While the mainstream mass media chooses to ignore and avoid anything to do with UFOs, Aliens, Free Energy and other so called "unexplainable" phenomena, for most part, a fast growing number of people all over the world are becoming well aware of the truth about UFOs and Extraterrestrial / Intra-Terrestrial life visiting us from time to time. The blatant denial of the same and frequent changes in official statements made by the authorities is proof of an orchestrated attempt to hide the truth from the masses while keeping the populace distracted with other things which do little to change the quality of life we lead on Earth. The UFO question if answered truthfully, will bring down this male dominated, fear driven society of ours within no time. The governments / corporations will fall, religions will cease to exist as their leaders would no longer have control over an awakened humanity, no longer restricted and confined by the illusions of separation, the way of the Egoic mind. Once the money system is done with, humanity will be free to simply BE rather than work as slaves for the 1%. Then, we will see the dawn of a new age coming ...

'Unmasking An Extraterrestrial Presence' is a recent documentary film made by Greg Mars which highlights quite well the reasons behind the UFO cover up ... how the military realized UFOs were crashing due to radar interference and started aiming the radars at UFOs, intentionally downing craft ... retrieving alien bodies, craft debris ... reverse engineering technology and using it for black ops projects. The film does give us a clearer idea of the lurking UFO mystery and what's been going on with the official denial of the presence of other worldly intelligences on Earth.

Who are these Extraterrestrials and what are their agendas really ... the more we dig deeper, the more we discover about our true history and it should come as a surprise to most people when we realize that some of these Extraterrestrials are in fact other dimensional intelligences we've been sharing the planet with for eons, maybe more ....

The United States government has apparently listed at least 57-60 different ET races which have been visiting planet Earth. If one googles for UFO/ET videos, documentaries or articles ... there are multiple references to ETs from different planets or star systems such as Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Zeta Reticuli and some from neighboring galaxies such as Andromeda. Most of these references speak of humanoid beings with certain variations in features and characteristics, however a common genetic blueprint which is shared by many different civilizations suggesting a common ancestor we all originate from.

The answers are many ... and it is only when we come together and share the truth as we know it, we expand our individual awareness while being open to all kinds of possibilities and realities ... thought we may not wholly share each others version of reality we can be appreciative as to how our realities converge and intersect, and how this experience we share is what we're here for ... to grow from this or not is a choice we make :)

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"Numen : The Healing Power of Plants" is a documentary film about the role plants play in our lives and how we can stay healthy be paying a little more attention to what's growing in our garden, by spending some time in the woods, taking a walk by the stream, by reconnecting with plant spirits.

The term Numen is defined as "the presiding divinity or spirit of a place," or "the spirit believed to inhabit natural objects." It is applied in this program to plants and the value they bring to our lives. Through interviews with ethnobotanists, herbalists, naturopaths, medical doctors, and specialists in integrative medicine, viewers come to appreciate the role plants have played in our health and welfare.

Before the rise of the modern pharmaceutical industry, families used herbal and plant-based medicines to cure common ills. Today, we are separated from our roots in nature, including our food. Recognizing that herbal medicine is also a business, this program makes a strong case for "whole plant medicine" as a viable alternative to today's diet and pill-based approach to health. This is a subject that will generate thoughtful discussion; for most public libraries.

'Numen', also defined as the animating force in nature, is a 75-minute documentary film focusing on the healing power of plants and the natural world.

Featuring stunning footage of medicinal plants and thought-provoking interviews with Drs. Tiearona Lowdog and Larry Dossey, the late Bill Mitchell, ND, author Kenny Ausubel, herbalists Rosemary Gladstar, Phyllis Light and many others, the film calls for a re-awakening of traditional knowledge about plants and their uses.

Numen is for herbalists, gardeners, medical practitioners, plant lovers—and everyone concerned about human and environmental health. It offers an introduction to the following topics:

Whole plant medicine
Ecological medicine
Environmental toxins
The limits of allopathic medicine
Spirit and healing and more
Dew on Plant Buds

A primary objective of Numen is to bring the same awareness to medicine and the medical industry that the organic food movement has brought to food and the food industry. The film presents a sobering view of conventional healthcare and the dangers of environmental insults, as well as a vision of safe, effective and sustainable medicine. It offers stories about how individuals have improved their own health and well-being and provides concrete steps for viewers to do so as well.

Most broadly, the film encourages viewers to think deeply about the sources of their medicine and how their healthcare choices affect themselves and the larger web of life. It inspires us all to deepen our relationship with the natural world and reminds us of the healing made possible by re-embracing our place in the wider web of life.

Source : Numen - The Film

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The word Entheogen means God contained within and in some other translations it means to awaken the divine within, which is closer to the word Entheogenesis, describing the process of doing away with all that which is transient and impermanent, while allowing the unchanging aspect of our being to awaken to itself. An Entheogen is a compound that induces a spiritual or mystical experience. There have been many kinds of Entheogens or plant based psychoactive substances used by humans. However, there isn't much known about these plant medicines commonly, as a result of which humanity has been for long exploited by psychological manipulation at the hands of the powers that be. Constant repetition of lies and negative propaganda seem to be working well on the sleeping masses, however with more information and awareness on these subjects things are quickly changing globally.

It is good to see great change manifesting when people join hands and come together against this regressive oppression and tyranny that act out through the various world governments, big greedy corporations and the Military Industrial Complex. One of the ways to beat the system is through creating more awareness ... by disseminating useful information, sharing knowledge ... speaking your truth and more importantly, living it ! We came across this brilliant source of information on various drugs and their effects on human consciousness and thought it must be shared here ...

In 2010 I was fortunate to be a presenter on the subject of entheogens at a fascinating conference in San Rafael, California, titled “Beyond the I… the end of the Seeker’. The conference organizers had recruited a remarkable collection of physicists, neuroscientists, consciousness researchers, and spiritual teachers, all with a common interest in what turned out to be the rather hazy subject of ‘Science and Non-Duality’. (I say that I was fortunate to present because I was also able to attend workshops and lectures with some of my personal heroes including the physicist/authors Peter Russell, Amit Goswami, NASA’s zero-point scientist Bernard Haisch, anesthesiologist Stuart Hammerhof on his and Roger Penrose’s theory of Quantum Consciousness, and a remarkable presentation by Nassim Haramein exclusively on his paper about the Schwarzschild Proton). The entheogen section of the conference — titled ‘Entheogens as a Portal’— was a panel comprising of Rick Doblin (MAPS), Dr. Martin Ball, James Fadimann, myself and a couple of other speakers (whose names I must confess I don’t remember) all who received 20 minutes to speak about entheogens and (I presumed) ‘non-duality’.

Since my normal presentation (which is mostly about my theory for a quantum nature for the transpersonal entheogenic experience that I outline in my book ‘Tryptamine Palace: 5-MeO DMT and the Sonoran Desert Toad’) takes at least an hour, and since I was considering ‘non-duality’ to be another way of describing the ‘classical’ mystical experience of ‘transpersonal Oneness’ that occurs with the complete dissolution of Ego and Identity (‘the loss of all opposites’), I decided to talk about a subject that I had been thinking about more recently, namely the correlation between the effect a ‘drug’ has on the Ego (one’s personal sense of ‘I’) and its relative toxicity.

So for this conference, rather than discussing my usual subject (the endogenous entheogens, DMT and 5-MeO-DMT), I decided to consider the broad spectrum of different ‘mood-enhancing’ compounds available, and rather than considering how each particular ‘drug’ affects our bodies or our ‘mental well-being’ as most scientific studies would, I would instead rank each drug on how it affected our sense of Ego, our sense of “I”. Since the total loss of Ego and the sense of “I” is the core of the transpersonal mystical experience (and I am an experiential-mystic at heart) I decided that I would assign each ’drug’ its own ‘Mystical Value’, with the ‘drugs’ that can induce the transpersonal state of total loss of Ego and Identity having the highest value (most value to an experiential mystic), while the ‘drugs’ that reinforced or inflated the sense of the Ego would have the lowest. After having ranked the various compounds (according to experiential reports in literature, EROWID, etc), it was interesting to note that the scale naturally descended by the chemical class of the compound—tryptamine, phenethylamine, opiates, amphetamines, alcohol— and that this corresponded to a noticeable increase in toxicity.

Here is how I ranked the various compounds, along with my personal commentary on the effects of the compound, its toxicity, and human history.

The Oroc Mystical Value Scale

The endogenous entheogens/ Simple tryptamines:

1. 5-Methoxy-DMT: Regularly capable of inducing a ‘classical’ mystical experience of transpersonal oneness with complete dissolution of Ego and Identity, even at dosages as low as 5 micrograms. Endogenous. Which means that it is naturally produced within our own bodies and thus 100% physically ‘non-toxic’. Also present in nature in the leaf, bark, and roots of trees, and in the venom of the Bufo Alvarius toad. 5-MeO-DMT has been used in South America in the forms of snuffs for an estimated 3000 years. 5-MeO-DMT’s modern use, first in the form of smoking toad venom, and then as synthesized 5-Meo-DMT, is approx 35 years old.

