutorials on the internet that tell you how to do it. “Liquids of this type are really powerful and allow for some discreet inhalations. However, you can’t use them in vaporizers designed for vaping herbs or concentrates” – continues Jonathan Weed from VapeFully.

    Concentrates vaporizers

    Concentrates, called dabs, are concentrated extracts from marijuana. They can have various forms: liquid (honey oil), wax (wax, badder, rosin) or be solid (shatter, crumble). This type of substances is currently extremely popular in the USA and Canada and they’re gaining popularity all over Europe. No surprise – they are very strong (the THC concentration can reach even 90%, compared to 20-25% in the weakest varieties of herbs). Even the most seasoned users can achieve some really impressive results using these substances. What’s more, you only need 2-3 draws to get satisfying results (you get really high).

    It’s quite easy to make this type of concentrate at home – you can use butane or the so-called non-solvent technique. In the first case, you soak herbs in butane in order to extract cannabinoids. As a result, you get golden oil that – depending on the technique you use – turns into wax or a solid concentrate. This method isn’t the safest solution for the inexperienced users because it’s relatively easy to cause an explosion. A much easier and safer option is the so-called rosin technique – you use a hair straightener and a piece of parchment to squeeze the resin out of the herbs. You can also use a special press designed for this purpose.

    Apart from being powerful, concentrates are really tasty and aromatic - thanks to a wide range of terpenes they contain. Concentrates are not made for regular smoking. Even though you can technically do it, it would be a great waste because a very high temperature destroys the majority of THC. You can use concentrates in a specially designed water pipe converted into a vaporizer (a so-called dab rig), electronic vaporizers with a water filter (e-nail) and some very small, pen-shaped vaporizers (vape pen). Some models originally created for herbs vaporization do a really good job at concentrates vaporization, too. One of the less expensive devices of this type is Storm Vaporizer. The above-mentioned PAX 3 Vaporizer and Firefly 2 are worth trying, too. The popularity of vaporizers will be growing at an impressive pace now – you´ll see for yourself!

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    "Stranger Things", the Netflix series has an eerie similarity to the "Montauk Project", a secretive, shadow government black ops project involving human subjects and mind control experiments to study Psionic abilities and other paranormal phenomena such as parallel realities, inter-dimensional time travel using reverse engineered technology from crashed UFOs and bears an uncanny resemblance to the infamous MK Ultra, Black Ops run by the CIA in the 60's ...

    The Netflix hit sci-fi series was originally titled 'Project Montauk', named after the covert government operation on Long Island that allegedly used child runaways as human test subjects, reports filmmaker Christopher Garetano in this video originally shared on New York Post.

    Reality is Stranger than Fiction !

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    Art by Robert Beatty

    The progress being made in psychedelic science & research is out of this world because it is a world apart from everything that I knew about the subject growing up.

    "LSD & psychedelics will fry your brain and you will end up in a psychotic state for the rest of your life if you are stupid enough to take them. They are evil and will destroy your life."

    Yes I lived a sheltered life. But that was the limit of my education on the subject. 'Stay as far away as possible if you want to live a healthy life'. And I did.

    It was only in recent years I started seeing different information pop up about them. And the truth about psychedelics would appear to be very different and pointing to an almost magical impact on the brain. Forget mind blowing expansive experiences just for a moment. Forget mystical experiences also.

    I am talking about the practical benefits of psychedelics, from giving up cigarettes to curing depression anxiety & PTSD and much more. In recent months MDMA has received the backing of the FDA who designated it as a 'breakthrough therapy' for PTSD. If the growing scientific community at the centre of this are to succeed it could have a radical impact on mental health treatment. It could as Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris says "change the world".

    In my short video I talk to Amanda Feilding who is known as the 'hidden hand' guiding the research worldwide and neuroscientist, Dr. Robin Carhart Harris. I ask about where the fears originated from and what the results of the research is telling us.

    Author : Frank McCaughey / https://www.youtube.com/user/frankmccaughey

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    From this picture, you may be thinking that I was ready and confident going into my first Ayahuasca ceremony. But this was not the case at all. I was very nervous and had no idea what to expect. I really don’t blame myself because I was in the middle of the Amazon rain forest, where the closest form of normal civilization was miles away, and I was about to take one of the most powerful hallucinogenic substance known on Earth, with people and Shamans I had just met. Luckily for me, some of my family members were with me which gave me comfort, but I knew they were just as nervous as me.

