John of God : A Brazilian Trance Healer ~ Documentary

Alternative healing techniques and natural medicine have for long been suppressed by Big Pharma, which has quite successfully sold the idea of healthcare through consuming synthetic drugs to the masses who pop a pill for every ill and don't really change their diet and lifestyle which is the way to heal oneself, also mentioned in the Hypocritical Oath written by Hippocratus, the father of Western Medicine. He said, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food". The food aspect of healing has been covered at length in the documentary movie called "Food Matters", so here we discuss an alternate way to heal and be healed. Energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Distance Healing are often underestimated and mostly left undiscovered by a majority of us who rely on prescription drugs. One such name in the field of trance healing is João Teixeira de Faria aka John of God, a trance medium and healer from Brazil who works with the spirits of doctors and saints to cure people from their illnesses. Here is a short documentary about John of God, the Trance healer from Brazil.

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon, one of the world’s best healers, John of God, holds a free clinic for anyone who wants to attend. The clinic is in the little town Abadiania Goias, Brazil, 130km outside the capital Brasilia. Reference : John of God

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lucy said...

so amazing video! Im glad I read this article. I am going to be back again soon to see more that you have.

Jonas said...

Yes amazing, he is really nice spiritual healer, i found it on

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