The Cambridge University neuropsychiatrist Dr Valerie Voon has recently shown that men who describe themselves as addicted to porn (and who lost relationships because of it) develop changes in the same brain area – the reward centre – that changes in drug addicts. The study, not yet published, is featured next week in the Channel 4 TV show Porn on the Brain. Neurosceptics may argue that pictures of the brain lighting up in addicts tell us nothing new – we already know they are addicted. But they do help: knowing the reward centre is changed explains some porn paradoxes.

In the mid-1990s I, and other psychiatrists, began to notice the following. An adult male, in a happy relationship, being seen for some non-romantic issue, might describe getting curious about porn on the burgeoning internet. Most sites bored him, but he soon noticed several that fascinated him to the point he was craving them. The more he used the porn, the more he wanted to.

Yet, though he craved it, he didn't like it (porn paradox 1). The cravings were so intense, he might feel them while thinking about his computer (paradox 2). The patient would also report that, far from getting more turned on by the idea of sex with his partner, he was less attracted to her (paradox 3). Through porn he acquired new sexual tastes.

We often talk about addicts as though they simply have "quantitative problems". They "use too much", and should "cut back". But porn addictions also have a qualitative component: they change sexual taste. Here's how.

Until recently, scientists believed our brains were fixed, their circuits formed and finalised in childhood, or "hardwired". Now we know the brain is "neuroplastic", and not only can it change, but that it works by changing its structure in response to repeated mental experience.

One key driver of plastic change is the reward centre, which normally fires as we accomplish a goal. A brain chemical, dopamine, is released, giving us the thrill that goes with accomplishment. It also consolidates the connections between neurons in the brain that helped us accomplish that goal. As well, dopamine is secreted at moments of sexual excitement and novelty. Porn scenes, filled with novel sexual "partners", fire the reward centre. The images get reinforced, altering the user's sexual tastes.

Many abused substances directly trigger dopamine secretion – without us having to work to accomplish a goal. This can damage the dopamine reward system. In porn, we get "sex" without the work of courtship. Now, scans show that porn can alter the reward centre too.

Once the reward centre is altered, a person will compulsively seek out the activity or place that triggered the dopamine discharge. (Like addicts who get excited passing the alley where they first tried cocaine, the patients got excited thinking about their computers.) They crave despite negative consequences. (This is why those patients could crave porn without liking it.) Worse, over time, a damaged dopamine system makes one more "tolerant" to the activity and needing more stimulation, to get the rush and quiet the craving. "Tolerance" drives a search for ramped-up stimulation, and this can drive the change in sexual tastes towards the extreme.

Read the rest of the article here !

REWIRED is a documentary project about the effects of Internet pornography on the human brain. The documentary will feature leading scientists and their research as well as young adults who watched porn for many years of their life and at one point began to suffer from symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm with a real partner and social anxiety.

These young adults (women and men) are convinced that porn was the cause. For REWIRED they will take us on their personal journey – from getting hooked up to their final commitment to never watch porn again.

The act of making love is sacred and should be seen in that light. Its mutually uplifting for both partners, without any one gender dominating the other as what's normally observed in our reality today with utter male dominance. The rise of the divine feminine is happening within each one of us, no matter what the gender. Its making us more compassionate, kind and caring towards each other ... extending the same love towards all beings we share this space with. The objective of sexual union isn't restricted to the act of procreation. It is deeply healing and rejuvenating in many ways to the mind, body and soul. We must choose wisely who we choose to share this energy with ... as we also tend to absorb others energies when we get physically intimate ....

“...And In the End, the Love We Take Is Equal To the Love We Make.” 
                                                                             ― The Beatles

Image Courtesy : Huffington Post

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For most part our society treats people who commit serious mistakes in life as criminals worthy of punishment, without seeing the need for real change within these individuals. Brazil has taken a step forward in the right direction by bringing some healing and hope for salvation for the prisoners in the form of the visionary brew, Ayahuasca.

The Brazilian prison system has seen many bloody revolts in recent times and the number of prisoners incarcerated has also increased exponentially. Acuda, a prisoners’ rights group in Porto Velho, began offering inmates therapy sessions in Yoga, Meditation and Reiki, a healing ritual directing energy from the practitioner’s hands to a patient’s body.

Two years ago, the volunteer therapists at Acuda had a new idea: Why not give the inmates ayahuasca as well? The Amazonian brew, which is generally made by blending and boiling a vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) with a leaf (Psychotria viridis), is growing in popularity in Brazil, the United States and other countries.

Acuda had trouble finding a place where the inmates could drink Ayahuasca, but they were finally accepted by the Santo Daime Church. Santo Daime is a Brazilian religion founded in the 1930s that blends Catholicism, African traditions and the trance communications with spirits popularized in the 19th century by a Frenchman known as Allan Kardec.

“Many people in Brazil believe that inmates must suffer, enduring hunger and depravity,” said Euza Beloti, 40, a psychologist with Acuda. “This thinking bolsters a system where prisoners return to society more violent than when they entered prison.” At Acuda, she said, “we simply see inmates as human beings with the capacity to change.”

In spite of the fact that some of these prisoners have committed heinous crimes towards innocent people, they too need a chance to change their lives for the better by turning within for answers and guidance from the spiritual realms which Ayahuasca brings to them. Anyone who is seeking forgiveness and, or needs to forgive in order to heal should be entitled the right to use any and all plant medicines that grow on our planet. Ayahuasca is one such powerful jungle medicine which heals us from deep within, with the help of an authentic shaman who guides us along our journey, and some help from the spirit world, always.


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In the Western world today, more and more non-tribal Westerners are seeking out a teacher of shamanism and in response, increasing numbers of shamanic teachers are now appearing on the screen. But how do we ensure that we will be drawn to an authentically initiated individual who will serve us well?