    I did do extensive research on Ayahuasca and knew the ins and outs of it. I also did read up on hundreds of experiences to get a feel of what to expect. I realized now that this did not help me prepare much and I really had no idea what I was getting into.


    It was dark. Sounds of animals were emanating from the jungle around me. I went into the maloka (a place where ceremonies were held) and waited my turn to take a shot of Ayahuasca. It had a deep, dark red color to it and tasted horrible. Imagine drinking boiled tree bark. I was sitting there waiting for the trip to come on. After about 15 minutes I could hear the jungle sounds getting more and more vivid. I was becoming more and more aware of how much stuff was actually going on around me. The jungle noises were furthering my experience. The birds, insects, monkeys and whatever else was out there created a jungle symphony. It was like I was aware of the jungle and it was aware of me.

    Then things started to get a tad bit insane. I started to see these tribal snake like patterns. The only way to describe these visions would be to say that there were these intense, vivid, colors behind my eyes. But it wasn’t like watching TV, I was fully immersed in these visions and at the time seemed as real as reality itself. These snakes started to wrap around my body and I started feeling this immense pressure in my body and in my forehead region. It was as if these tribal, vivid colored snakes were squeezing my body. Surprisingly I was not too frightened by this, but it was very intense, uncomfortable, and a lot to handle.

    Then I started to really lose my grip on reality. I was freaking out. This all was too much to handle. After this point I am not sure if the events are in correct order; I just have memories of extremely intense moments. The Icaros (songs shaman's sing) had not begun yet, and I was waiting for it. It felt like eternity, and I was thinking this whole thing was a sham. I kept asking in my head why they weren’t singing. I started losing my grip on reality. I was lost in this crazy world of absolute darkness, and did not have a ground on reality. I was terrified. Then the Icaros began. It was very odd and profound at first. I was wondering how someone could sing something so beautifully, but I was still freaking out. I was thinking there must be a mic and speakers somewhere I couldn’t see. My senses were extremely heightened and this could have led me to think this.

    Then things started to get really insane. Keep in mind that during an Ayahuasca ceremony you lose your perception of time. Everything got magnified by a billion. When I say everything I am referring to everything in my awareness. Every thought I had was leading me to the exact same feeling of being magnified a billion times. I completely lost my sense of reality and had no idea where I was. I was stuck in some cycle and I felt like I was going around a race track at the speed of light, over and over again. To say it was extremely overwhelming would be an understatement. At this point, I was terrified and I thought I would be stuck in this loop forever. It truly felt like an eternity. While all of this was happening, I was also throwing up vigorously, and moaning at the top of my lungs. It felt as if my insides were my outsides and my outsides were my insides, almost like I was turning inside out from within.

    The more I yelled, the more I would hear a voice telling me to be quiet, and calm, saying I was disturbing others. The more I heard this voice, the more I wanted to yell. It was just pure insanity. I had no idea where this voice was coming from or who was speaking. It was like a roller-coaster ride, and I kept moaning as I was launched higher and higher. There was such a vivid smell of the Ayahuasca coming out of my body when I was throwing up. It was almost kind of nice, and I will never forget that smell. I kept trying to find peace, but I couldn’t. It was too overwhelming, and I couldn’t handle it. I would moan, throw up vigorously, be so overwhelmed, throw up some more, cry, and then laugh about how I was stuck in this cycle. It really felt like an eternity. A voice told me to focus on the Icaros. As I did, it guided me through, but I could not focus on it with all my effort. My reality was too distorted.

    It felt like an eternity. Finally, I started getting moments of peace, and when I found that first moment of peace, I knew everything was okay and that I was fine. I was still going through this cycle, but I had moments of peace. These moments of peace were getting longer and longer. I finally felt this calm feeling. It was okay, and I was okay. Then I was getting a grip of myself. I started drifting toward reality. The rest of the trip was pretty smooth. I kept thanking Richardo (the Shaman) in my head for guiding me through this and making it easier. I was so grateful that I had a grip on reality. I became tranquil. I was like “wow, how did I survive that?” I was so glad I did.

