As most of the world is slowly awakening from its deep slumber of ignorance surrounding Cannabis, now being recognized for its therapeutic and anti-cancer properties, things are looking brighter for the Herb. On the 70th Birthday of Bob Marley, the Jamaican government decided to relax its Marijuana possession laws.

The Jamaican cabinet has approved a bill that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis and pave the way for a legal medical marijuana industry.

The bill would establish a cannabis licensing authority to deal with the regulations needed to cultivate, sell and distribute the herb for medical, scientific and therapeutic purposes. “We need to position ourselves to take advantage of the significant economic opportunities offered by this emerging industry,” he said.

It would make possession of 2 ounces (56g) or less an offence that would not result in a criminal record. Cultivation of five or fewer plants on any premises would be permitted. Rastafarians, who use marijuana as a sacrament, could also legally use it for religious purposes for the first time in Jamaica, where the spiritual movement was founded in the 1930s.

In India, although it is illegal the law isn't enforced for most part and is manipulated by crooked cops and government officials who profit from the fear surrounding its illegality by extorting money from users. The law enforcement officials in India like most of the world are a very small minority of us who are simply brainwashed in doing their job with little or no insight into the situation at hand while millions of Sadhus, Naga Babas, Priests and Religious people from various religious sects such as the Nihangs of Punjab, the Pandas from Orissa and countless other regular folks doing odd jobs, driving cabs, musicians, artists, sculptors, actors, writers (the list is endless) .... continue to use the herb on a regular basis without any fear or inhibition.

As users of the herb and other plant based psychedelics, we Psychonauts must endeavor to set a good example by treating all substances with respect and use them to bring about some positive change in our lives and others around us.

We must live our truth ... We must be the change !

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