Christmas is just around corner and it’s high time to think about the gifts for your loved ones. If one of the people you’d like to get a gift is a fan of green, dried herbs, think about giving them a portable vaporizer – it’s a great idea for a Christmas gift! This article talks about the vaporizers that you should definitely take into consideration.

We’ve talked a lot about vaporization so you definitely know quite a lot about it. However, if vaporization is a new concept to you, it’s definitely worth catching up on this subject. Basically, vaporization is the process of evaporating cannabinoids from dried herbs, with no need to burn them. As a result, you inhale a vapor that is free from tar substances and hundreds of various toxins that are present in a regular smoke. Thanks to this, you absorb the cannabinoids from the herbs in a way that is safe for your health and much more effective than when you smoke them – you need a much smaller amount of herbs to get the same results. Lack of smoke equals a higher discreteness and makes your use of herbs less bothersome for others, especially your housemates. If you’re a fan of little, green herbs or you’d like to get a present for someone who likes it, make sure you consider a portable vaporizer – a device that lets you evaporate cannabinoids from dried herbs. Below, we present the most interesting models that are currently available on the market and will make a great Christmas gift.

Linx Gaia Vaporizer – the highest-level of elegance and quality

Linx Gaia Vaporizer is a new product on the market. It’s a small device, locked in an elegant and durable cover. It looks like a box-mod e-cigarette, which lets you maintain a high level of discreteness, even when you vaporize outside. However, the way it works is much more important than what it looks like and the performance of Gaia is truly outstanding.

It’s the first vaporizer with a quartz heating chamber, which – along with the glass mouthpiece -guarantees a perfect vapor flavor that’s free from any aftertaste, except for the pure flavor of dried herbs. The experience is way better than in the case of regular smoking. Linx Gaia uses mainly convection heating (with a stream of hot air), but it additionally heats the herbs with the walls of the chamber. This solution guarantees a high efficiency of the inhalation and an even heating of the herbs. On the side of the device, there is a clear, OLED display and buttons that let you set the temperature with a one-degree Celsius precision. Thanks to this solution, you can adjust the temperature to your individual preferences in terms of the strength, thickness and the temperature of the vapor. Another great advantage of this vaporizer is the speed of the heating – Linx Gaia is ready to work within just 20 seconds from the moment you switch it on!

Due to the inhalation style, Linx Gaia will be a perfect solution for those who like smoking joints – it lets you have long sessions, with numerous draws and it requires a very small amount of dried herbs, even as little as 0.2 g will do. The quality of the herbs used by this vaporizer is of the highest possible level. At the same time, Linx Gaia is much cheaper than other model that offers a similar vaping experience, e.g. DaVinci IQ Vaporizer, so this vaporizer is the best choice.

VapCap M Vaporizer – outstanding quality at an outstanding price

VapCap M Vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers in the world – it’s almost the same size as a regular cigarette! However, don’t be fooled by its small dimensions. This device is a real beast! Unlike the previous, glass models, VapCap M is made almost entirely of stainless steel, which guarantees a great durability of the device.

It’s a 100% analog vaporizer – it has no battery or any electronic or electric components. The source of the heat that’s needed to heat the herbs is the flame of a jet-flame lighter that you use to heat a special cap of the heating chamber that features a temperature sensor which informs you when you need to stop heating. It’s single-handedly the most economical vaporizer on the market – you only need 0.1 g of dried herbs to have a fully satisfying inhalation. On top of that, the vapor generated by this model is surprisingly strong.

Due to the inhalation style, VapCap M is a great solution for those who smoke herbs from a glass pipe. It lets you have a quick, intense inhalation with a minimum amount of material. The price is a great advantage, too – VapCap M costs about 46£. ‘If you don’t want to spend too much money, VapCap M is definitely a better choice than some cheaper electronic vaporizers, like Snoop Dogg G Pen or Titan 2 Hebe. Not only will it provide a much better experience, but also – thanks to the materials used in the production and the highest quality of manufacturing process – it is safe for your health, unlike some of the previously mentioned models.’ – says Jonathan Weedi from VapeFully, an expert in the field of vaporization.

HydroBrick MAXX Vaporizer – a real treat for bong fans!

Some of the people who like using bongs are still convinced that nothing can get them higher. Mistake! HydroBrick MAXX Vaporizer is a device that will not only provide equally good experience but will also be gentle on your lungs. It’s an entirely analog model – a flame from a butane lighter heats up the air that gets sucked into the chamber and triggers an intense production of vapor that is very tasty and so powerful that it surprises even the most seasoned users of herbs. Therefore, this vaporizer heats the material entirely through convection. What’s more, to have a fully satisfying inhalation, all you need is a very small amount of herbs, even 0.15-0.2 g will be enough.

Why is HydroBrick MAXX so special? It’s a vaporizer that features an 18 mm cut glass joint that can be used in a variety of ways. You can connect it to a glass mouthpiece that comes with the set – your HydroBrick MAXX will work just like Sticky Brick Original. Instead of the mouthpiece, you can also connect a tube (also included in the set) and place its other end in a water pipe. This way, you can filter the vapor through water in order to additionally cool it down and add moisture to it so that the inhalation becomes even more comfortable and allows for taking longer draws. The third option is getting a special bubbler (a water filter) that you can place directly on the glass joint. In each of these 3 cases, HydroBrick MAXX does an incredible job.

If you’re looking for a device that will easily replace a bong, you should definitely pick HydroBrick MAXX. It will provide an unforgettable vaping experience and will help you take care of both your respiratory tract and your wallet, as you’ll use much less material than in a traditional bong.

