Lloyd Pye : Starchild Skull : Proof Of Genetic Engineering

Did ancient astronauts who came to Earth thousands of years ago genetically engineer us humans from an already existing primate species ?

Well, there have been many researchers who believe so and we now have historical and scientific evidence to prove this to be a fact, however less known among social circles as we are mostly conditioned to believe in certain creation myths and stories propagated through our educational system and religions.

One such undeniable proof of genetic engineering and our true intergalactic origins is the 'Starchild Skull' investigated by Lloyd Pye. Lloyd Pye is Director of the Starchild Project, a research organization that has been investigating the Starchild Skull since February of 1999. The Starchild Skull is a human-like bone skull independently radiocarbon dated at 900 years old (+/- 40 years). It is unlike any other skull that has ever been found or presented for inspection.

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Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... 85% of All Human Beings Have RH Positive Blood Type. Which Means Their Red Blood Cells Contain RHesus Blood Factor. This Blood Type Contains Protein Linked To The Rhesus Monkey. This Particular Blood Type Arises From A Genetic Experiment 5,000 Years Ago.


Anonymous said...

1. Almost All the evidence from ancient aliens is actually evidence of psychedelic plant use that gave humans intelligence, but modern scientist misinterpret it because they are alienated from knowledge of our shamanic past.
2.The bent skulls is actually Artificial cranium Deformation.

mathilda said...

Firstly, the DNA conclusion was that they were unable to sequence human paternal DNA, not that the paternal DNA was alien.

I read genetics papers all the time, it's pretty standard to be only able to get the mt DNA in ancient specimens, as this is the most durable. It's also standard to get bacterial contamination, providing a non human element in the sample. Nothing in the published paper said the skull had alien DNA.

The people like Pye who are pushing the skull as an alien hybrid decided that not being able to detect a human father (which is normal enough for ancient DNA samples) equalled 'must have an alien father.' You'll notice the absence of geneticists or qualified scientists on the videos he makes.

The crania is human, but heavily deformed. Progeria seems a likely candidate. You should look at the reconstruction next to a child with the illness. Dead ringer.


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