The Failed War on Drugs : Why Prohibition Doesn't Work !

If only we could see through the lies and hidden agendas run amok in our world, we would realize that this is no accident and things are the way they are, by design. The so called 'War on Drugs' is nothing but a campaign to curtail human freedom and sovereignty over one's own consciousness, while illegal trade flourishes with more drugs becoming easily available off the streets of America and the rest of the world where this disease called 'War on Drugs' has spread to.

What we need is awareness among the masses with facts being shared and not some twisted bits of disinformation to confuse an unsuspecting populace. There is so little spoken of in the mainstream media when it comes to the topic of Psychedelics and the power of Hallucinogenic Plant Medicines such as Ayahuasca. The ones who have attempted to speak out openly have been censored as we saw in case of Graham Hancock's War on Consciousness presentation at TED Talks ... Just in case you missed it you can watch it now in the player below.

Bill Hicks rightly said, "Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural?"

You must hear Peter Christ, an ex law enforcement official, quite literally demolish the "War on Drugs" in the following video ...

Why Legalize Drugs?

We believe that drug prohibition is the true cause of much of the social and personal damage that has historically been attributed to drug use. It is prohibition that makes these drugs so valuable – while giving criminals a monopoly over their supply. Driven by the huge profits from this monopoly, criminal gangs bribe and kill each other, law enforcers, and children. Their trade is unregulated and they are, therefore, beyond our control.

History has shown that drug prohibition reduces neither use nor abuse. After a rapist is arrested, there are fewer rapes. After a drug dealer is arrested, however, neither the supply nor the demand for drugs is seriously changed. The arrest merely creates a job opening for an endless stream of drug entrepreneurs who will take huge risks for the sake of the enormous profits created by prohibition. Prohibition costs taxpayers tens of billions of dollars every year, yet 40 years and some 40 million arrests later, drugs are cheaper, more potent and far more widely used than at the beginning of this futile crusade.

We believe that by eliminating prohibition of all drugs for adults and establishing appropriate regulation and standards for distribution and use, law enforcement could focus more on crimes of violence, such as rape, aggravated assault, child abuse and murder, making our communities much safer. We believe that sending parents to prison for non-violent personal drug use destroys families. We believe that in a regulated and controlled environment, drugs will be safer for adult use and less accessible to our children. And we believe that by placing drug abuse in the hands of medical professionals instead of the criminal justice system, we will reduce rates of addiction and overdose deaths.

The War on Drugs is a big failure ... carefully orchestrated to keep the masses in this prison like environment, unable to exercise the free will to experiment with their own consciousness without causing harm to anyone else ... its about time these inane laws are done away with ... we must come together in our quest for freedom, now !

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