    The ceremony finished. I walked outside, and it was so bright. The moon and stars illuminated the atmosphere. I started to understand that I had to focus on myself and not worry about others. This worry from my experience was what I do subtly in real life— worry about what other people are thinking too much. I feel like this is why my experience was extremely rough. Ayahuasca was cleaning me of that. Apparently I was only going through that cycle of throwing-up and moaning for about 15 minutes. To me it felt like I was stuck in that cycle for eternity. I went to bed but couldn’t fall asleep properly until the sun rose.

    I was in Peru for 9 days and partook in 5 ayahuasca ceremonies. My trip to Peru completely transformed me and the way I view life. It was a very difficult, terrifying and uncomfortable experience to say the least but the gains I got from it heavily outweighed the pains. I really understood myself more on a whole new level and developed this sense of inner peace which is still growing till this day. This is just a brief overview of what happened in my first ceremony. I went a lot deeper into the experiences in the ceremonies that followed.

    You can check out my book “Trip to the Infinite – The Ayahuasca Experience” available on amazon.com to learn more about what ayahuasca is; how it affects your mind, body, and soul; my detailed ceremony reports explaining what exactly happened to me in the South American Jungle; and the ways in which I transformed afterwards.

    I also included some ways to prepare if you are looking to have an ayahuasca experience of your own.

    Author : Amar Sahota, http://asahota.com/

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    Group sessions portable vaporizers or desktop vaporizers? Why not!?

    People who use vaporizers often like vaping with their friends, which shouldn't surprise anyone. Marijuana use is obviously an experience you want to share. However, not every vaporizer is good for group sessions. Find out from this article what features you should look for in a vaporizer if you want to be able to enjoy it with your friends. We also give you examples of vaporizers that are the best for this job.
    There is a long list of aspects that determine whether a certain vaporizer is good for group sessions or not. "For example, a vaporizer with a low-capacity battery is designed for solo sessions as the battery might run out of power even before you finish the second round, which can be quite frustrating, especially if you wanted to show off with your new device in front of your friends." - says Jonathan Weed from VapeFully store, where you can buy premium class vaporizers. How to avoid such problems? Let's start by analyzing what features should a good group vaporizer have. Then, we'll look at specific models that meet the criteria.
    Durable battery is a must
    A large capacity battery is one of the most important aspects that decide whether a certain vaporizer will do a good job at group vaping. It's best to choose a vaporizer with a model that features a durable battery so that it allows for various sessions after it's charged. This means that you can forget about the models based 100% on convection (the herbs are heated with a stream of hot air) as their power consumption is much higher, which makes their batteries run out of power quite fast. They are definitely vaporizers for solo sessions. Vaporizers that consume less power and feature a large capacity battery will let you have a few rounds in a row, which should satisfy even the most seasoned fans of marijuana. It's a good moment for plugging your vaporizer so that your battery can get charged before the next inhalation. That's why conduction or hybrid vaporizers are best for group sessions - their power consumption is much lower than in convection models.

    Powerful heating element
    If you want your vaporizer to do a good job at group vaping, the heater of your vaporizer should have an adequate power. Why is it so important? If the heater has a low power and the inhalation is intense, the walls of the chamber will cool down and you will need to take a break so that the device can heat up again. When you vaporize on your own, it's not a big problem as the vaporizer usually has enough time to get back to the required temperature before the next draw. However, if your vaporizer is passed from one person to another when you vape with your friends, a device with a weak heater will not keep up with the tempo and won't maintain the right temperature. This, in turn, results in a lower performance of the vaporizer. Vaporizers with a powerful heating element won't have any problem keeping the temperature at a stable level even during some very intense sessions or will get back to the required temperature really fast, while being passed from one user to another.
    Good size heating chamber
    A small heating chamber is a desirable feature in the case of vaporizers designed for individual use because it lets you use a smaller amount of herbs at a time. When you vape in a group, though, a small chamber can be a real nuisance. A vaporizer with a small chamber that houses no more than 0.1 g of herbs will make you refill the chamber over and over again, which is quite tiring. "Vaporizers with a larger heating chamber for at least 0.25 g of material are the best for this purpose." - adds Jonathan Weed the expert from VapeFully.com.
    Ease of use really counts!
    There is a wide range of vaporizers available on the market and each of them guarantees a different level of use comfort. It's not so much about the operation itself, like switching the device on and off or setting the temperature. The inhalation technique can be a much bigger challenge. For example, some models require the draws so slow that a first-time user may have to take a few or even a dozen of attempts before he/she takes the draw the right way and gets the expected amount of vapor. It's not a good idea to use such a vaporizer for group sessions. That's why it's much better if you choose a device that doesn't require any complicated inhalation technique.