In the beginning of our connection with this ancient wisdom tradition, some of us decide to seek out teachers in the indigenous world, often through participating in travel groups or tours into remote regions of the world. These tours are usually accompanied or led by an acknowledged or self-proclaimed expert, and these experiences can be intense, exciting, and life-changing. However, we frequently discover that just because someone seems to be an expert, the knowledge may be quite limiting and superficial. In addition, these experiences usually lack an ongoing connection to facilitate our shamanic training and to develop shamanic skills. Thus, we continue to search.

Accordingly, some of us seek out indigenous spiritual elders closer to home, yet we usually discover that there are very few now who know the old traditions and fewer still who may be inclined to share their spiritual wisdom with outsiders. Some of us are lucky, though, and find an elder who has chosen to extend their knowledge to everyone, regardless of culture, race or ethnicity.

Then there are the growing numbers of spiritual seekers who become aware of the shaman's path through reading the published works of individuals who have 'spent time' with indigenous peoples. Some find their way into relationship with these individuals, who offer knowledge as well as experiential training in seminars and workshops at institutes and conference centers.

For Westerners, the hands-on experiential workshop offers opportunities for intense immersion in the shaman's worldview and practice. These structured settings provide tools and techniques designed to bring us into an enhanced connection with our spirit helpers, our spirit teachers and our guides, creating a good working foundation for our own practice. In the shaman's world, it is always understood that the real teachers are found on the other side. Only the spirits can convey true teaching as well as authentic initiation to the shamanic practitioner.

Accordingly, the job of the authentic shamanic teacher is to facilitate this connection...

Once the shamanic aspirant has been brought into relationship with their helping spirits, the role of the outer teacher is essentially done. Yet it is also true that many return to work with a singular teacher in serial training workshops in order to deepen their practice in specific areas such as working with ancestral spirits, soul retrieval and transpersonal healing, or exploring the dimensional realities of the Upper Worlds.

In doing so, Westerners discover that the ancient methodologies of the shaman, developed across tens of millennia by our stone-age ancestors, are the birthright of all human beings everywhere. If we go back far enough, we are all descended from indigenous tribal peoples, Westerners and non-Westerners alike, and they all had great shamans.

This means that it is not required that you be a Zulu or a Siberian, a Mayan or Hawaiian or Native American to practice shamanism. The practice, the method, is essentially the same the world over. It belongs to all.

Source : Shared Wisdom

Image Courtesy : Myztico Campo

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The Secret Behind 432Hz Tuning

Tune yourself to the heartbeat of our planet ...

To understand the healing power behind 432Hz, you must first learn about another frequency, 8Hz. It is said that 8Hz is the fundamental “beat” of the planet. The heartbeat of the Earth is better known as Schumann resonance and is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who documented it mathematically in 1952.

Schumann resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance, which has its origin in electrical discharges of lightning within the cavity existing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This cavity resonates with electromagnetic waves in the extremely low frequencies of approximately 7.86Hz – 8Hz.

The “ordinary” thought waves created by the human brain range from 14Hz to 40Hz. This range only includes certain types of dendrites belonging to brain cells, predominantly within the left (the more rational) hemisphere of the brain, which is the center of activity.

If the two hemispheres of our brain are synchronized with each other at 8Hz, they work more harmoniously and with a maximum flow of information. In other words, the frequency of 8Hz seems to be the key to the full and sovereign activation potential of our brain.

8Hz is also the frequency of the double helix in DNA replication. Melatonin and Pinoline work on the DNA, inducing an 8Hz signal to enable metosis and DNA replication. A form of body temperature superconductivity is evident in this process.

What 8Hz has to do with 432Hz tuning

432Hz resonates with the frequency of 8Hz
On the musical scale where A has a frequency of 440Hz, the note C is at about 261.656 Hz. On the other hand, if we take 8Hz as our starting point and work upwards by five octaves (i.e. by the seven notes in the scale five times), we reach a frequency of 256Hz in whose scale the note A has a frequency of 432Hz.

According to the harmonic principle by which any produced sound automatically resonates all the other multiples of that frequency, when we play C at 256 Hz, the C of all other octaves also begins to vibrate in “sympathy” and so, naturally, the frequency of 8Hz is also sounded. This is why (together with many other mathematical reasons) the musical pitch tuned to 432 oscillations per second is known as the “scientific tuning.”
This tuning was unanimously approved at the Congress of Italian musicians in 1881 and recommended by the physicists Joseph Sauveur and Felix Savart as well as by the Italian scientist Bartolomeo Grassi Landi.
In contrast, the frequency chosen in London in 1953 as the worldwide reference frequency and which all music today has been tuned to, has come to be defined as ‘disharmonic’ because it has no scientific relationship to the physical laws that govern our universe.

Natural healing with 432Hz

432Hz is the harmonic intonation of nature

According to the above information, playing and listening to music that has been tuned to 432Hz would make your body, and the organic world which surrounds it, resonate in a natural way. This would fill you with a sense of peace and well-being, regardless of the kind of song chosen to play or listen to.

Opening your ears for music that has been tuned to the “scientific” 432Hz frequency would benefit the entire planet and everyone who lives on it, while listening to music tuned to the “disharmonic” 440Hz frequency does harm by causing stress, negative behaviors and unstable emotions.
Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside your body, releases emotional blockages, and expands consciousness. 432Hz music allows you to tune into the knowledge of the universe around us in a more intuitive way.

The neo-cortex of the brain, 90% unassigned becomes awakened in this synchronization, and one then operates in all brain cell dendrites with the maximum information flow possible on that scale.

" Ordinary" awareness brain waves ranges from 14-40 hz. Here one is operating only in some brain cell dendrites, and predominantly with the left brain as the centre of activity, where information flow is billions of times slighter (like using an old PC 386 compared to a parallel process Pentium IV, or an old Mac Performa, compared to a Parallel processing G4).

In other words at 8 hz one is an operating supercomputer, or congressing towards Superconsciousness.