2. DMT (dimethyltryptamine): Capable of inducing a ‘classical’ mystical experience of transpersonal Oneness, with complete dissolution of Ego and Identity, mostly at high dosages, and in certain individuals. Endogenous. Found in the leaf, seeds, bark, and roots of plants, DMT has been used in South America as snuffs, and as the active alkaloid in ayahuasca, for more than 1500 years. These plant admixtures are regarded as sacred medicines amongst the Amazonian cultures from which they originate. After being discovered to be psychologically active by the Hungarian psychologist Stephan Szara in 1957, DMT was used by IM sporadically throughout the early 1960’s (most notably by William S Burroughs and Timothy Leary) before experiencing a brief burst of popularity in the late 1960’s (after the underground chemist Nick Sand discovered that the fumurate was smokable), before disappearing almost completely by the end of the 1970’s. The writings of Terence McKenna subsequently rekindled interest in the compound and its natural analogue ayahuasca, which combined with the unsubstantiated theories of Dr Rick Strassman presented in the more recent book DMT: The Spirit Molecule, has resulted in a significant modern mythology amongst the current psychedelic counter-culture.

The Complex Tryptamines:

3. LSD-25. (lysergic acid) Also a tryptamine, LSD is capable of inducing a ‘classical’ mystical experience of transpersonal Oneness, with complete dissolution of Ego and Identity, in high dosages, and in certain individuals. Synthetic, with close analogues found in nature. The Eleusinian mysteries—which could only be attended once in a lifetime—were considered the high point of Greek Society and ran for more than 2000 years, tremendously influencing Greek Philosophy and thus Western Thought. Kykeon, the entheogen at the heart of these mysteries, was most likely an LSD analogue produced from an ergot (grain) fungus. (The Temple at Eleusis was dedicated to Demeter, the Goddess of Wheat). LSD-like compounds have also been isolated from the Aztec ololiuqui (morning glory) seeds. Lysergic Acid –LSD 25, which captured the public imagination like no other entheogen in modern history during the late 1960’s and early 70’s– when an estimated 75 million people tried the drug – is the synthetic counterpart of these natural plant analogues. While the very high dosages (800+ micrograms) recommended by Leary, Metzner, and Alpert in ‘The Varieties of the Psychedelic Experience’ (1963) to induce a transpersonal-mystical experience ultimately proved to be more than most people liked to handle psychologically, LSD is physiologically one of the safest compounds known to man, since it requires the smallest known amount (1/10,000th of a gram) to be psychologically active, and is thus has an incredibly low toxicity to dosage. (You can ingest the same amount of cyanide, or even plutonium, and it will pass through your body with affecting you). Wikipedia reports a suspected fatal overdose (Kentucky, 1975) medical literature on LSD, which involved the IV injection of a ridiculously large amount of LSD (1/3rd of a gram … more than 3000 of today’s hits!) but notes ’most sources report that there are no known human cases of such an overdose’.

4. Psilocybin (4-OH-DMT). Can induce transpersonal-mystical experience in high dosage. Naturally occurring in some 200 mushroom species. The presumed entheogen in Terence McKenna’s ‘Stoned Ape’ theory. The least powerful of the tryptamines, psilocybin is of low toxicity although overdoses are reputedly possible on synthetic psilocybin, such as in the death of John Griggs, the leader of the notorious LSD-and-hashish cartel, The Brotherhood of Love, although none are reported on EROWID.


5. Ketamine/PCP: Capable of inducing a ‘classical’ mystical experience of transpersonal Oneness, with complete dissolution of Ego and Identity, mostly at high dosages, and in certain individuals. The only legal PCP analogue (estimated 5-10% the strength of PCP), Ketamine, which acts as a stimulant on the central nervous system, requires inclusion due to its impressive record for inducing mystical experiences in individuals (mostly by IM injection) and it could be argued that it deserves a higher ranking than the complex tryptamines. Since it is used as a medical anesthetic, it is considered physically very safe and overdoses are rare. While PCP was first synthesized in 1926, with an illegal street use that peaked in the mid-70’s, Ketamine’s illegal use as an entheogen (and increasingly as a party drug in small doses) is a relatively recent human development.

The Psychedelic-Phenethylamines:

6. Mescaline: Can induce transpersonal-mystical experience in high-dosages. Naturally occurring in various cactus species, mescaline is one of the oldest psychedelics known to man. The San Pedro cactus cults of Northern Peru are the longest known continuous shamanic tradition having existed for at least 3000 years, while there is evidence of peyote use in Mexico and North America dating back 5700 years. In these cultures, the mescaline-containing cacti were considered sacred medicine. Although very rare today, synthetic mescaline was the main subject of Aldous Huxley’s ‘The Doors of Perception’, which helped spark the 60’s psychedelic revolution. (Mescaline, Psilocybin, LSD, and DMT would be the 4 compounds listed in the introduction to Leary, Messner, and Alpert’s ‘The Psychedelic Experience’ in 1965.). Like most psychedelics, mescaline is physically non-toxic and non-addictive.

7. 2-CB, 2-CI: Structurally related to mescaline, both 2-CB and 2-CI can induce transpersonal-mystical experience in high-dosages. Synthetic phenethylamines, these are notoriously dose-sensitive and little is known about their toxicity, but due to the extremely low toxicity of mescaline and virtually all psychedelics, they can be assumed to be physically non-toxic and non-addictive. Both are creations of Alexander Shulgin (most famous for popularizing MDMA), which rose to popularity in the LSD drought of the early 21st century caused by the infamous Kansas Silo bust, proving once again that prohibition simply results in diversity.


The Empathagenic-Phenethylamines:

8. MDA: (Sassafras). Empathogen. The original 1960’s ‘Love Drug’. As with all the compounds in this class, empathogens can decrease the effect of Ego by inducing love and compassion to others, weakening the sense of ‘I’. Empathogens also differ from psychedelic/entheogens in their acute toxicity, with deaths caused by cardiac arrest/brain hemorrhaging at a fatality rate of approx 2 in 100,000 users, approximately the same as the more popular (though less toxic) MDMA.

9. MDMA (Ecstasy). See MDA. Rediscovered and popularized by chemist Alexander Shulgin in the 1980’s, MDMA held great promise for psychiatry before becoming illegal in a wave of Federal paranoia. Currently being used in hospital trials in Israel, the organization MAPS (Multi-disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Sciences) wants to start clinical trials on returning soldiers with post-traumatic stress syndrome here in the USA.

Other Popular Illegal Compounds:

10. THC (Cannabis or ‘marijuana’). Decreases the effect of the Ego by shifting perspective, often towards the humorous side. Relatively low toxicity, no possibility of physical overdose. While cannabis related crimes are the number one reason for incarceration in the USA, with over a million people in jail for its sale, distribution, production, or possession, there has never been a single death related to THC consumption itself.

11. Opiates/Heroin: Nullifies the Ego by negating all desire although not the sense of “I”. Highly physically addictive with regular fatal overdoses, heroin was involved in 213,118 Emergency Room (ED) visits in 2009. Meanwhile Oxycodon fatalities (OxyContin is a semi-synthetic opiod pain reliever derived from opium) have increased 66.7% over the last five years due to this pain-medicines relatively high toxicity. (14,459 in 2007 … 82,724 people died from FDA approved drugs in 2010.) ED visits involving nonmedical use of pharmaceuticals (either alone or in combination with another drug) increased 98.4 percent between 2004 and 2009, from 627,291 visits to 1,244,679. OxyContin sales currently exceed $4 billion per year.

12. Cocaine: The ultimate ‘Me’ drug. Physically and psychologically addictive. Highly toxic. A nervous-system stimulant, cocaine dependence (addiction) can result in cardiovascular and brain damage. The Greed Culture of the 1980’s that came only 15 years after the ‘Psychedelic Revolution’ can almost be epitomized by its reverence to cocaine, the most expensive drug that does the least for the shortest amount of time. In 2009 Cocaine and crack cocaine overdoses were responsible for over 400 000 ED room visits in US hospitals. While the first ‘cocaine epidemic’ in the USA was in the 1880’s, cocaine has greatly grown in popularity since the 1970’s, with the estimated U.S. cocaine market exceeding $70 billion in street value in 2005 – a greater revenue than a corporation such as Starbucks. The multi-billion dollar ‘War against Cocaine’ has been waged at the military level in foreign countries since the 1980’s with no noticeable affect on supply, while drug violence long the border of Mexico – mostly over the cocaine and methamphetamine trade – is killing more than 5000 people a year.

13. Methamphetamines. Physically and psychologically addictive. Highly toxic. The highly lucrative illegal underground market of the USA’s most-popular legal drug (Ritalin and Adderall are legal methamphetamines – the USA consumes 85% of the world’s prescription speed.) Sometimes called ‘white-trash cocaine’, methamphetamine abuse is reaching epidemic proportions at many levels of American society with over 93,000 ED room visits in 2009. Crack cocaine and methamphetamine addiction have long been associated with both forced and voluntary prostitution in every country that they appear in, while the violence associated with Mexican drug cartels fighting for control of a cocaine and methamphetamine market valued in excess of 50 billion dollars is currently responsible for over 15,000 fatalities a year.

( And finally, our Society’s chosen legal ‘inebrient’)

14. Alcohol: Considered a psychoactive depressant. Highly toxic and physically addictive. The United States Center for Disease Control estimates that medium to high consumption of alcohol leads to the death of approx 75,000 people a year in the USA. While the last three compounds on this chart – Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Alcohol – are the only three compounds most likely to reinforce the Ego to the point of physical violence, alcohol is the one your most likely to do yourself physical harm on due to self-loathing. Alcohol is the most common extenuating factor for homicides, rapes, beatings, and suicides, not to mention vehicular fatalities. Alcohol is arguably the least sophisticated drug in both its production and its crude inebriating effects. The first alcoholic beverages can be traced back 9000 years to Neolithic times, which is why I like to call it our ‘stone-age drug’. Paradoxically, (or perhaps because of its ancient origins) alcohol it is the only 100% legal drug on this list in the vast majority of countries around the world.