    What vaporizers are best for group sessions?
    As we've already said, if you want to vape with your friends, you should choose a vaporizer that has a large capacity, a durable battery, as well as a powerful heater and a large heating chamber. What's more, they should be devices that are easy to use. There are at least a few portable vaporizers that meet all of these criteria. Some of them are PAX 3 Vaporizer, PAX 2 Vaporizer, Boundless CF Vaporizer, Boundless CFX Vaporizer or the legendary Mighty Vaporizer and his stationary equivalent Volcano Vaporizer. All of these models are perfect for group inhalations and they are all available in the VapeFully store.

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    India is the only place where our gods must dance. If they cannot dance they cannot be a god! This is because the closest analogy you can give to the phenomenon of creation, is that it is like a dance. Today, modern physicists are using such words – they say creation seems to be in a dance. If you observe a dance, on the surface, there seems to be no logical coherence to what is happening. But if you look closely enough, there is a very profound system to the whole process.

    Creation seems to be absolutely random and accidental, but with closer observation, everything seems to be synchronized in some way.

    For example, in Indian classical dance, the dancer may seem to be just moving their hands and legs about at random. On the surface, there seems to be nothing to it. But if you watch closely enough, there is a very deep coherence to everything that is happening. If that coherence was absent, you would not enjoy the dance. To be able to do seemingly illogical things like throwing your hands and legs around, but still have an absolute coherence to everything that you want to depict takes years of training and practice. If the dance has that geometric aesthetic, it will impact the viewers in a certain way, though they may not know the story or understand what the dance is. The same goes for music in a different dimension.

    Physicists are also coming to this. Creation seems to be absolutely random and accidental, but with closer observation, everything seems to be synchronized in some way. There is some kind of coherence to everything, which they are still not able to figure out. The only reason yoga is even possible is because there is a coherence between the individual life and the larger manifestation of creation. If there was no coherence, you couldn’t become one. There would be no possibility of union if there was no coherence.

    Microcosm and Macrocosm

    One of the theories that is being thrown around in science over the last few years is Constructal theory. What they say is that whether you take an atom, a human being, an elephant or the cosmos – the fundamental design is the same. It is only the complexity that increases in sophistication.

    "We said anda, pinda, and brahmanda – the ingredient that makes this life, the individual person, and the cosmos – are three manifestations of the same thing."

    This is something we have always said in yoga. The microcosm and the macrocosm are essentially the same design. It is from this that the yogic practices began. We said anda, pinda, and brahmanda – the ingredient that makes this life, the individual person, and the cosmos – are three manifestations of the same thing. They are all in the same synchronicity. And because it is the same design, you can put one into the other. You can eat a carrot and make it into a human being because it is the same design.

    So, the nearest analogy and the closest description you can give for the way the cosmos is functioning is that it is a dance, because it all seems to be at random, but there is perfect organization and synchronicity behind it. It is just that most people’s idea of organization is too intellectual and divisive. For example, let’s take a nice, manicured garden and a forest. A garden means everything is organized. A forest means no organization. But if you don’t attend to the garden for three months, it will be gone. But a forest can live for millions of years without your attention. So which would you consider as better organization?

    Nataraja – The Cosmic Dancer

    So, because creation is a dance, we said the divine is a dancer. If he is not a dancer, how could he make this dance happen? When we say Shiva is Nataraja, we are not talking about an individual dancing. You might have noticed that in the depiction of Nataraja, there is a circle around him. The circle is always the symbol of the cosmos because when anything moves, the most natural form that happens in the existence is a circle. Anything that happens by itself is a circle or an ellipsoid – which is a slightly distorted circle –because a circle is the shape of least resistance. The planet, the moon, the sun, these are all circles.