It is often cited that humanity only uses 10% of the brain (for someone like Einstein, who profusely meditated his equations in ecstasies), and Einstein relays in his General Relativity Theory, that were the other 90% to become assigned, e = mc4 would result.

Einstein states that the body would transform into pure energy: the resurrection/ascension of the Gnostic traditions of the west, the Rainbow Body and Diamond Body as it is known to the Tibetan Buddhists and Taoists of the far east. 8 hz then is possible the key to such a potential full Sovereign brain activation.

At the least it is a Golden Midway Bridge towards that internal Revolution.

Dr. Andrija Puharich demonstrated in the late 1970s (Proto-Communication II), that 8 hz could not be blocked by any electromagnetic shielding metal or even a triple vacuum. Which implies that it rotates through the Virtual (Everywhere and Everywhen) and quantum non-local hyperspace, constantly. Ortho-rotating through what the Hermetic Gnostic and Shaman Psychonauts may have attempted to grapple with under the term, loosely appropriated as "Spirit", and the Taoistic Wu Chi.

A film was made in the Himalayas in the 1930's showing a group of Tibetan monks, who with the use of ordinary Tibetan musical instruments, would gather into a pie-shape configuration and direct their playing towards a huge boulder that was located on the ground roughly one hundred fifty feet away and at the base of sheer rising mountain wall. About three minutes after the 'concert' began, the boulder began to vibrate and lift off the ground. A moment later, it shot up about 150 feet into the air and landed on a ledge above it, where other monks were using the boulders to seal the entrance of meditation enclaves that they had cut into the sides of the mountain.

References :

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This one was reported at Pontecurone, Alessandria, Italy on the 7th of June, 2015.

Crop Circle at Berlin Brandenburg, near Berlin, Germany. Reported 8th June 2015 !

Crop Circle at Foxley Road, near Sherston, Wiltshire. Reported 9th June 2015 !

Crop Circle at Ravenna Waterski Club, near Cervia, Italy. Reported 20th June 2015 ! This one does look like a multi-dimensional image of a mushroom ... can be seen in the pattern observed from underneath and also seen as a mushroom from above.

Close up view of a nicely twisted center of this beauty !

Crop Circle at Newton Barrow, near Stoford, Wiltshire. Reported 15th June 2015 !

Crop Circle at Green Street, near Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 19th June 2015

All Images Courtesy : Crop Circle Connector

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What is San Pedro cactus?

San Pedro - Trichocereus pachanoi

The oldest cacti date back 20.000 years ago. Its special looks are because of its ability to survive extreme dryness and heat. The thorns are of course the most qualifying characteristic of cacti, these are actually leaves without any moisture, which turned them into thorns. They are also to protect a cactus against bright sunlight and being eaten by animals. But, some kinds do not have thorns and protect themselves with poison/drugs. Examples are the Peyote, Sunami, Pata de Venado, Pezuna de Venado, Tsuwiri, Bishop's cap, Aztekium Retterii and Astropytum Astrias.


Mitch Schultz, director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, invites you to join this 45 minute excursion deep into the heart of the Peruvian rainforest to experience the magic of the 3000 year old plant medicine: Huachuma. Distilled in the lost tradition from the San Pedro cactus by the last master Huachumero, Huachuma was the sacrament that formed the foundation for pre-Incan civilization, the Chavin. Follow Aubrey Marcus (founder of Onnit) and a group of friends in this moving meditation that reveals the true transformative power of this sacred technology.

Preparation of San Pedro Cactus

A San Pedro Ceremony with Leslie

San Pedro aka Trichocereus Pachanoi is the most well known from the Trichocereus family. According to researchers like Backeberg the Trichocereus has 47 kinds, which al originate from South-America. Others say there are just 13 kinds. Besides the T. Pachanoi some other kinds do also contain mescaline. The amount of mescaline depends on the specie and age of the cactus.


The San Pedro is a cactus with pillars with 4 to 9 ribbons. It grows quite fast, has a strong root system and branches of from the base of the stem. The San Pedro just keeps growing until it succumbs under its own weight. The fallen cactus will in nature root again and produce many new branches. This is why San Pedro is used as a grafting stem for other, difficult to grow, cacti.

The older the cactus gets, and the more heat it has withstood, the more mescaline it contains. This is to be found right under the 'skin'.


In 1960 Turner and Heyman found that San Pedro contains mescaline and called this cactus Opunita Cylindtica. The name San Pedro originates from the idea that apostle Petrus is the keeper of the key to heaven. This shows how strongly the catholic religion has influenced other religions, habits and ideas.

San Pedro cacti were (and still are) used by Indians from the area around the Andes: Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Use has hallucinogenic experiences as effect, which is needed be able to do specific predictions and to trace spiritual causes for diseases.


Mescaline (3,4,5-trimethoxy-B-phenethylamine) percentage : 1 to 10 % of dried material (Erowid).

The San Pedro contains besides mescaline also tyramine, hordinenine, 3-methoxytyramine, anhalaninine, anhalonidine, 3,4-dimethoxyphen-ethylamine, 3,4-dimethoxy-4-hydroxy-B-phenethylamine and 3,5-dimethoxy-4-hydroxy-B- phenethylamine.


Approximately 1-2 hours after consumption the San Pedro will reveal itself to the user; effects can last 8-15 hours. Effects can be amongst others: extreme sensitiveness to light: being able to see and feel every ray of light and see people and things 'radiate'. Forgotten memories can return, being able to hear and see sounds and voices from far away, seeing the 'magic light'. Besides that, emotions come out as laughing, crying, screaming, feeling pleasure, fear, love, love for everything that is and everything that is not.

The effects of San Pedro are in many ways more pleasant than those of peyote. To begin with, its taste is only slightly bitter and the initial nausea is not as likely to occur. When the full psychotropic experience takes hold it is less overwhelming, more tranquil and not nearly as physical as that from peyote.