My conclusion from ranking these various compounds by their unique ‘Mystical Value’ and comparing their relative toxicity can thus be expressed quite simply (as):

Oroc’s Law: The more a compound disrupts the Ego (the sense of ‘I’), the physically safer (less toxic) that compound will be, while the more a ‘drug’ reinforces and inflates the sense of Ego, the more physically harmful (toxic) that compound will be.

After my presentation a number of the enthusiastic audience asked me if I had ever written anything about this ‘Mystical Value Scale’ and I had to confess that I had not, but that some time in the future I would try to. But in all truth, I would probably have stored it away in the back drawers of my very messy mind had not the former ‘Chief Advisor on Drugs’ to the British Government published a very interesting report in the respected Lancet medical journal that was released just a month later (Nov 2010) and made world-wide news. In this report by the ‘Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs’, every common drug in British society was scored by a panel of social health experts on the harm it created including mental and physical damage, addiction, crime and costs to the economy and the community, thus basically ranking the public health effect of the various drugs. The maximum harm score was 100 and the minimum zero. When the results were tabulated, the most harmful drug was alcohol (72), then heroin (55), crack-cocaine (54), methamphetamines (33), cocaine (27), cannabis (20), ketamine (15), and MDMA (9), with LSD (7) and magic mushrooms (5) being ranked as the least harmful substances to British society! (Neither DMT or 5-MeO-DMT were on the list). The esteemed authors also wrote that ‘our findings lend support to the previous work in the UK and the Netherlands, confirming that the present drug classification systems have little relation to the evidence of harm.’

Based on this highly scientific report, my observation about the related toxicity of my Mystical Value scale would seem to have been validated, with those ‘drugs’ that most eradicate the effect of the Ego being deemed (by public health experts) the safest. Non-addictive and of low toxicity, psychedelic ‘drugs’ offer no threat to your physical health, and yet they are considered by our Society to be extremely ‘dangerous’ and are amongst the most illegal substances on the planet.

The word drug incidentally—which means (in this context, according to the Webster’s dictionary) ‘a chemical substance which enhances physical or mental well-being’— is a ridiculously misleading and almost meaningless word if you think about it, since nearly everything we eat and drink can be considered a drug. Nitrous oxide, a gas, is a drug. Coffee, tea, sugar, and chocolate are all drugs. Even McDonalds french-fries under this broad definition could be considered a (highly addictive) drug. Now, as much as I love chocolate, coffee, and even — I hate to admit it — the occasional McDonalds French-fry, I see little purpose in comparing them in any way, shape, or form, to LSD, DMT, or 5-MeO-DMT, which are far more likely to completely change your consensual reality then they are ‘enhance your physical or mental well-being’. But the very use of a word/term as broad as ‘drugs’ (drug law, drug war, illegal drugs, dangerous drugs etc’) to describe and legally regulate (DEA) such a ridiculously broad range of compounds is in it’s self a verbal smokescreen designed to help limit the distinctly society-changing possibilities of psychedelic-entheogens.

If I may diverge for a moment, it is my personal opinion that the ‘first’ psychedelic revolution in the United States (1963 – Saturday 6th December 1969) ‘failed’ ultimately due to the mass influx of a variety of distinctly non-psychedelic ‘drugs’ into the chaotic and highly exploratory youth culture of that time. Psychedelics when used in high-dosages have proven to be safest when used in a thoughtful and controlled ‘set-and-setting’, but as the Youth revolution took hold many teenagers were exposed to super-powerful entheogens like LSD-25 and STP (DOM) in what can only be described as a cavalier and Dionysian manner. Considering the fact that an average hit of LSD in 1968 (400-500mg) was 5 times stronger than a hit of street acid (80 to 100mg) today, and that first-timers LSD users were frequently encouraged to take two hits if they wanted to see Tim Leary’s promised ‘white light’, with little thought to their ‘set-and setting’, then it is easy to see how a large number of young hippies feared acid as much as others revered it. (You still witness this same phenomena today … many of the 20 something’s that I talk to at festivals seem to love DMT but are terrified of LSD having already experienced a trip too long and arduous for them … and they probably ate a quarter of what their parents did for their first time in the 60’s!). This tendency to push all experiences to the limit (‘the Prankster ethic’) opened the backdoor for the more seductive and much easier rides of first heroin, and then cocaine. (Which when it was first introduced was not thought to be addictive.)

Disregarding the potential (and well-documented role) that the CIA played in the introduction and distribution of virtually all the illegal drugs that became available, by failing to recognize the essential difference of psychedelics/entheogens—that they are best used carefully in a sacred manner with trusted guides and not wildly in recreation amongst crowds of strangers—and then by lumping the wide-variety of compounds that followed into a singular ‘Drug Culture’ that fails to distinguish between the wide variety of experiences that this vast family of so-called ‘drugs’ can produce, the Alternative culture that had been inspired by psychedelics and the chance for change, ended up settling for uppers-and-downers and the Status Quo, as heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines became the most popular ‘illegal drugs’ of the last thirty years of the 20th century. (And the use and abuse of legal ‘prescription drugs’ sky rocketed).

It is interesting now —with more than 40 years perspective— to realize the fact that our Society’s so-called ‘Drug Culture’ has increasingly turned away from the 60’s psychedelic ethos of the mystical destruction of the Ego (and consequently the social structures that the Ego creates) towards a range of compounds that actually reinforce the concept of the Ego (and thus maintain the existing social structures that Ego has built). It could be argued that the last thirty years of the twentieth century that came after the failed psychedelic revolution of the 1960’s were the most egocentric years in human history, as television and a global communication network have relentlessly promoted the cult of the Ego as the highest human ideal to the post Vietnam generations of techno-capitalists, with the constant accumulation of individual wealth and power seen as a Darwinian function inherited from our hunter-gatherer days. This obsession with the role of the Individual has resulted in 5% of the world’s population now controlling 50% of its wealth, as multi-national corporations controlled by a handful of families continue to strip the globe of its resources to line the pockets of shareholders and board members in those industrialized nations whose military are effectively the World Law, a treacherous and seemingly unstoppable situation that is threatening life on this planet as the military-industrial complex lurches increasingly erratically through the last of its days. The cult of the Individual Ego has now grown so predominant, we have a societal case of what I call ‘extinction denial’ where the fate of the individual has become paramount, best expressed in the concept ‘You better get yours while you can.’

A radical reassessment of the effect of capitalism and consumerism on both the human condition and our planet is clearly required, but what can bring about a change in a viewpoint that has been steadily being programmed into us by the very technology whose reckless use we need to reassess? According to the Dalai Lama ‘achieving genuine happiness may require bringing about a transformation in your outlook, in your way of thinking, and this is not a simple matter’ and I believe this applies to us as much as a Society as it does to each of us individually. But what can any of us really do other than reorganize deck chairs on the Titanic? What action can actually have a chance of bringing about a fundamental transformation in the way Humanity perceives and values Life on this planet?

In July of 2003 when first introduced to the super-entheogen 5-MeO-DMT, I underwent what I now believe to be a ‘classical’ mystical experience of transpersonal unity with the Source of Being. This event had a profound effect upon my world-view since I found myself changed from an agnostic scientific-rationalist to believing in the existence of a God far greater than I could have ever imagined, all in the space of a single 40 minute drug-induced ‘trip’. The result for my subsequent search for answers on how such a radical transformation could have occurred is contained in my book “Tryptamine Palace: 5-MeO-DMT and the Sonoran Desert Toad.” (Park Street Press, 2009), and within the pages of that book I make the claim that this discovery of a spiritual element to the Universe, and the realization that God not only CAN exist but exists —as the mystics have always insisted—as a part of you, is the most exciting realization that a human being can make. More than eight years have now past since I myself made that unexpected discovery, and while I still agree that is ultimately the most exciting discovery possible, I must concede it is not always the most practical, a dilemma that mystics have known and have suffered for since the beginning of time. The personal discovery of God—any kind of God or Buddha-State, for they are all streams of the same Cosmic river—can never be ‘scientifically’ proven and inevitably any entheogenic realizations or enlightenment can only offer the same proofs as any other ‘spiritual’ system … the sticky dual-problem of personal testimony and ‘faith’.

I have however come to realize that while entheogens can never ‘prove’ the existence of God (rather one can only ‘experience’ God-Consciousness through the use of them and thus form your own opinion), true-entheogens can be used as the most powerful tools of exploration available for investigating some of the most perplexing philosophical questions that humanity has managed to conceive, especially those concerning the role and reality of Consciousness, and its human-shadow, the Ego. As our Society and technology begins to progress beyond the Newtonian-Darwinian paradigm, we are coming to scientifically realize that nothing in the Universe exists as an individual point in space-and-time, since the emerging quantum view of the Universe states that all things are linked and connected thru a matrix of fields of energy that far surpass the energy of physical matter, matter is merely the froth on the wave of reality if you like, while our consciousness, the vehicle of this discovery, far from being an accidental by-product of chemical reactions produced within the matter of the brain as purported by the old paradigm, increasingly seems to be a part of an infinite field of consciousness that both permeates, and creates, the Universe itself. I can also personally testify that thru the use of entheogens one can actually experience a moment outside of time and space as pure Consciousness, with no idea or memory of who you are or where you came from, and in that instant the realization arises of the interconnectedness of all things, that all is truly One—the transpersonal experience as Stanislav Grof calls it—and that this is quite possibly the most profound human experience available, a speculation that the recorded history of all varieties of mysticism would seem to support.

