First Crop Circle of April 2011 : Bosschenhoofd, Holland 24th April

After the first 3 crop circles of 2011 appearing in Indonesia earlier this year, the season continues with this one reported shortly after midnight on Easter Sunday, April 24th 2011 near Bosschenhoofd (the "Woodenhead" area), Holland in grass. It's a 24m-long 18-circle formation, the largest circles measuring 3m in diameter, the smallest 0.7m in diameter.

Here's Nancy Talbott's report ...

As has occurred often in the past, the first crop circles of the year in The Netherlands have occurred around Easter. This year Robbert v/d Broeke began having strong intuitions that a formation would soon appear and on Thursday, April 21st, he went out on his motor-bike looking in fields where circles have appeared in the past. He reports that he was thinking about Jesus and the Biblical stories about His resurrection and feeling "very strong" sensations of a loving presence. But he found no circle that night.

On Good Friday he was again sensing a very clear presence, this time of the Catholic friar Saint Francis of Assisi, known by many as the Patron Saint of Animals (and also of the environment). That night Robbert and his mother (who is also highly intuitive) both felt an urgent need to go to the fields together, and Mrs. v/d Broeke decided to bring Robbert's camera with them as they drove to Robbert's "special" field. They found no new crop circle, but Robbert decided to take some photos anyway. At first the photos were all completely normal, but then images of a monk and many images of different small animals began to appear. Robbert is certain that the "energy" he felt while taking these photos was that of St. Francis.

Then on Saturday night, April 23rd, the strong "nervous" energy Robbert has learned to recognize indicates the imminent appearance of a new crop circle began building, becoming so intense that by 11:30pm or so he was forced to call a neighbor, Mrs. Ellen Gomis, to ask if she would drive him to a field near Bosschenhoofd. Arriving shortly after 12:00 midnight with Ellen, Robbert immediately saw a "white energy" (like a white/yellow "aura") over one of the fields and knew that was where the formation would be. As Robbert walked into it he said he immediately felt the "presence" of Saint Francis and got a strong, clear message that "people are not greater than the animals," that we are wrong to think animals do not have feelings similar to our own.

A more detailed report, with additional photos of the crop circle, as well as Robbert's photos of the monk and animals, will be posted on Robbert's BLT "Home" page ( as soon as possible.

Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

Reference : Crop Circle Connector

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