India : The Empire Of The Spirit ~ Documentary Film

"India: The Empire of the Spirit" (1991) is an episode from a six part PBS documentary series titled 'Legacy : Origins of Civilization' that explores the influence of ancient culture on our lives today.

Ancient India is with us today in the living tradition of the Hindu religion, the basis of Indian culture. The traditions that are honored by millions of Hindus in the present were born in the Indus valley 5,000 years ago.

In the documentary, Michael Wood, the host and narrator says, "India was one of the earliest of the great civilizations and it defined the goals of civilized life very differently from the West. The West raised individualism, materialism, rationality, [and] masculinity as it ideals. India's great tradition insisted on non violence, renunciation, the inner life, [and] the female as pillars of civilization. And through all the triumphs and disasters of her history she hung on to that ideal, an eternal quest to identify humanity with the whole of creation, a unity in diversity ... History is full of empires of the sword but India alone created an empire of the spirit."

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