Which brings about the about the very interesting possibility—as suggested by the psychologist Julian Jaynes in his increasingly influential book ‘The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind’—that the modern highly-individualized human Ego that has been so venerated in the 19th and 20th centuries may be a comparatively recent development in both human history (and perhaps the history of the Universe), and that ‘the voice in our head’ that we now all constantly hear, a few thousand years ago would only arise only in times of severe crisis and danger. (And was often thought to be the voice of the Gods). The non-denominational spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle in his modern classic ‘A New Earth’ argues that our highly refined sense of ‘I’ has come from the development of our technology-driven Society, since the narrowing of our mental focus away from the transpersonal has allowed us to develop our fantastic technology, but at the expense of disconnecting us with another deeper layer of consciousness that we share with all other things in the Universe. We can no longer see the woods for the trees so to speak, as we have become prisoners of our own inflated sense of self.

As our scientists start to discover the outer realms of Quantum Consciousness, and our psychologists and spiritual masters begin to return our attention to the idea of a Cosmic or Absolute Consciousness that both unites and transcends all religion, with the role that the Individual Ego plays in our Society coming under increasingly critical scrutiny, then it would seem clear the lesson that the careful use of entheogens can teach virtually any of us. It is a scientifically verifiable fact that entheogenic compounds can cause a human ego to be disrupted or even momentarily wiped away, and that when this happens, to paraphrase the poetic words of William Blake, the doors of perception are cleansed, and all things appear to man as they are, Infinite. Throughout the recorded history of Humanity there has been no experience considered more profound or more valuable then the singular realization that All is indeed One, and now as the scientists have begun to catch up with the mystics on realizing the simple undeniable fact that all systems are linked, and that the very idea of the ‘sacredness of the individual’ is somewhat absurd, we now need to reform our governments, our religions, our financial institutions, our schools, and most importantly ourselves, to this fundamental Universal Truth.

In a world where we have been programmed by the constant sounds and flashy moving images of our rapidly developing modern technology since we have been born, the ancient schools of meditation and contemplation have had little chance to reform the Ego or the society that our love of technology—the human child of the Ego—has built for us, since we have long since forgotten that the death of the Ego is a desirable goal. Deepak Chopra once wrote that synchronicity is the universe showing its intention, and therefore I do not find it strange that mescaline was first synthesized the year that Röntgen discovered radiation, or that Albert Hofmann had a strange dream to reinvestigate a compound that he had put on a shelf many years earlier, thereby instigating a chain of events that would cause him to discover LSD-25’s remarkable psychoactive qualities while the Manhattan Project was months away from igniting the world’s first atomic bomb, arguably humanity’s most egocentric invention. Lysergic Acid (LSD) is a remarkable 20th century invention in the fact that it is the only entheogen that a competent chemist can make a million hits of in an afternoon, and its mass-production qualities (for a mass-production society) should not be under-valued, since it has been responsible for reintroducing the mystical/shamanic concept of the death-and-rebirth of the Ego into our Society at a time when it is most desperately needed. An entheogenic moment outside of space of time can cause a lifetime of egocentric programming to come tumbling down like a house of cards, an illumination almost impossible to ignore, and it is for exactly this reason that our Governments so fear them. If we build the foundations of the Entheogenic Revolution —the 2nd Psychedelic Revolution— upon the basis of a constant awareness of the influence of the Ego, and seek out a deeper connection with the Mind of the Universe that we all share in a process of ‘liberation theology’, then we have a chance to rebuild our tribes into a true World Family that will find a way through the troubling times to come. For if there is one thing that is for sure, it is that none of us will make it alone.

— James Oroc

Reference : DMT Site

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Is it possible that there is an inter-dimensional intelligence behind the creation of some of these Crop Circles reported around the world, however mostly in the Wiltshire area of Southern England ? More often than not, Crop Circles are linked to Extraterrestrials leaving little room for imagination. Its only when we dwell deeper into the facts surrounding the mysterious phenomena do we get to understand the true complexity and compassion behind some of these great patterns laid out in the fields.

There are have been reports of balls of light creating some of these formations, which has been confirmed by multiple, credible eye witness accounts. There have also been some reports of beams or shafts of light coming down from the sky and creating formations. Some have actually filmed the creation of what i believe is one of the most exquisite and powerful formations we've seen in the recent times. The 777 Aum Crop Circle ... the story behind it is just mind blowing !

Here are some of the beauties we've seen so far ..

The Honey Bee Crop Circle ... Wiltshire !

The Dragonfly Crop Circle ... Wiltshire !

The Human Butterfly Crop Circle (The Biggest Crop Circle Reported So Far) ... Holland !

We came across an interesting 13 minute video of what we believe are Merkabas (Light Bodies) often mistaken for UFOs or physical spacecrafts, creating crop circles in Wiltshire. Could these UFOs actually be Merkabas of Ascended Masters or perhaps some other dimensional intelligence we are yet to discover? The possibilities are endless and the mystery continues to swirl around in circles ...

If you've ever seen something similar and would like to share with us, feel free to drop us a message ...

... ~ In Lak'ech Ala K'in ~ ...

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"OTAC - The Sacred Ancient Medicine Ceremony" is a documentary film in the making, by Leonardo Bondani & Octavio Rettig.

Over the past eight years, Dr. Rettig has been conducting research on the ancient sacred use of 5-MeO-DMT in the Sonora desert. Three years ago, he re-introduced the use of this medicine to the Seri Tribe to successfully treat methamphetamine addicts. He learned the ancient rituals, chants and rites of the Seri tribe and became an apprentice of "Don Pancho," a Seri elder shaman.

By combining the chants he was given as a gift from the Seri people, with the "Sacred Medicine" he created a therapy technique. He now performs this "Ancient Sacred Medicine Ceremony" authorized by the council of elder Seri shamans, to treat addicts, and also to initiate adepts from around the globe into the spiritual realm.

Dr. Rettig has been successfully using this "sacred medicine" in therapy sessions (hundreds of them documented) for thousands of people. He has also used this therapy effectively on crystal methamphetamine addicts where it affects neural receptors. The addicts no longer crave the drug and it opens a spiritual gateway for them.

Dr. Rettig a physician and surgeon (author of the book "Bufo Alvarius, The Toad from Down") is currently traveling around the world, speaking at conferences about his research on the ancient use of a powerful substance extracted from the Sonora desert toad (and its relation to the evolution of man), under the auspices of the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

This film narrates and documents the anthropological, ethnomusicological, archeological and pharmacological aspects of Dr. Rettig’s fantastic story, and as director Leonardo Bondani has described, “It's also, a journey into the mind and the soul, the search for enlightenment, the human condition...and the fabric of the cosmos.”

Some interesting information about the Psychedelic Toad, Otac or Bufo Alvarius and 5Meo DMT by Dr. Octavio Rettig !

The Documentary Film needs some funding to complete the documentary and could do with some help ... Here is what they have to say about it ...


It is urgent to preserve the vanishing culture and ancient knowledge that the Seri people have almost forgotten, now alive in just a few of elder shamans who remember how to guide the initiate into the spiritual journey of the soul. We are the first film crew ever to be granted full permission to capture and preserve these sacred rituals and scientific investigation for a global audience.

We have created a short video-trailer as an approach to the final film, which was filmed on our first expedition on the winter solstice of December 2013. On that expedition, Dr. Rettig and director Leonardo Bondani were personally invited by the King/President of the Seri tribe to return for the New Year’s two day-long celebration on June 30 and July 1, 2014 in Punta Chueca, Sonora Mexico, an autonomous nation (and a closed area to the public, national government, agencies and institutions).

This is the most important date of the year in which the Seri people perform their dances and chants in full regalia attire and their famous face paint. We filmed the rest of this documentary on those days to include this ceremonies and interviews at the site with Dr. Rettig himself, the tribal leaders and shamans.

Dr. Rettig and Bondani funded the first and second filming expeditions and produced the trailer with money out of their own pockets. We urgently need your donations and support to finish the editing and postproduction of this project.

Your contribution will help document and share with the rest of the world the chants, dances, rituals and knowledge of the Seri tribe, Dr Rettig’s research, and the findings on the almost forgotten Ancient Sacred Medicine Ceremony.

Getting this film done will help in the future create "transformation centers" in communities affected by addictions, to facilitate therapy sessions with the method developed by Dr Rettig.


Director Leonardo Bondani is a close friend and colleague of Dr. Rettig and has undergone the shaman initiation ceremony himself, guided by the elder shaman, Don Pancho (Dr. Rettig's teacher and mentor.)

Bondani has 20 years of experience directing documentaries, educational TV series, cultural tourism promos, music videos and visuals for massive concerts. He has filmed in major cities in Europe, the U.S. and South America, in harsh conditions from rain at several Mexican pyramids and the jungle, to the arid Egyptian pyramids and the Sahara Desert. Recently he filmed a documentary about “The End of a Baktun, Mayan Calendar" ceremonies at the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico featuring Don Miguel Ruiz (author of the book "The Four Agreements") and just finished a documentary about the 20th anniversary of the Zapatista guerrilla movement in Chiapas, Mexico.

Some of the people Bondani has documented include: Dalai Lama, Noam Chomsky, Octavio Paz, Rufino Tamayo, Sub-Comandante Marcos, Jose Arguelles , Alberto Ruz, Antonio Velazco Piña, Lila Downs, Hugh Masakela, Poncho Sanchez, Andre Rieu, Adrian Belew, Jon Anderson (Yes), Peter Gabriel, David Byrne, Moby and many more. Bondani also met with the late Carlos Casteneda (author of “The Teachings of Don Juan.”) in person.