Medical use

San Pedro has no commonly accepted medical use. But it has been used in a medical sense by several Indian tribes: by consuming this cactus, the unknown causes of a persons disease can be traced.


The traditional use of San Pedro is cooking (for a long time) the pieces of a whole cactus with some herbs added, like micha (Brugmansia suavenolens) and cimorillo (Coleus blumei). The additions depend on the results intended by the shaman.

Nowadays cacti are eaten dry. Dry them in parts of 1 cm thickness and put them in the sun. The thorns and the wooden stem are not to be eaten. Best is to grind the edible parts into fine material. This is to avoid stomach problems. Between 20 and 50 grams is consumed of which the skin is the biggest part, often with water and citric acid to support a good assimilation by the body. Best is not to eat six hours before you start eating this cactus.


As with other psychoactives, eating San Pedro also gives a hangover before the actual trip starts. Fever, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting could possibly occur, but will disappear within one hour or so.


Make sure you always have an experienced but sober person with you, for support and safety!

The active compounds lead the user into a hallucinogenic trance which is comparable to a psychosis. So whatever you do, don't drive a car or participate in traffic otherwise. Only take San Pedro when you're in a safe and familiar environment. Never trip by yourself. When things go wrong Seresta or Valium can help to bring fears down to an 'easy to handle' level.


San Pedro loves warmth and light. On the hills where it usually grows the soil contains many nutrients, so add now and then some plant nutrients, but not too much because it still is a cactus. Giving it some extra water on warm days is really helpful. When you grow the cactus indoors, behind a window on the south-side is best. The first requirement is that sunlight comes through it.

San Pedro is easy to grow and easy to multiply. To start growing means choosing between starting with seeds, a cutting or a plant. The plant only needs water and some nutrients. A cutting has to dry first (it has a cutting wound) and root in the ground before it starts growing, this can take up to a year.

Growing from seeds asks for a lot of time (years) and effort.

Source : Erowid

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Breaking through Life's Density

Humanity is in the throws of a truly sensational transition. More and more people are waking up and beginning to fully release themselves from "the drama". We're feeling into the blocking density, not retracting in fear and denial, but beginning to penetrate and break out. Steadily, progressively, we're realising our magnificent light. However, its not an easy ride. To attain the lightness of being to truly launch ourselves into multi-dimensionality we have to make many breathroughs. In particular, we have to process and release our karma. So what exactly is karma and what is its purpose? Here's a point of view based on my own personal experience...

Karma: A Learning Experience

Our universe is moving to ever increasing vibrational harmony. We're seeking and finding ever finer ways of experiencing pure presence. In order for us to do this, every aspect of consciousness must be harmonised - because everything is interconnected. There is one unifying web. Just as in nature, if a vibrating fly lands in the middle of the spider's web, the spider at the centre is going to feel it no matter where on the web the fly is.

We've come from a place of maximum separation. When the universe miraculously exploded into being, it attained maximum multiplicity of form. As consciousness flowed outwards like ripples on a vast ocean, the vibrations of energy slowed down and condensed into matter - a superlative illusion of separation from the 'All That Is'.

And we as Unity Consciousness - the glue binding the separation together - dreamed an opportunity: to infuse ourselves as apparently separate souls into the multiplicity of form, forget our true nature and fully identify with the separateness.

The Master 'Plan'

It wasn't a plan as such, although to some, it may have seemed that way. It's simply the case of 'the One', exploding into being, through interrelated flows of consciousness and then losing itself in the relativity. In other words, becoming identified with the illusion of reality. In a way, karma is what makes the illusion seem real. It creates the experience we're having, the harmony we manifest; until we process what we need to, break through and create a higher harmony.

In forgetting ourselves, over time, we re-awaken and remember again. Thus we gain a taste of the miraculous. A feeling and positive experience of the everything that we are - pure harmony, unity and interconnectedness. Things that can only be experienced having first tasted absolute isolation.
In our departure from the unifying presence, our decent into darkness was rapid. We contravened all the natural laws of the universe. In our exploitation, we shaped reality according to our selfish needs and desires. In so doing, we built up eddy currents of convoluted and blocked energy within the natural flow. So compelling, nightmarish even, were these eddy currents that our very souls became swallowed up into them.

Karmic burden

It's not our fault that this happened of course, as individual souls, we are protagonists in a much greater story: the One coming from consciousness through unconsciousness - bringing light into the darkened recesses of the universe. We are (unfortunately!) at the front end of that. I say 'unfortunately', but of course the breaking free - back into the Source - is the most sublime, the most exquisite of experiences. It's what makes life living.

But even we - as Unity Consciousness - couldn't begin to dream of the distortions we'd take on; the actions we would perpetrate against other sentient beings. Take for example humanity's treatment of Mother Earth and the animal and plant kingdoms.

So we built up negative energy - a karmic burden - as a result of our actions. Upon leaving an incarnation at death, the soul moves into the angelic realms to review its life experience. It takes with it the energy it generated in the previous incarnation held within the causal body. It relives the experiences in a non-judgmental way. From a higher, non attached perspective, it gets to relive all the choices it made and the effects on other sentient life.

If there is confusion, lack of understanding and self acceptance in relation to what the soul perpetrated, then that energy remains in the causal body acting like an anchor and preventing ascension into the higher realms. This 'ballast' is our karma and it must be processed out if we are to proceed higher.

Confronting the good the bad and the ugly

It is also important to realise that karma is identification - both to the 'good' and the 'bad'. It is a common misconception therefore that by performing 'good' actions we will store up 'good' karma which will help us advance. Ascension is about non-attachment to physical experience. Full stop. The soul will inevitably ascend into higher harmonies when there is no mind trying to shape events and circumstances.

