The Truth About Smoking Marijuana

A lot has been written and said about this amazing plant which also happens to be the most used plant based psychedelic (drug) used by man all over the world through our recorded history ! It is probably a lesser known fact as most buy into the disinfo propaganda of DRUGS ARE BAD ... First creating a label to fear ... putting a whole lot of substances in the same category as 'harmful' and 'addictive', and promote this idea as FACT among us the Sheeple who tend to live as though our lives are something happening to us and over which we have no control and simply be spoon fed with ideas to live by as dogma without trying to FIND OUT for our self ... Unless one has tried smoking the herb how does one know what it's like ... !

In the following video we learn something about the positive and harmless health effects of Smoking Marijuana / Ganja / Weed ... contrary to the general belief that all kind of smoke inhalation is harmful to health !

The video is part of the documentary "Why is Marijuana Still Against The Law ("The Union")" ...

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