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The Jaguar is revered as a powerful being in the Amazonian rainforest, who also serves as a Spirit Guide for the Shaman who seeks to heal the sick and receives visions which are key to human survival in the Amazon. For the Quechua Indians, the Jaguar like the Anaconda, is considered a highly evolved spirit who was perhaps a Yachak or a Shaman in their previous life.

"The Jaguar Man" is a documentary film which takes us on journey of initiation in the Ecuadorian rainforests of the Amazon. A young Quechua Indian is on his way to become a Yachak, a Shaman. His Father takes him to learn the ways of the Jungle, to encounter the spirits of the forest, in particular the Jaguar, who is often seen chewing on the Ayahuasca vine. The DMT visions hence induced give the majestic being enhanced perceptions and abilities that help it see with clarity even through the darkness. Here are some interesting articles on Jaguar Symbolism in ancient Shamanistic cultures ...

Jaguar, Power Animal, Symbol of Solitary Path, Reclaiming Power, Shape shifting, Psychic Vision

By Ina Woolcott

The Jaguar's medicine includes seeing the roads within chaos and understanding the patterns of chaos, moving without fear in the darkness, moving in unknown places, shape shifting, psychic vision, facilitating soul work, empowering oneself, reclaiming power.

The Black Jaguar's medicine includes the same as jaguar but in addition keeper of the circular time continuum, gatekeeper to the unknowable.

The South American name for jaguar, 'jaguara' is translated as 'carnivore that overcomes prey with a single bound.' there is an Indian legend that says the jaguar came by its beautiful spotted coat by dabbing mud on its body with its paws. These spots easily hold the jaguar apart from other big cats. What also holds them apart from other big cats is the fact that they are unrivalled. There are no other predators that can compete with this powerful cat. Those with this power animal generally make brilliant leaders and diplomats.

According to Mayan beliefs, the journey of the sun across the sky and the darkness of night represented the infinite journey of human consciousness and its transformations. The midday sun's position was compared to the Eagle, flying high in the sky, to then plunge below the horizon, just as we plunge into the dark to face our spiritual challenges and to be transformed. The hidden sun was said to be Jaguar, whose spotted skin represents the stars glittering/shining in the night sky. Hence it was called the "Jaguar Sun." Jaguar is the earth father, holding the authority over the sacred power of and in the earth, and the animals who live upon it. The force that lives within the mountains, giving them their volcanic and transformative power, is the same underworld source of energy and power contained within the Jaguar Sun. The Mayan word for Jaguar is IX and it is pronounced 'eesh'.

Similarly to the tiger, this solitary hunter stalks silently and patiently, to then strike with lightning speed. This symbolises the importance of knowing when it's best to take the solitary path in stalking one's own dreams. For the native people of the rainforests, everything contains the essence of the Jaguar.

Jaguar, Leopards and Panthers are very ancient and powerful power animals/totems. They embody aggressiveness and power, but without the influence of solar energy. Black Panther's power is lunar (moon). People with a Jaguar, Panther or Leopard medicine have the ability to multi-task. They tend to be loners and are very comfortable with themselves. Often they are drawn to other solitary people.

If this is your power animal, you must learn to pace your work - in all aspects of your life - and not push too hard. Women who have Jaguar, Panther or Leopard totems often bring their children up alone, whether it be through divorce or just circumstances in their lives.

Either sex holding this power animal have the potential to develop clairaudience, the ability to hear communications from other forms of life or dimensions and should trust their thoughts and inner visions as they are based in reality.

Jaguars have huge paws and a broad head with mighty strong jaws. They often kill their victim by piercing the skull with one rapid bite. The jaguar growls, snarls and makes deep grunts - it does not roar like a lion. People with this power animal generally possess a good command of language, although their words can have a tendency to cut, tear and shred others apart. Learning correct communication skills is of foremost importance for these people.

The jaguar's powerful body is capable of taking them hundreds of miles in the search for food. They are agile climbers. They teach us how to fulfil goals/dreams through pliability and steadfastness.

Jaguars are at home in the dark with their excellent night vision. They move fearlessly, whether night or day, teaching us how to trust our personal instincts. Latent psychic sight may be stirred in those with this power animal.

The jaguars preferred habitat is usually swamp and wooded regions, although they are also able to live in scrublands and deserts. Jaguars live in caves and canyons close to fresh water. In mythology caves are linked with retreat and isolation, a place to go to aid soul work. Water is linked with the emotional body of humans. When the jaguar bounds into your reality it is asking you to go within, to release your fears, to heal your emotions and to awaken your inner sight. When you come out of retreat the jaguar will be there awaiting you. If you choose to follow his lead, he will guide you into the underworld where the secrets of life and creation are to be found.

Jaguar Symbolism

The black panther is actually the same species as the jaguar. The black coat is simply a color variation. Jaguar is a Native American word meaning, “he who kills with one blow.” The jaguar actually originated in North America, though now it only lives in Central and parts of South America. The jaguar moved south when Central America formed into a land bridge. Jaguars prefer habitats like jungles and swamps, but also like semi-arid mountainous regions, so long as the area is forested. The jaguar is also one of the few cats to like water, and often can be seen playing in it.

As for the mythology and legends, the jaguar was seen as a god in Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala, in pre-Columbian America. The Mayans, Aztecs, and Inca all worshiped the jaguar in some form. In the pantheon, the jaguar god was second only to the snake god in religious importance. At the Temple of the Jaguar at Chichen Itza, the king had to walk beneath a frieze of a procession of jaguars during his coronation ceremony.

In Mayan mythology, the jaguar was seen as the ruler of the Underworld, and as such, a symbol of the night sun and darkness. There were Mayan priests called Balam who officiated at only the most important ceremonies. Along with the Aztecs and Mayans, the Inca also built temples to the jaguar.

The Jaguar is representative of power, ferocity, and valor; he is the embodiment of aggressiveness. For some, the jaguar represents the power to face one’s fears, or to confront one’s enemies. However, they are also associated with vision, which means both their ability to see during the night and to look into the dark parts of the human heart. The jaguar often warns of disaster, he does not offer any reassurance. Along with physical vision, jaguars are also associated with prescience and the foreknowledge of things to come. Cats have binocular vision, meaning each eye can work by itself, which provides them with better depth perception. This gives more evidence to their connection with vision and foresight.

The Jaguar, specifically panther, is linked to the Roman god Bacchus (Greek Dionysus). Bacchus was supposedly nursed by panthers, and in some depictions he is riding a chariot pulled by the large cats. Bacchus is often thought of as the god of wine and mirth, but he is strongly linked to the unleashing of desires. So, the panther, too, is a symbol of subconscious urges and abilities. This is something the Aztecs and Mayans also had a notion of. Both peoples spoke and taught about the power of becoming half-jaguar and half-human, because a person who can do this can be rid of all of his cultural restrictions and inhibitions. In other words, he can finally act upon his hidden desires.

References :

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Who doesn't like sipping on a chilled beer while watching their favorite team battle it out in a game of Football or any other team sport for that matter ? The mass consciousness is so well controlled by Television, Sports and the Media, all working in collusion to keep the masses in a perpetual state of trance, glued to their TV sets, while in another part of the world innocents are dying because someone decides to bomb another country. We do get to know of some of these horrific stories through the media, we do pay attention to all the bad shit happening in the world, perhaps feel sorry about the ongoing chaos for a while and then return to the game on TV, and life goes on as usual.

We have been desensitized to an extent where we no longer feel any compassion for our fellow beings who might be going through difficult times and seem powerless to do anything about it. Let's get back to the Football and bring out the beers ! With this kind of an attitude we will never be able to see the tyranny we're living under, while meekly succumbing to the craziness of modern day living. All it takes is a little courage to step outside one's own fears and inhibitions ... and reconnect with this aspect of our being which unites us with everything ! Once we feel the pain of another human being we can begin to understand the cause for human suffering on this planet and begin to take steps to take our power back from the system while building something better working as a community living in harmony with natural laws. There are more people now in the world who are awakening to the big picture, each passing day. The time for real change is now ... each small decision we take brings us closer to, or takes us further away from our 'Dharma', our mission, our purpose to be here in this lifetime.

Here is a brilliant North Korean documentary translated in English, which shows how citizens are turned into compliant workers feeding the very system that enslaves us, without us realizing it ! It does contain some raw and disturbing footage of violence ... the harsh realities of our planet some of us never get to see ...

Just in case the video above doesn't work (they keep removing it) ... try the link below !

Watch it on Youtube !

The real story behind Columbus reaching America and what happened when they made contact with the Native Americans living there. Thanks Giving isn't what they've made the world believe ... The Documentary shows us the true history of the Western World like never seen before ! The ugly truth about this manufactured reality we see as opposed to how it really is.

Some interesting quotes from Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media (1992) ...

"Modern industrial civilization has developed within a certain system of convenient myths. The driving force of modern industrial civilization has been individual material gain... Now it's long been understood - very well - that a society that is based on this principle will destroy itself in time. It can only persist - with whatever suffering and injustice it entails - as long as it's possible to pretend that the destructive forces that humans create are limited, that the world is an infinite resource, and that the world is an infinite garbage can. At this stage of history either... the general population will take control of its own destiny and will concern itself with community issues guided by values of solidarity, and sympathy, and concern for others, or - alternatively - there will be no destiny for anyone to control."