The only way to process this karma is to reincarnate and reconfront the experiences. So we choose another incarnation and take the karma with us in our causal body. The karma is now the consciousness that manifests externally and shapes the outer world creating a mirror by which we can now see ourselves - assuming of course we choose to look!

In the reconfrontation, we're being invited to bathe in the pain of the past life event and not identify. We're being invited once more into the temptation of separateness and resultant ignorance so that we may instead make the higher choice and thereby transmute the eddy currents of energy holding us. It is done by experiencing it again, but in the midst of the experience, coming from the place of pure presence and directing in the harmonising light of Unity Consciousness.

A personal sharing

I'll share an example from Chris Bourne's personal story:

"I was once drawn into an experience to test my trust in the divine order of things; to see if I could remain connected to absolute presence in the midst of excruciating mental, emotional and physical pain. It happened on the battlefields of World War Two. I strayed into a minefield, but I trusted absolutely in the divine and that I would guide not only myself, but also my colleagues through it to safety.

However my faith was blind. Yes with my right, intuitive side I could feel to proceed, that if I stayed present, I would find a way through safely. Although I trusted in the divine, I didn't trust in my own ability to sense the divine. With my left side - the physical embodiment of the divine - I was clumsy, insensitive, underdeveloped. You can imagine the outcome. I lost my left leg and injured the right. Furthermore, others who trusted me suffered too.

So in this lifetime, once more I awoke to the divine order of things and trusted in the directing flow of Unity Consciousness. However, I retained the karmic energy in my causal body. This created a life of insensitivity to the divine through my physical body. I trusted in guidance but was still clumsy in applying that guidance.

It manifested frequently through vocabulary. I'd know what the natural flow of the moment was and what the universe was inviting me to say, but found difficulty in articulating in a way which would empower, inspire and uplift others. I frequently found myself pushing buttons in other people and exploding emotional mines!

As my vibration raised, I found myself time and again activating emotional touch points in the people around me. It tested my trust in the divine and in myself to the limit. But I did trust and I did activate and confront my limitation. I worked through the inner density as it manifested in my life's journey in the outer world. Consequently, I now find myself with increasing physical sensitivity. I find I can more accurately navigate the emotional minefield of spiritual awakening with fewer unnecessary explosions!"

No need to Remember

It is important to say that we don't have to remember the events and circumstances of the past life to process the energy. We simply have to experience the karma again. This will happen naturally. It can be done through purposeful regression therapy such as that we conduct here at Openhand. However, it is also essential to say we don't have to undertake regression therapy to process the karma. It will happen naturally of its own accord if we keep raising our vibration, peeling away inner distortions and following our true pathway in life.

It is also vital to say that we won't process the karma if we're not ready for it. Regression therapy will be completely ineffective if our vibration isn't high enough to expand into the causal body and to hold presence there. This can only be fully possible when the density in the lower three bodily vehicles (the physical body, the emotional body and subconscious mind) has been mostly transmuted. There is no short cut on the path of self-realisation.

Riding the Thermals

Whether we know it or not, we're all here working to activate, confront, process and release our karma. It is only this which will truly make a difference to our lives and our evolution. Without it, we will simply keep recreating the same drama albeit with different circumstances.

Our time has come. A wave of human souls is moving into the higher vibrations. It's time to delve deep inside, to break up the density contained in our energetic fields. It's time to break out and ride the thermals into the higher vibrations, towards our next higher evolutionary state.

It is not an easy undertaking. However, we are each seeded for success and although at times life may get very tough, it is through these trials and tribulations that we attain true mastery. It's all about transcendence...

About the Author:

Openhand is the name we’ve given to the Benevolent Consciousness of the Universe. It is that energy which works within the weave of the fabric of life, helping to unravel karmic blockages, infuse soul and thereby catalyse spiritual evolution. Openhand works as a synchronistic mirror, revealing what is holding us back and how we can take our next evolutionary leap. Openhand Foundation works on behalf of this energy, helping ground its presence in this realm.

Connect with Open at OpenhandWeb.org and Facebook.com/OpenhandFoundation.

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A study published in the July Journal of Psychiatric Practice reveals that Zen meditation and its secular sister, mindfulness meditation, effectively reduce depression, anxiety, and pain—and are “beneficial for general psychological health and stress management in those with medical and psychiatric illness,” its authors write.

It’s the latest of many studies suggesting that a practice honed by Japanese monks in remote temples 1,400 years ago can combat such maladies as breast cancer, asthma, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, HIV, PMS, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Mindfulness meditation trains the brain to release fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions. This lessens stress and boosts the immune function, as thoughts and emotions actively shape our brains, for better or worse.

“Mental activity requires neural activity; neural activity sculpts neural structure,” says neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom and author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom . As new neurons form constantly, he says, “changes in the mind associated with changes in the neural system leave lasting traces in the structure of the brain.

“Neurons that fire together wire together. Mental states become neural traits.”

Like a wet washcloth, “the mind takes the shape of whatever it rests upon. If you routinely rest your mind on self-criticism, anger, or anxious rumination, your mind will take a negative shape.”

MRIs reveal that even eight weeks of mindfulness meditation create a “positive shape”—structural changes in the hippocampus “that calm down the brain’s alarm system,” Hanson notes.

That’s surely why, in 2007 alone, health care providers advised more than 6 million Americans to use meditation and related mind–body therapies, according to a Harvard Medical School–affiliated study released last year.

Could an ancient spiritual practice put antidepressants, painkillers, and other pharmaceuticals to the test?

“Mindfulness-based approaches may effectively replace medications for some patients,” asserts University of New Mexico associate professor of psychology Bruce Smith, who led a 2008 study examining meditation’s powers against depression, stress, binge eating, and pain.

“Of course, medications are readily available, well marketed, and fit with the value our society places on quick fixes,” Smith adds. “The challenge regarding mindfulness is to motivate people to practice enough to where they begin to really see the benefits.”

Hanson instructs those under his care to start by meditating just one minute per day.