    This is why the circle around Nataraja symbolizes the cosmos. He is a cosmic dancer. That is how he is always described. This is not about an individual dancing across the cosmos. We are saying the cosmos is in a dance and the dance is guided by a certain intelligence. Since we are individuals and we understand everything as separate life forms, we individualize it as Nataraja for our own perception. The word “Shiva” literally means “that which is not” or “that which is nothing”. It is nothing, it is empty space, but it is dancing. Because it is dancing, everything is happening.

    Become the Dance!

    You cannot understand the dance because everything that you understand will only be a wrong conclusion. But you can experience the aesthetic of the dance, or you can become the dance. If you experience the beauty of the dance by observation, we say you are a seeker. In society, you may be called by different names – maybe a scientist – but still you are a seeker. You want to know what it is, so you are paying attention. If you become the dance, you become the divine, you become a yogi.

    That is the choice you have.

    Author/Source : Sadhguru/Isha Yoga

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    Why you should learn more about vaporization?

    Vaporization is becoming more and more popular in Europe and has been a smashing hit for a while now in USA, Canada, Holland and UK. Unfortunately, it's still hard to find reliable information about vaporization. We want to explain in this article why vaporization has become so popular and why it's worth getting to know it better.

    If you're reading this text, you probably use marijuana. And if you do, you've probably heard of vaporization before. Vaporization is a process during which the temperature of herbs is raised up to 180-220 degrees Celsius and the active substances from marijuana – cannabinoids – get released in the form of vapor. What's most important – the herbs don't get burnt so while vaping, you don't inhale any tar substances, carbon monoxide or other toxins (including the carcinogenic ones), which is the case whenever you smoke.

    What do you gain when you vaporize?

    What if someone told you that you can reduce the absorption of harmful substances released during smoking by 99%? And that you can forget about smoker's cough, the morning phlegm accumulation or blocked lungs?

    When you switch to vaporization, you notice a significant improvement in the condition of your lungs. Thanks to vaporization, the inhalation of cannabinoids from the herbs doesn't influence the state of your lungs or your circulatory system so you can enjoy the beneficial properties of the plants with no harm to your health.

    Remember about the savings

    Every person who smokes regularly knows that the expenses related to the herbs can badly affect the budget. And if I told you that you could reduce those expenses by half? You can achieve it thanks to the high efficiency of vaporization! First of all, when you smoke, a part of the cannabinoids goes to waste because they undergo the process called pyrolysis in the high temperature. As a result, you only absorb a quarter of the cannabinoids contained in marijuana. When you vape, there is no pyrolysis, which allows you to absorb as much as 80% of the substances. What's more, when you smoke, the herbs are lit up and are getting burnt even between the drags, which doesn't happen the in the case of vaporization. This means that vaporization is much more effective than smoking – you get much stronger results with the same amount of herbs. What follows, if you want to get the same result as when you smoke, you need to load your vaporizer with a much smaller amount of herbs. That's why you should remember that vaporization = savings. The amount of herbs you'll buy can drop almost by half!

    Unforgettable experience

    When you read about vaporization, you can see comments saying that you will only get to know the real flavor of marijuana once you vaporize it. And that's true. The majority of the terpenes – the chemical compounds that carry the flavor and aroma – gets damaged by the high temperature when you smoke herbs. In the case of vaporization, the temperature is much lower, which lets you enjoy the delicate flavor of your favorite type of marijuana.

    Another very important advantage is the lack of smoke, which makes vaporization a very discreet process. What does it mean exactly? The aroma of the vapor disappears almost immediately when you vape outside and it stays in the room for not more than a few minutes. It doesn't get absorbed by your clothes or furniture and it doesn't bother your curious neighbours. It goes without saying that it's a huge benefit adds expert from online store VapeFully.

    Switching from smoking to vaping equals a wide range of benefits, related not only to your health and your budget but also to the quality of the inhalation experience and the possibility to keep your habit inconspicuous. The best part is that all you need to enjoy these aspects is a vaporizer. As long as you choose a good quality device, you will be able to take advantage of the easy and comfortable vaporization of cannabinoids from your herbs.

    Don't use low-quality vaporizers!