"There's nothing more remote from what we have been discussing than a conspiracy theory. If I give an analysis of, say the economic system, and I point out that GM tries to maximize profit and market share - that's not a conspiracy theory; that's an institutional analysis. It has nothing to do with conspiracies. That's precisely the sense in which we've been talking about the media. The phrase "conspiracy theory" is one of those that's constantly brought up, and I think it's effect simply is to discourage institutional analysis."

"When I was in high school... I asked myself at one point: "Why do i care if my high school's team wins the football game? I don't know anybody on the team, they have nothing to do with me... why am I here and applaud? It does not make any sense." But the point is, it does make sense: It's a way of building up irrational attitudes of submission to authority and group cohesion behind leadership elements. In fact it's training in irrational jingoism. That's also a feature of competitive sports."

Lightworkers, Torchbearers ... Way showers ... The time has come for the Tribe to come together in joy, in celebration ... Let your light shine !

~ Namaste ~

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"Aya: Awakenings" is a documentary journey into the world and visions of Amazonian shamanism, adapted from the cult book ‘Aya: a Shamanic Odyssey’ by Rak Razam. As Razam sets out to document the booming business of Amazonian shamanism in the 21st century, he quickly finds himself caught up in a culture clash between the old world and the new. Braving a gringo trail of the soul, he uncovers a movement of ‘spiritual tourists’ coming from the West for a direct experience of the multi-dimensional reality shamanism connects one to.

Central to this is ayahuasca – the “vine of souls” – a legal South American entheogenic plant medicine that has been used by Amazonian people for millennia to heal physical ailments and to cleanse and purify the spirit, connecting it to the web of life. Western seekers also experiment with smokable dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and the juxtaposition of these two sacraments, and the way they are used by Westerners, is a central theme of the film. In researching the mystery of ayahuasca, Razam undergoes his own shamanic initiation, undergoing numerous tests and trials in the jungle and the psychic landscapes the vine reveals.

Aya Awakenings Trailer ...

Aya Awakenings : On Spirit Guides and Ayahuasca Visions

On the way he encounters a motley crew of characters, from rogue scientists that conduct DMT-brain scans on jungle psychonauts to indigenous and Western shamans that slowly unravel his cultured mind and reveal the magical landscape of the spirit world. And the more he drinks this potent jungle medicine the deeper it leads him: from the wet jungle where the ayahuasca vine grows and on into the raging heart of consciousness itself.

By blending narration directly from the book with video footage, interviews with practicing curanderos, samples of traditional icaros or magic songs, photographs and cutting edge special effects, AYA: Awakenings reproduces the inner landscape of the visionary state in unprecedented detail, invoking an awakening in the viewer.

Featuring the artwork of Pablo Amaringo, Andy Debernardi and more; written by Rak Razam and directed by Tim Parish, video editing by Verb Studios, soundscapes by Lulu Madill and music by Shpongle, Tipper, Darpan, Lulacruza, Maneesh de Moor and curanderos Norma Panduro, Guillermo Arevalo, Percy Garcia Lozano, Ron Wheelock and Kevin Furnas, this documentary charts the Global Shamanic Resurgence born in the jungles of Peru and reaching out to embrace the world.

An interview with Rak Razam about his documentary film, Aya Awakenings ...

Here is an interesting article by Rak Razam about one of his ayahuasca vision quests in the Amazon ...

"The Way of Light: A Healing Journey with Ayahuasca"

The last time I came to South America I was seeking the mystery of ayahuasca, but this time the “vine of spirits” was no mystery. After drinking with over two dozen curanderos throughout Peru, as recounted in my memoir Aya: A Shamanic Odyssey, and living through a grand quest to unite the separate streams of Amazonian and Andean shamanism, I had come to understand that ayahuasca was like a woman, la madre, the mother, and from the infinite abundance of her giving all things were made manifest.

Still, it had been three years since I’d first been to the ayahuasca capital of Iquitos, Peru, and the shamanism tourist circuit had boomed in that time. Prices were higher, competition was fierce, and the business of spirituality seemed to me to be spiralling out of control. So many tourists all signed in for package deals at the numerous ayahuasca lodges that I was left with a slight unease at the overt commercialization of this once-sacred jungle medicine.

Yet who was I to cast the first stone? Here I was in a wooden motorboat with my partner, Jewelli, travelling up the river Nanay alongside two dozen other ayahuasca tourists, all of us headed to the Temple of the Way of Light, one of the newest lodges, a short boat trip outside Iquitos. The Temple billed itself first and foremost as a healing retreat, not just another ayahuasca lodge, but I wondered just how different that would be to the other shaman centers I had visited in the past. How many of my fellow travelers were genuinely interested in healing themselves and the planet, versus chasing the visions and power the ayahuasca trance can bring?

Cielo, a good friend from Australia, sat at the prow of the boat dressed in white Shipibo pants with colored geometric patterns. Cielo’s in her early fifties and is down-to-earth and on the path of madre ayahuasca. She’s been managing the Temple for Matthew, the English owner, and training with the women curanderas that worked here.

In the often male-dominated world of curanderismo, it was refreshing to learn the center had six curanderas, maestras fresh from jungle towns around Pucallpa in the Shipibo heartland, women shamanas whose core focus was healing, not chasing the money that nowadays was part-and-parcel of the packaged shamanistic experience.

The river tightened as we passed a curve and the lush green vegetation alongside the shore reached out and vines clogged our path. I looked up from the boat to the sun shining overhead, father sun, and was reminded then of mother earth, what the Peruvians call Pachamama.

Matthew, the charismatic owner of the lodge had told me previously in his clipped British accent that: “the maestras are here to heal you, not just give visions or deal with the average ayahuasca tourist trail.” They heal over multiple sessions, pulling psychic gunk out of you and revealing the light patterns or energy grid underneath the flesh, weaving that energy into a tapestry of health. Or as Cielo tells me one day:

“The maestras are amazing in ceremony. . . . Once I saw them with streams of colors coming out of their mouths, intricate designs snaking across the floor and going into people before coming back out. . . . For a second I thought oh my God, they’re aliens! And then I thought I must be an alien because I had a complete memory of belonging to them. . . . And then I realized that they were channelling the plant spirits that they’ve dieted with like a hollow bone to cure people they were working on.”

The women are also weavers in the Shipibo culture who make the manta fabrics with ayahuasca patterns on them that are so popular with the tourists. Funnily enough these women healers do the same thing, but the tapestries they weave are of light.

As we picked through a jungle trail leading from the river to the lodge, I got to know some of my fellow travelers. We were all decked out in thick black gumboots that were invaluable on the muddy path into the jungle, fresh from the rains the night before.

There was Jewelli, my lover, a flower-essence worker in touch with the plant devas and wanting to go deeper. Behind her was Kevin, a computer whizz from Silicon Valley in his late-twenties with a shaved head and quiet demeanour, and problems with depression and anxiety; and down from him was Mark, a businessman on a spiritual path: he’d drunk ayahuasca previously and it had opened up a new world of possibilities and healing for him.

As we shuffled along on the path I met Erin, a straight talking woman from the States who wanted help with emotional integration and assimilation, and Hala, a striking woman of Egyptian and British descent who had been working with ayahuasca for a time now, and had opened up a Pandora’s box of karmic issues: horrendous memories of previous lives where she had raped and killed and plundered.

There was Nadya from New York, working on opening her heart, who was committed to love and leaving all else behind; Ava, a small European woman with emotional issues and abnormal cells in her uterus that she had come in search of curing; and Patrick, a quirky man with a beard and glasses from San Francisco. He was tall and lanky and was wearing a green felt frog hat of his own making. He told me he was looking for home, for a place to be.

So many of us from all over the world, brought here together to experience the healing powers of ayahuasca. There was Tracey, an experienced medicine drinker from Australia, now staying in Cuzco, her arm covered in a snaking vine tattoo. Her brother Mark, an all-Aussie bloke in his forties with a heart of gold was out here cleaning his act up and finding his path. Then there was Caleb, a tall and lanky man of Finnish heritage with a pencil-thin moustache, whose academic profession involved scientifically recording entities and spirits, and whom had inadvertently been possessed during his work.

Spring was a vivacious twenty-something with light black skin and a wide smile, and like all good women in South America she’d been hit on by the men, some of them shamans. The night before coming to the temple she had gone to visit a male shaman, and during the ceremony, whilst on ayahuasca, he had told her not to go to the Temple — if she did she would be bitten by a snake. She should stay and drink with him he told her, exercising his will over her whilst in the vulnerable ayahuasca state, overstepping the bounds of client and doctor.

After a half an hour walk we breach a clearing and the retreat center, dominated by the Temple maloca. Inside it’s at least thirty feet across with a central pole that branches out like a flower about eight feet up, the vast spidery webwork of poles supporting and bracing the roof. Fresh young aya vines sprout outside the temple maloca, twisting and turning towards the light.

That day we meet the maestras with the hearts of children and the smiles of grandmothers. There’s Celestina, the matriarch of the group and one of the youngest, with her proud Shipiba face and look of firm command, She’s dieted with wiracaspi, a master plant, for many, many years to learn her healing arts and to bring the energy of that plant to her patients. She’s dieted with over seven master plants in all, on average over six months with each, and her father who is also a shaman helps her with his energy.

Then there’s Amalia, a quiet Shipiba elder who also has a father who is a curandero and helped prepare her for the journey into the healing arts, and she has also dieted with the healing plants to gain the power to do her work.

Manuela is a beautiful chubby grandmother who smokes a pipe frequently, her face pulled into a frown by the cataracts on her eyes as she squints. Her father was also a healer and the main plant she works with is ayahuma, with which she has had a long relationship, learning its healing qualities.