“One,” he says, “is infinitely more than zero.”

Reference : Zen Medication : Can Meditation Heal Us

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On a spiritual path, some of us are often confronted by difficult experiences which seek to awaken the warrior spirit within us. A peaceful warrior who stands up for a cause which affects more than oneself and acts from a place of awareness of the true self. According to the Random House Dictionary, the term "warrior" has two meanings. The first refers to "a man engaged or experienced in warfare." The second refers to "a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics." The term "warrior" is often associated with images of power, confidence, accomplishment, integrity, chivalry, honor and integrity.

Given the darker, survival driven side of human nature, it has and still is common practice for some individuals, tribes, cultures, corporations and nations to use raiding, theft, looting and plunder as a means of gaining wealth, power or even survival. It is also intrinsically true that those from whom they take do not give voluntarily. Thus, some cultures have a warrior class that act as raiders while others have a warrior class that acts as defenders or protectors. In fact, the warrior class often serves both roles, sort of like taking turns. It may, in some cases, even become a sport of sorts even developing an ad-hoc set of rules. Regardless, the strongest and boldest warriors are generally admired and enjoy an assortment of privileges within their own group.

In our culture we think of medieval knights as generally being honorable and noble (except for the black knight, of course). The truth is somewhat less romantic.

"We have ravaged women, burned houses, slain children, exacted ransom from everyone, eaten their cows, oxen, sheep, stolen their geese, pigs, capons, drunk their wines, violated churches……..For God's sake, let us march on the pagans!" -- Bertrand Du Guesclin- Legendary Fourteenth Century Knight

Regardless of the moral or political correctness of a warrior; all warriors have a few basic things in common:

They are disciplined, both internally and externally. Without discipline, they could not stay alive long enough to call themselves a warrior.

They develop mental focus. No one can develop essential skills of dealing with life, protecting one's self or facing a foreboding opponent with an unfocused mind.

They develop an attitude of persistence. They have to face difficulty, pain, discomfort, discouragement, fear and the prospect of failure and utter doom without quitting. All struggle and conflict is settled in the mind before it reaches a physical resolution. If their resolve wavers, failure and defeat are certain.

They train. Imagine that you found yourself in a gunfight and to your surprise, the clips in your gear don't fit your gun. Do you say, "Uh.. Excuse me! .. Uh.. Can we have a time out? I brought the wrong bullets!" Or, imagine that you are facing a warrior with steel in his eyes and his sword coming your way. Do you pause and think, "Uh.. let's see … which hand do I hold the sword in … and … uh … which end of the shield is up?" If you don't train, you don't develop the skills that you need to survive … and you die!

All of these traits apply to the Spiritual warrior as well … and for the same reason.

There is a difference between a warrior and a soldier. A soldier is trained to follow orders, to respect authority, and to subjugate their individual thinking process and will to the command hierarchy. A warrior, in contrast, is more autonomous and independent. A warrior engages in battle out of personal choice rather than because of obedience to orders. A warrior is capable of making moral judgments and acting accordingly. A warrior is flexible and adaptable; able to act independently as well as be a team player. A warrior takes responsibility for his or her choices and actions. A warrior is a person of compassion who understands pain and the consequences of action. A warrior understands the horror of war and does not seek it. A warrior understands that glory is only for fools who bask in their own illusions. A warrior, however, when engaged in a righteous cause, fights with such skill, passion, intensity, and brilliance that victory is assured.

Victory and defeat are a matter of Spirit more than of body. One is never defeated as long as his Spirit is not defeated or broken. When a warrior falls in battle without surrendering or giving up, his Spirit grows stronger. When a warrior survives the battle without surrendering or giving up, his Spirit grows stronger. Of course, most warriors prefer surviving.

War is a terrible wasteful folly in which there are no true winners. War brings out the best and worst in all of the players. The only ones who can be said to be winners are those who have strengthened their Spirits by overcoming adversity through will, sacrifice, and self awareness. Those who find courage in the face of extreme danger can be said to be winners. Those who face impossible situations and survive through the supreme application of will, keen focus, and Divine inspiration can be said to be winners.

Many are damaged by trauma. They lose parts of themselves by compromising their principles and morals or by facing situations too terrible to be acceptable or through fear. War is very messy and often morally ambiguous. The winners and the damaged often turn out to be the same people. A few rare individuals, through training, accomplishment and enlightenment develop the inner strength to face danger and horror without becoming damaged, cynical or crazy. These few have earned the right to be called warriors.

The term "Spiritual warrior" has been used in a variety of contexts and has been adopted by a variety of individuals who may not share a common understanding of the term. In general, a "Spiritual warrior" is someone who embraces the more noble personal attributes and strengths associated with warriors in general. In general, a "Spiritual warrior" is someone who masters him or herself, and overcomes personal desire, moral issues, and all weaknesses of character. In general, a "Spiritual warrior" is someone who embraces a journey of self discovery in order to benefit others as well as enlighten him or herself.

Some martial arts traditions maintain a system of ethics and honor and pursue a path of self mastery. Others emphasize combat, competition and fighting. Being a fighter does not make one a Spiritual warrior.

Some military organizations have a creed of honor and service as their core guiding principles. In the fog of actual warfare these may become lost, ignored or forgotten. Being a soldier does not make one a Spiritual warrior.

Being a Spiritual warrior has nothing to do with physical battle, making war, fighting or being mean and tough. The battle of the Spiritual warrior is the mastery of one's self.

Being a "Spiritual warrior" means a life commitment. It means the embrace of discipline, study and long intense training sometimes at the sacrifice of comfort and convenience. Being a Spiritual warrior also means understanding your principles and not compromising them. It is easier said than done.