    Even though vaporization is quite a recent fashion in Europe, the market is already full of devices that differ not only in terms of prices, but also the performance, the quality of finish and the materials they are made of. While choosing a vaporizer, you must remember that the cheaper models – as tempting as they might be due to the price – are not able to guarantee all the benefits we mentioned above. What's more, the low quality of the materials they are made of can pose danger to your health. And obviously, everybody wants to inhale the aromatic vapor from marijuana, rather than the fumes of melted plastic or – in some more extreme cases – lead and mercury. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you use some cheaper models that are so popular on the online auction platforms. The danger related to the usage of such devices results from the fact that the cheapest vaporizers are made of the cheapest subassemblies (it's logic) that have little resistance to high temperatures required for vaporization. Still, many stores fail to pay attention to the quality of the products they sell and they offer both great quality vaporizers and some cheap ones that may be simply dangerous to your health. A beginner has no clue how to tell the difference between a safe device and one that will not only underperform but also do harm to the health. That's why when you choose your first vaporizer, go to a store that sells only tested and safe models and that offers professional assistance.

    No risk purchase

    Whether you choose a portable or a desktop vaporizer or you decide to get a convection or conduction device, depends entirely on you. I can recommend store that sell only safe devices – www.VapeFully.com. Other stores, unfortunately, offer – among others – some models of a very low quality (e.g. Titan 2 Hebe or Snoop Dogg G-Pen), while with the above-mentioned store you don't run this risk. From my experience, I can tell you that the staff in VapeFully are helpful and they know what they are talking about. That's why I can recommend this one with a clear conscience. You don't have to worry about the warranty either – store is authorised seller so the products you buy are protected with the manufacturer's warranty.

    Remember that you are only one step away from being able to enjoy all the above mentioned benefits. Health, discreteness, amazing vapor flavor, savings and – above all – pleasure! What more could you ask for?


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    I smoked my first joint when I was 15. I am now 42 and in the intervening years I don’t think there have been more than 20 days when I haven’t taken at least a few hits. My relationship with ganja is uncomplicated and permanent, like an incredibly happy marriage.

    But just like a marriage, time has dimmed the spark. What was once an exciting erotic adventure filled with handcuffs and leather has become the equivalent of pyjamas and a movie while spooning on the couch. OK, that metaphor may be a bit mixed but I’m sure you catch my drift.

    Almost any stoner will tell you that they suffer diminished returns the longer they smoke and that it is very hard to replicate the powerful, hallucinatory effects one experiences as a novice toker.

    I think I may have found the solution.

    About two months ago a friend and fellow psychonaut introduced me to Synctuition. It is labelled as a 3D meditation program that increases your intuition while inducing trance-like states. He suggested I get stoned, strap myself in and try the 3 free tracks you get when you register on the site.

    So I checked it out. The program consists of 60 sound journeys created using binaural beats, the latest in 3D sound technology as well as guided meditation and over ten years worth of field recordings and studio work. It even comes with special player that allows you to experience the full effects of this.

    I picked a Saturday afternoon. I had just received a fresh consignment of Critical Kush from my friendly neighbourhood dealer and had recently invested in a set of comfy, high-end headphones.

    I started out fairly sceptical. I had to record my own voice first as the tracks mix in your own unique vocal frequency. I must say, I didn’t really notice it anywhere but I suppose it is there in some subtle way.

    As I relaxed and breathed as I was told, eyes closed, something incredibly weird and amazing happened. The sound ‘opened up’ and filled the room. I could hear things happening in the distance, birds singing inside the room and the sounds of enveloping me. Someone opened a door to my left and I almost jumped up thinking I was being burgled.

    I emerged 25 mins later, my legs feeling like wet noodles and and my body feeling like I’d just had the type of orgasm that births galaxies.

    I was hooked, but they made me wait a full twelve hours before I was able to unlock the second track.

    I’ve been repeating my journeys every day since then. It has definitely injected some serious spice into my relationship with my beloved marijuana and I’ve been recommending this to every stoner I know.

    I’ve even started feeling some of the other benefits they promise, like better sleep and decision making.

    It’s autumn in Europe at the moment. I went out this weekend and picked a nice batch of Liberty Caps (Psilocybe semilanceata). My favourite chair is ready and I’ve just invested in Level 2 of Synctuition.

    This is going to be fun.

    Stan Stillding

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