Rosa is the smallest maestra, barely five foot tall and as cute and round as a button. She’s dieted with a power tree and with toé (datura), but unlike the other maestras she doesn’t come from a lineage of curanderos. When her husband died many years ago she started dieting with the power plants to learn why, and that led her on the path of the plants and medicine. She was soon to take a special liking to Julius, a gawky young God-nerd looking for the “special essence of things” and would eventually fall in love with him and take him under her wing like a mother would a son.

Dona Maria is one of the youngest maestras, and the newest, arriving from Pucallpa for her first ceremony with a group tonight. She’s been dieting with tobacco juice and other plants, and her speciality is sucking out darts or negative energy from patients that come in search of healing. Ross, one of the guests at the temple, has cancerous tumors, and along with the other maestras Maria has been sucking out the psychic poisons that engender the cancer.

Ross is a gentley-spoken Briton in his early twenties who was diagnosed two years ago with a rare form childhood cancer. This is the second time it’s flared up and after a first round of chemotherapy he was given a six-month prognosis to live. Undaunted, he decided to try a more holistic healing approach looking at his nutrition and after six months he realized there was more to healing than the physical, and he came to South America.

Here he used ayahuasca to delve into his subconscious “in a way [he] had never experienced before . . . and rebalance any energies not in balance with nature.” Working with the maestras has been a phenomenal experience, he says, because of the intimate and devoted healing they provide.

The maestras size up the group energetically and announce there is a lot of “mal,” or bad energy hanging around us in the astral from all the other shamans they’ve been drinking with, all those mixed energies need cleansing and are like a wet blanket on the astral, weighing us down. So we get settled in the lush surroundings of the retreat and in our tambo huts, and that night before dark we all meet again in the Temple maloca where the ceremony is conducted.

The maestras sit on an inner ring of the maloca like Russian dolls all in a row, dressed up in their ceremonial Shipiba skirts and tops with geometric ayahuasca energy patterns blazoned across them. They giggle like schoolgirls as they prepare their spaces, setting out their mapacho cigarettes and the plastic two-liter ayahuasca bottle. Next to them Horaldo, the faciliatator, sets out ten small drinking glasses to be filled, and Horacio, the male curandero, sits behind the maestras like the baritone in the band.

Horacio has dieted with many master plants and gained a lot of healing knowledge, always with the intent to help, not harm. His masculine presence balances out the female healers and makes the circuit of energy they create complete.

The number of maestras is kept proportional to the number of seekers they are treating in ceremony, so with six maestras the circle is limited to just over twenty patients, so each person can receive intense healing during the ceremony. They start off in the center where they serve up the medicine and where they drink themselves. In dead silence they wait until they feel the mareacion, the feeling of ayahuasca coursing through them, which might take anywhere from half an hour to forty-five minutes, and then they launch into song.

One maestra will start and then another will take up her song, or backbeat it, weaving together a sonic tapestry. After waves of songs the maestras come out of the center of the circle and work their way around the group, sitting in front of each patient one by one to read their energy bodies and effect a personal healing.

But now, sitting here on the wooden floorboards of the maloca, oil lamps lighting the ceremony space as the maestras prepare their medicine, it seems like a scene from long ago, a timeless and sacred moment of jungle life. All of the maestras light up mapacho cigarettes and some spit to clear their mouths as the lights go out, and the darkness settles into me, cigarette lights trailing through the dark. And as eager tourists reach out to hold the little glasses full of ayahusca, I realize I’ve come full circle from where my own journey started.

I’m home, finally, here in the Temple, in the warm embrace of the madre once more. After three long years this man has come home to the mother. All of us mothers, fathers, parents, children, open to receiving the universal love ayahuasca can help unlock, that lies within us all along…

The maestras sing a haunting melody of high-pitched sound like schoolgirls screeching in the dark, interweaving with each other in arcane Shipibo language that washes over us like waves from the deep sea of the unconscious. The first song, I am told, is for cleansing, and the individual songs the maestras sing throughout the night are then for personal healing.

The maestras weave a wall of sound and healing in the air before us. On the inside a streaming screensaver geometric vision unfolds before me, melting fractals of color like sheet lightning, triggered by their song. It fades as the song progresses and the deeper healing begins.

Dona Maria is a strong Shipiba curandera with a force of will that belittles her tiny frame. She’s fresh off the plane from Pucallpa and eager to impress with the power of her icaros, magic songs that create a carrier wave for her healing energy. Nestled in the dark of the maloca, tucked far away from civilization amongst the viridian embrace of the jungle, Maria opens herself to me and shows me her power.

She sings to me, pours her love and healing into me like a cracked vessel, heat-sealing me whole with her song. Its all about the mother, I realize, as wave after wave of holographic awareness seeps through me, connecting me to all those I love.

And through my personal love streams I’m able to tap into something deeper — that universal love force that binds and sustains, the Gaian frequency itself. It’s love that breaks through like a ray of light through the clouds, that great love that connects us all — the Great Mother who creates, nurtures and destroys.

So there I am sitting there in the dark, exposed to the naked raw emotion of true love as Maria sings to me, and when she is finished there’s a pregnant pause like she’s waiting for me to speak. For a second my tourist reflexes kick in and I think she wants something, dinero, money, that I’ve been drawn back to the level of the primal buy and sell. But she doesn’t ask for money, no, that’s not what the mother does. Like a babe, I’m learning that the mother gives unconditionally; it’s not about money it’s about giving and taking, and about being able to receive.

We are all of us children in the eyes of the mother, kids with our psychic bruises and cuts from the hurts of life, and the Shipiba healers are all mothers, universal mothers pouring the song of love back into us.

The flowers and the plants drink in the light, and we, the humans, are the planetary flowering, we are the bridge between heaven and earth. We are being called to drink in the light, to ground higher dimensional realities into this plane. “No separation from the truth of universal consciousness” says Antara, a kundalini dance instructor from my hometown of Byron Bay.

The light, you see, is love.

The maestras bathe us in unconditional love and invoke that within us. I spend all ceremony learning again and again about love, revisiting all those I share a heartspace with: my daughter, my step-son; my ex-partner; my wife; my mother, how threads of energy connect us all forever, an invisible glue that bind us, and the world together: love. How simple a word, how pure a heart.

The maestras heal through their song and touch, through the love which pours forth from madre ayahuasca, the love straight from the heart of the planet itself. It’s love, I know, that brings a man and a woman together; there is no life, no creation, no world without it. Without love there is not even darkness because there is no one there to see the darkness.

I step behind the veil of the world and seep deep into the heartspace of spirit. What can I feel there? Not words, but the touch, the sigh, the spark of life itself that flows through from this world to the next . . . as soft as a mother’s touch, mother’s milk, mother’s love.

This is the path of the way of light.

Over the next ten days at the Temple, in ceremony and out, all of us undergo a collective journey into our own healing, via the arts of the maestras. We’re making a circuit of energy that is interdependent on each other, relying on each other to support and hold, and to forgive and release. It’s as if one individual blockage has the potential to impede the group’s journey and our collective configuration, for this is a collective healing we are all undergoing. And whether we realize it or not, all of us are sick, sick with our physical illnesses, but also with a malaise of the spirit that is common to all Westerners.

Steve is a heavyset guy in his early fifties who’s getting treated with plant medicines to stop a debilitating ringing in his ears he’s had for over twenty years. “One of the reasons I came here was because of the sacred feminine healers and energy,” he explains, waving his hand across the maloca with a sweep to take in the maestras as they perform the 3 pm afternoon massages on the gringos. “The masculine has caused a lot of the problems of the world and I felt it was time I reconnected with the mother.”

At noon every day, on the dot as the spirits prescribe, the maestras conduct flower baths down on the stairwell of the maloca leading to the lake below. It’s a daily baptism with flowers that connects us to the vegetal world and it makes me feel clean and pure, whole again. I watch as they pour the agua floridia scented water replete with petals and green leaves over Jewelli, and she breaks into a warm and satisfied smile.

Later, over a light lunch, I talk to Jim, a cheerful, balding ex-Microsoft technician in his fifties who wants to be a healer, or who has been told he has the potential to be a healer, at least, by his spirit guides, but he’s still waiting for evidence of it. Jim’s very soothing to be around, like his aura exhibits an air of present-ness, like a monk or holy man from long ago. On a San Pedro journey he was told that he was doing just what he needs to be doing right now, but still, the Western mind wants to control things and know more, trust less.

“It’s frustrating,” he tells me at breakfast, “because I want the big revelation, the dramatic message that says ‘do this!’, but here and now is all I’ve got.”

It’s all any of us has got, as over many sessions drinking ayahuasca at the Temple we are all confronted with our own ego and desires, our need for visions and the gentleness of the medicine we receive. Some people experience visions, others have profound healing and insights, and like waves gently lapping against the shore and eroding the rocks, ayahuasca and the maestras do their healing work.

I don’t know if I’m holding on to the ego and my conscious mind, but I still don’t feel sick. Here I am at a specialist deep-healing lodge, and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. But maybe that’s part of my Western malaise.

Have patience, a voice tells me. Be here now, and trust that the medicine is working.

Jewelli’s spasming and convulsing on the mattress next to me, bucking like a cosmic dolphin swimming out beyond the moon and sun, lost in the stars. Waves of energy are coursing through her as she comes slowly back into her body, to download visions of crop circles being made by plant teachers behind the sun.