Awareness of the Spiritual Warrior

The first and most vital tool of the spiritual warrior is awareness. It is easy to we think we are aware, but pure awareness has no thinking involved. It has no thinking because it has no interpretation. Awareness is to perceive with clarity the truth of what is happening without interpretation or opinion. In a moment of awareness the dialogue in the mind stops. We are “seeing” from a point or view separate from the reasoning part of our mind. This could be described as an epiphany. Practiced seer’s live in this awareness in every moment.

Awareness is essential because it is the state of consciousness that allows us to discern between the facts and the Truth, and between the story and the lies in our mind. The realm of our mind is filled with false perceptions and false beliefs. While the mind can be very clever with stories and lies, it is the consciousness of awareness that is the discerning intelligence. We may use very intelligent reasoning to make a decision that is not good for ourselves. Only to look at it in hindsight and realize that we discounted indicators that told us otherwise. This can be done in something as simple as a stock investment. The mind is clever, but it is also full of assumptions and limited paradigms of perception. Conscious awareness allows us to see clearly instead of be blinded by these false belief paradigms.

Self awareness is the clarity to know who and what you are, and not get caught up in self important images of ourselves. These self important images in our mind distort our sense of who we are. False images can lead us to low self esteem and self confidence, or they can take us into being self centered. If you have an idea of who you are, then consider that you are not that idea in your mind. You are the one creating the idea, and observing it. Self awareness that you are not any of those images in your mind is essential to becoming free of self importance.

Courage of the Spiritual Warrior

The courage that makes for a good soldier also makes for a good Spiritual Warrior, but the intent becomes completely different. A soldier has courage to face a challenge that may bring physical harm. The Spiritual warrior has the courage to question challenge his or her own beliefs. By challenging our own beliefs we can dissolve the lies that cause our suffering. To challenge our own beliefs requires courage because it means the end of our illusion of safety. When other people challenge our own beliefs we are usually quick to defend. We defend them even if they cause us to suffer. As a warrior we learn not to defend what we believe, and then to challenge those very beliefs ourselves. In this way we are able to sort out the truth from illusions.

Discipline of the Spiritual Warrior

A soldier has discipline to follow orders and continues on when faced with challenges. The Spiritual Warrior’s discipline to continue on with their path when faced with challenges from their mind. It is easier to follow orders as a soldier, because we are threatened with consequences and rewarded to motivate us. This is in line with our years of conditioning. A warrior must have the discipline to practice deal with their own mind without someone else providing the motivation with carrots or sticks. A warrior must exercise their own will at the command of their heart, not an outside authority figure. This often means going against the fearful opinions in our mind that tempt us with illusions of punishment and rewards. We must also have the discipline to follow our own heart even when tempted by another person’s opinion. This way of living requires disciplined practice.

The Love of the Spiritual Warrior

A soldier has a commitment to love his/her country. The Spiritual warrior must have the commitment to love him/her self. The warrior then extends that love to humanity. The commitment is required because in our journey we will certainly fumble and fall many times. It is in having a strong commitment that we get back up again. It is common to fall to judgment. It can be easy to love some people, particularly the people that like us or treat us well. However, it requires a tremendous commitment to love in the face of those that reject us. This commitment will cause us to challenge our beliefs about our judgments and not being compassionate. We must be committed to love beyond our own self-serving interests of what it will bring us. This is how we will become happy beyond our current paradigm of beliefs. In time we become committed to love for the sheer enjoyment of expressing love. This becomes our commitment. We nourish ourselves with the love we express. A warrior acts in this committed way, even when challenged.

Only as a [spiritual] warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. His life is an endless challenge and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges. The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.” - Don Juan

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At some point in our lives we all ask ourselves this question, who am I ?!!!? The trials and tribulations on Earth school does make many of us question if there is a larger purpose for us being here, in these times .... ? This is for those of you who feel there is a calling of some kind (Lightworkers) .... to a better way of life on Earth and somewhere we are being instrumental in manifesting this magical reality by the choices we make today. Earth is our Home ... this is a call to all the warriors of the tribe of many colors ... Mitakuya Oyasin ....

Lightworker : Any being dedicated to the cultivation of inner presence and the elevation of awareness in self and other selves. This being is called a lightworker and is an evolutionary step toward a state of "LightBeing".

What's happening in the world?

There is an awakening happening all around the world. And that awakening involves you and every being that exists on our lovely home planet, mother earth. We are truly entering a renaissance of spiritual evolution, an evolutionary process that proceeds and transcends the physical. Our wisdom stems from coming to understand how little we conceptually know about life, god, the universe and everything, and embracing the fundamental truth of inherent divinity within all life.

What is a Lightworker?

Everyone is a Lightworker whether they know it at all. Just as truth is truth whether anyone knows it or not. The real question arises then, "Am I aware of who I am?" Behind all labels, behind all self created illusions of mind and ego, or social dogmas and masks, there lies the truth, the answer to that question. Just as the Sun shines bright both day and night, it is only the movement of the planet and clouds that obscure it from view. But the sun is always shining. A Lightworker is awake to this truth, aware of their true presence and living in accordance with the divine plan. All beings that exist are a channel between eternal, formless heaven and the temporary world of form and illusion, earth. Why am I here? One does not always need to consciously realize the answer to this question, but living your life purpose is achievable in every moment, right now. Sit in peaceful contemplation, in pure awareness. Allow yourself to be present in every moment and feel within the depths of your heart for your inner truth, your guidance. The work is easy and the burden is light. Your true essence of being is so vast, it is beyond any concept, any word, thought or form. A Lightworker then is any being, who is aware of their true non-dual nature, their eternal "I Am" Presence and acting in accordance with it. A Lightworker is active in enlightenment, or in cultivating enlightenment.

What is Lightworking?