Where to buy a Vaporizer?

You can find all the models described above in the offer of VapeFully store with vaporizers – a store that specializes in premium class vaporizers that are safe for your health. If you think about buying a vaporizer, make sure you visit VapeFully store, especially because it allows you to get free advice from the experts who will help you find the right model that will meet all your needs and match the preferences. Each of the above-mentioned models is definitely worth considering, just like the subject of vaporization in general. Christmas season and New Year is a great opportunity to make yourself or someone close a gift in the form of healthier lungs.

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Addiction is a very individual disease. Each person who suffers from addiction experiences it in a way that is unique to them. However, when it comes to treatment, we often fail to recognize how different each individual can be.

We’re facing a nationwide opioid epidemic, and the truth is we still have a lot to learn about treating addiction. There is no single magic ‘cure’ that’s going to work for everyone, and for many people recovery is often a matter of trial and error.

Treatment and the Epidemic

As more and more people are taken by addiction, we are experiencing a growing necessity for different types of treatment programs. The ‘cookie cutter’ program approach isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone.

When a doctor prescribes a medication to treat an illness, they monitor the effectiveness and make changes based on how well the treatment is working. That kind of problem solving needs to be used when treating addiction.

Its important that addicts be able to course-correct their treatment and find access to new pathways towards sobriety. Fortunately, rehabilitation professionals are becoming increasingly familiar with alternative methods of treatment.

One of these lesser-known options utilizes a drug called Ibogaine—a natural psychoactive therapy that has proven to be an effective addiction treatment.

Ibogaine – A Brief History

Ibogaine is a natural alternative to some of the more traditional addiction treatment options. It’s derived from an African plant that has psychedelic properties called Tabernanthe iboga.

The native peoples of West Africa have used this iboga root, in the form of a tea, to induce spiritual awareness. It has been the core of their spiritual ceremonies for centuries.

However, in the 1960s, Ibogaine, extracted from the iboga root, was found to interrupt addiction.

While experimenting with different substances Howard Lotsof, who at the time was a heroin addict, discovered that ingesting Ibogaine eliminated his withdrawal symptoms and his body’s dependency on heroin.

After this realization, he began treating many of his friends who were also heroin addicts with the same results—they were able to overcome the horrible symptoms of withdrawal and almost immediately break free of opioid dependence.

To Lotsof, this was a massive discovery, and he spent the rest of his life studying Ibogaine and its effects on the addicted brain.

In order to understand exactly how Ibogaine works we need to take a look at the brain and exactly how addiction affects it.

How does Addiction Change the Brain?

Chemical dependency occurs when someone’s brain becomes so accustomed to the neural chemicals, provided by drugs and alcohol, that the natural production of those chemicals becomes much less effective. This means that if they stop supplying their brain with that addictive substance, the body starts to fight back—causing physical withdrawal.

Often, the withdrawal experience is so unpleasant that many addicts will continue to use just to avoid the discomfort. When a person no longer has the ability to feel normal without taking some sort of drug, they have a serious problem with no simple solution.

Getting through physical withdrawal can be brutal. Although many clinics offer what they consider to be “better” ways to get through withdrawals, the detox solution is often just sitting in a room while the brain adjusts back to normal levels—often taking days or even weeks.

How Ibogaine Works

As an alternative to enduring this extended period of painful detox, many addicts turn to Ibogaine. Ibogaine targets the area of the brain associated with addiction. By “resetting” the brain, Ibogaine is able to renew the neurons and pathways back to their pre-addicted state.

For the addict, this means that Ibogaine eliminates 80% or more of all withdrawal symptoms almost immediately after the dose is taken.

This means that Ibogaine can often offer addicts not only a fresh take on addiction treatment, but also a holistic method of detoxing quickly without the pain of withdrawals.

According to Mental Health Daily, “The most notable potential benefit is that a single dose of Ibogaine could lead to long-term suppression of opiate/opioid cravings such that former opioid/opiate users are able to maintain abstinence for an indefinite duration.”

But if Ibogaine is so effective at treating addiction, why isn’t it available in the USA?

Ibogaine in the USA

Unfortunately, doctors in the U.S. have been unable to study the medication to its full potential. Since the 1960s, almost every psychedelic, including Ibogaine, has been outlawed even for scientific study.

However, with MDMA and other psychedelics starting to gain footing in the United States medical system, Ibogaine may not be far behind. Even though Ibogaine has shown to be fatal in some who use it, modern science has significantly reduced this negative outcome, making Ibogaine much safer than it was just a few years ago.

The future of Ibogaine and other psychedelics is promising.

Freedom from Addiction

Ibogaine can help the brain return to its naturally balanced state much faster than waiting for the body to recover on its own. But it is not a cure and it will not force an addict to stay clean.

Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol is a lifelong process that requires a different approach for each person. Ibogaine, combined with a rehab or aftercare program, can often be one of the most promising treatment options, especially for those who have tried other treatment programs with little or no success.

Ibogaine can help the brain return to its naturally balanced state much faster than waiting for the body to recover on its own. But it is not a cure and it will not force an addict to stay clean.

Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol is a lifelong process that requires a different approach for each person. Ibogaine, combined with a rehab or aftercare program, can often be one of the most promising treatment options, especially for those who have tried other treatment programs with little or no success.

With new discoveries being made in alternatives like Ibogaine, there’s more hope for long-term sobriety than ever before. Every addict deserves a chance to live a sober and successful life. There are many treatment options available and Ibogaine is just one of them. Each addict must educate themselves and find the right treatment for them.

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