Two of the maestras come over and blow mapacho smoke on her and sing, singing her back into her body and into the here and now. The maestras are doctors, nurses and conduits for the universal love to flow through. Watching them at work in the dark, their cragged indigenous faces sporadically lit up by the red tips of their cigarettes I remember how patients often fall in love with their nurses because the healing isn’t just about the medicine; it’s about the healing love they transmit.

The maestras smooth out Jewelli’s vibrational wavefront and energy and in doing so their energies merge, and love passes between them, giving and unconditional. And as they pass on to me with focused vibrational healing, they sing deep into the core, piercing me with their icaros like a scalpel and peeling back my layers, shaking loose all my pains and hurts and the weight of years.

Horacio’s icaros ring out then, loud and strong, masculine and paternal, anchoring the father energy, the bass backbeat to the feminine healing. And it’s then and there I realize that yes, we’re being healed, but there are also larger forces at work.

We’re all being healed so that the collective can be healed, so that as we go back out into the world those who are healed can continue the healing work themselves. This is how the global healing must work — all of us nodes in the global village, drops that make up the ocean. This is the intent behind the global shamanic resurgence now sweeping the West, a primal need by the Gaian matrix to heal the human virus out of balance, starting with the first wave of ayahuasca seekers and moving through the hive mind to the rest.

And this is where I realize the sicknesses of the West aren’t always in the flesh; they’re in the spiritual disconnect from nature, from the others around us, and from those parts of ourselves that were once in unity consciousness. True healing means integrating a perspective long lost to the West to unify with the web of life around it, and to know our place in the natural order.

Mark, the quiet all-round Aussie bloke reveals in the sharing circle the next day that in his ayahuasca journey he melted into the song of the frogs, of nature itself and the delicate web of life it revealed to him. The spirit of ayahuasca was in the frogs and in the web, calling to him, calling him on the path of shamanism.

“Ayahuasca was calling you to be a shaman. Are you interested?” Horaldo asks Mark.

“Yes of course,” Mark answers, “we must give our love, our healing, not just to ourselves, but back to the planet, to mother earth, to heal her sickness.”

That’s what we’re being called to do.

The next night in ceremony I finally accept that I’m sick.

An ayahuasca vision comes on strong, flickering green light filling me and connecting me to the web of life all around. The ayahuasca’s coming through my body, bubbling up within me like water in a spring. It feels like walking on air.

I’m vibrating with molecular rainfall all around, rising up within me as my energetic body shines and tries to break free from the flesh. It makes me feel sick until I’m heavy with the weight of my body, the food in my stomach blocking me, holding me back from letting go into the ALL. I feel like I can’t do this, I can’t do anymore ayahuasca, that I long for the safe confines of the flesh, the primal currents of my body, not the higher vibrational realms of the upper frequencies.

I can finally feel that I’m sick, and being healed, and this knowledge fills me with joy. Outside the maloca the frogs croak like ducks, the sounds of the night envelop and fill me, and I’m at home in this jungle hospital.

Which is when the vision comes upon me: I start getting a really heavy mareacion… and a lot of ambient green UV light shines through… in my trance state I realize after a while that I’m seeing snakes, not traditional snakes but snaking entities like BUS cords that connected old computers, weaving around me. All of a sudden the heaviness starts to get heavier and heavier, till the weight fills me from the inside out and pushes me into the deep DMT zone that the chacruna in the brew potentiates…

All of a sudden I’m in this blood red, muted room with frenetic activity around me, all these silhouetted human spirits rushing around me, as if it was some type of astral triage or emergency room…

As I tune into this new reality the weight I’ve been feeling is revealed as three spirits sitting on me, holding me down. I feel an immense wave of ease and peace as I realize the spirits have been weighing me down to press me back together, to open me up and perform astral surgery on me.

As I look up I see my love, Jewelli, standing fully realized at the edge of the room, shining like a beacon and watching them operate. She is like a heart chakra activation that floods my being with unconditional love, my love and her love and space-time love, everything is love love love everywhere and when forever and ever without end…

And then the spirits move and hook me up to this star-shaped device raised up from the floor like an altar. It felt like being in a float tank, wearing a second skin and being inside a pod with another person, like an orgasm machine or a wombdeck. Being hooked up to this machine feels like making love, but not sexual love, full heart chakra-opening love, and that was what they were showing me, and healing within me, some deep-seated need to experience primal love again, as in the womb.

Minutes go by in this primal womb-love of deep energetic healing at my core, and when it fades I cry out “Mas…more…”

Suddenly a maestra is before me in the dark, calling me up for my personal healing and singing her Shipibo icaros to me and through me. But I’m holding on again, energetic-sick and it feels like I could vomit on the maestra. It takes all my energy to hold on and breathe through it as the maestra blows smoke on me and smooths my energy body down.

“Mista,” she says, holding me out a burning mapacho in the dark, the orange tip flaring to life before me, and as I take the smoke into me it rights all wrongs, and I fall back, cured.

Later I remember that I had thought I had no need of healing, that on most levels my health was fine. But I had been born two months premature, and I’ve always wondered if that experience had affected my life, that time alone and newborn in the humidicrib without my mothers touch, denied that critical first love contact.

And now I had been given this experience of pure unconditional love, switched on and humming and primal and harkening back to this newborn love I had missed, all hypercondensed into this experience on the wombmachine, getting those two months of love compressed down into a few minutes in eternity. It was perfect.

Over breakfast the next day Steve tells me, “I’m feeling really healthy, really clear.” The maestras have been putting plant medicines in his ears twice a day now, and sucking out illness on the astral level and cleansing his ears with their mapacho smoke. “When the plant medicine goes in my ears its dark green, but when it comes out its dark brown,” he says with a satisfied grin. He’s had this ringing in his ears for decades, since his time as a gunner’s mate in the navy, but now after a week of the maestras treatments he says the ringing has decreased for the first time ever.

And he’s not alone. Jewelli tells me that last night in ceremony she could see the maestras working on Caleb, blue balls of energy bubbling up from his chest. The maestra’s held this energy as they moved away from Caleb and out of the maloca, where they grounded it in the trees. As Caleb explained:

“I knew I had an entity in me and as the healing went on I started to go into a convulsive state. My breathing changed and I could feel the maestra’s hands moving within me. I’d known since my first possession that there was some ‘residue’ left in me, and in fact at times this entity would take control of my body. This all happened years ago, and after this original possession I developed an auto-immune illness, like my body was sensing there was something foreign within me but it couldn’t pinpoint where, so it was attacking its own tissues.

“But with the maestras working on me, even with the one session, something very powerful happened to me. They were working on the spiritual roots of the illness, sucking out the entity lodged in me.”

Cielo could see this, too. As she watched the maestras at work on Caleb she moved Rosa to one side to better see the healing they were doing on him. And what she saw was this: a blue light like smoke, psychic ectoplasm moving around his chest like glowing balls. Cielo reached in to touch it but Rosa held her back and said no, that’s not safe to touch. This is the mal energy, the bad energy that they suck out of him, and when it’s safely removed they give it to the plants to hold so it doesn’t infect anyone else.

“They give it to the plants in the spirit realm and the plants guard that energy,” Cielo explains. “Its like a big processing plant where the energy is taken on board and recycled — energy can’t be created or destroyed, just transmuted, and that’s what must be done with negative energy too.”

Late the next afternoon I find Nadya lazing in a hammock, and ask her what her experiences were the night before.

“In my first ceremony I had a massive healing,” she tells me. After about forty-five minutes my body felt heavy on one side and almost frozen . . . everything was moving around me and the darkness crawled up my feet, past my throat and to my head. I couldn’t move and everything was darkness all around. The only thing I had to hold onto was my heart, and the light or spark within that which I tried to expand so it could burn brighter.

“Love, love, love, I kept repeating to myself, trying to put energy into my heart. And suddenly the darkness broke off me like crusted mud, and there was this voice from Aya herself that told me that my heart was my gateway to remembering who I really was.

“‘You have to choose between life or death,’ Aya told me, ‘It’s up to you to choose.

“And it was then that I felt this incredible love, this unconditional love for my family that I’ve had trouble expressing, it was as if my heart had burst and I could see the energy coming from me to them and vice versa, how we all connected to one another. And their love formed a stream of energy that went to the pain in my side and healed it, and then I could see myself as a little girl and I embraced myself and all the me’s I’d judged harshly over the years, and with each embrace more energy returned to me and healed the pain I had held in my side.

“Aya showed me this world that we live in and how much self-hate there is, how many of us that are subjected to that. And the healing that Aya does for us and that the maestras here at the Temple do for us, is all about making us whole.

“There’s these parts of us that we have subconsciously rejected and that we have withheld life from, and that mirrors the part of the collective psyche that goes out and tries to take life away because it’s been denied life. That’s what it knows so that’s what it tries to keep doing. So the work that needs to happen and that ayahuasca is facilitating is making us whole once again.”

Nadya’s realization matched my own. Three years after my initial odyssey into Amazonian shamanism I could see where the ayahuasca resurgence was headed.

A global healing is occurring, spreading like a vast mycelium network under the surface of the ayahuasca tourist boom. And once healed, the seekers go back into the world to do the work and spread the aya energy, like burrs in a cosmic ecosystem.

My intuition now was that a tipping point has, or is about to be reached on the heart frequency of the planet, and that as the plants work through us the planetary healing also blooms…

Everything is happening in Divine unfolding, because this then, is the way.

The way of the light.

To listen to maestra Rosa singing an icaro, click here.

Rak Razam is the author of Aya: A Shamanic Odyssey from Icaro Publishing. He stayed as a guest at the Temple of The Way of Light Ayahuasca Retreat outside Iquitos, Peru.

Source : Rak Razam

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