Just as the sun rises each morning, to shine its light into the world, so it is with lightworking. To walk upon the face of the planet lightly, light in spirit and bearing, and shine love, happiness, tranquillity and peace into the world. To calm the inner turmoil, to just be, and be at one with who you truly are, to love and honour life as an expression of divinity, to love all that is, that power some call god, and of course to love one and other unconditionally. In being true to the divine presense within all beings, and releasing all false thought forms, all masks and illusions, is the essence of lightworking. In this lightworking emanates love, happiness, joy, faith, hope and inspiration into the inner and outer world. This not only helps to awaken the lightworker, but also to awaken others to their own natural state. What can be called enlightenment, what may be called ascension. A Lightworkers divine mission then comes to life, as one enters the flow of creation and maintains the presence of awareness without being caught up in the turmoil of the creation. This is done in the service of all. For all beings (self included), all the time.

What does a Lightworker do?

All life exists for a sacred purpose. A Lightworker, that is a being, aware of their true presence, their inner awareness and non-dual nature then becomes a vehicle for divine activation. This role is a very simple and a natural one. When the illusionary self is dissolved into the true sense of being, the IAM presence, a being begins to shine and resonate this mandala field of pure state bliss. The transition starts from Lightworker to Light Being. This activation can occur anywhere, in any situation, in all places, roles and demographics, from the mother at home to the soldier in the military, even in the depths of the darkest regions of human nature this blossoming occurs. It can be slow, or instant. It has been this way for eternity. For all the people, all the time. All for one and one for all. This is the effortless state of being, devoid of all grasping, all seeking. This is existence under a blue sky, and bright sunshine, exposing all to the life giving energies of our divine source.

What is the Light Energy?

Light Energy has many names. Some names include, the oriental Chi, Yin and Yang, the Indian Prana, and the Greek Aether. The light Energy pervades all. It encompasses all things. It is of the source, but not the source. It is the flow itself. It is the essence of all things. The primordial essence of spirit before it manifest into form. It is from where all things emanate, and all things return. It is the stuff of stars and the stuff of souls. We see it, and experience it in this material world as both form/matter and energy vibration. We experience it as thought and emotions. All these things are waves on the primordial ocean, resonating in various frequencies. All energy is frequency, and all frequency is harmony. Everything before you now is connected through frequency. The sounds you hear.. Do Re MI Fa So La Ti DO.. to the light you see.. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Magenta, Violet, RED, winding its way up through the frequencies. Even the course elements of matter are connected to this harmony H,He,Li,Be,B,C,N. Each is the same, just operating on a different frequency, at a different harmonic. All is Light.. All is Energy. And its master is divine consciousness. We are constantly, directing spirit into form, thought, actions and endeavours. The question arises. "From what level of consciousness to I create?" This will determine the results and experiences of life. Each being, operates in various levels of consciousness. Yet when creation emanates from the source itself, free from resistance and obstruction, divine will manifests. Heaven is made manifest on earth. The cards are stacked for growth and learning. We will be guided by angels or pushed by demons.

Where do I start?

Being a Lightworker is both very easy and very hard. How hard is it to be the real you? Are you prepared to let go of everything? Think of who you will be when all form and material life is gone. That is the real you. Are you prepared to forgive and release all? There is nothing you must do, it's all about what you no longer need to do. To stop hiding, to face the true awesome reality of who and what you are, free from all illusions. Are you a thinking, breathing, centered person? Do you control your ego, or does your ego control you? Do you live in a state of awareness or reaction? Where are you looking for your answers? Within or without? These are all serious questions we must contemplate and come to accept for ourselves.. To "Know Thy Self" beyond mind, beyond ego, beyond words is the first and only step.

Is there anything else I can do?

Once the flow of creation is embraced, great energy is released, life becomes the adventure it truly was meant to be. What needs to be done, will present itself in every moment. All that needs to be accomplished, resolved and understood, will be. Be present, be still within the vortex of creation, in humble awe. We are all children of the one source, we are all babes. Take time out, take it easy, awaken and reconnect within yourself at your own pace. Take nothing personaly. Meditation, practicing awareness, observing your thoughts and mind flow are all stages of re-awakening to your true enlightened nature. Allow it to happen just as a flower opens itself to the sunshine each day, so too will you blossom when the time is right. Remember, in this creative experience, this world of perpetual change and form, everything is a perfect manifestation in relation to the consciousness that is creating it. The world is a mirror. Every moment brings with it a perfect experience that is tailored by you, for you. Learn from it. For many, this can be a hard truth to face.

Are Lightworkers religious?

Lightworkers are not bound by any religion or ideology. If you are part of a religious organization then so be it. That's just perfect for you. But in this world of form, change is inevitable. Lightworkers are not a religious ideology. There is a vast difference between spirituality and religion. Many religions formed to assist the process of re-awakening in practitioners and adherents. They can all point the way, but only serve as tools and methods. The tools used to build the house, are not the house.

What about God?

There is no concept that can define God. That power some call God is the source of all. It is the over arching divine consciousness that guides and directs all life in form and non form. We know God by knowing our true selves. We do not need to consciously understand, rationalize or define God for God to be real. Like us, God Just IS. We accept there is great power in who we are, and the processes of how we each came to be. Yet each is free to formulate their own interpretation of what that power is, yet to do so may prove futile. HOwever we can come to understand aspects of God. LIke the fact that God pervades each and everyone of us, exists both within us, around us and is intricately connected to us. God works, with us and through us and for that we honor and love God through divine service and existing in a state of least resistance to God. We honor the process and honor our own role within it. To see through the illusionary nature of form and see clearly each and every beings, non dual nature. To see the God aspect in each other, and to love God.

What about Ascended Masters, Messiahs & Prophets?

Each are free to follow their inspirational hero's and teachers throughout history. And each should never fear to question, rationalize, or reason. But realize the ever changing nature of thought. Go within to the source for guidance. Believe what you will, but do so in deep consultation with the inner master. In Spiritual teachings you will surely find wisdom, in your questions you will find reason, and in your doubts, you will find learning and growth. But in awareness you will find the only perspective that truly matters.

Shine on. Love always..



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