Africa, Annunaki, Gold and Human Origins !

Human Origins and the true history of our planet has for long been concealed behind stories of creationism and intelligent design. Did we really evolve from Blue Green Algae ... How is it that we share 98.8% of our DNA with the chimpanzee yet are so far advanced than our distant cousins ... some of these questions can be answered if we retrace our origins ... as we are led to the great lands of Africa.

Were Homo Sapiens created by the Annunaki who came here to mine Gold and needed a slave race to work for them. Were they the ones who established the patriarchal system on Earth, with their kings and priests appointed as the ones in charge here ? Let's find out ... what Klaus Dona and Michael Tellinger have to say about our Hidden History and True Origins.

Hidden History of the Human Race A presentation by Klaus Dona

In the following video Michael Tellinger discusses a whole lot about our true origins in Africa, the Elohim or the Annunaki ... Who were the Nephilim or these Annunaki overlords who invaded Earth many years ago? Michael discusses the power of Sound and Acoustic Levitation used to build the Pyramids and other megalithic ancient monuments all around the world. He also proposes a new way of living, a new way out from this global enslavement ... No money system ... No Barter ... No Trade ! The following video is a must see for all ... please share this post with all your friends and contacts online.

Here is a short excerpt from an article called "Temples of the African Gods" by Michael Tellinger ...

"We live in an electromagnetic universe. Everything spins and vibrates. And because it spins and vibrates we can detect it and know its presence because everything has a frequency. Everything has a frequency from subatomic particles to planets, solar systems, galaxies, vortices. Even the entire universe has a spin motion.

Leading physicists like Nassim Haramein point out very beautifully how this all fits together and how they generate the energy and how they regenerate the twisting vortex motion energy. Everything spins and vibrates and because of that we can detect it.

This is how the electromagnetic universe is presented to us.

It is infinite in both directions. Everything you can imagine vibrates at its own specific frequency. Once you know its frequency you can affect the positive with the negative. This is understanding vibration fields. The amazing thing is out of this entire electromagnetic spectrum we can only see a little piece and a sliver of light what we call visible light over there. Everything else as far as we are concerned is invisible. There is not always physical evidence for the start of the universe. You don't always have to see it to believe it. How did the ancients respond to all this stuff they could not see? The ancients had a very keen understanding of this. They called it the third eye, the pineal gland. You will see the third eye echoing through all ancient cultures. Somehow they knew more about this psychic ability, this ESP of being able to feel, read and understand the other frequencies that are not necessarily visible to our eyes. There have been huge amounts of research and it is amazing when you realise how important the pineal gland is in our anatomy. And how this has been manipulated to control us, it becomes quite spectacular. Basically what the pineal gland is, is a frequency receptor like our eye, they pick up the frequency of the visible light and convert it into something that our brains understand. It picks up the other frequencies and converts it to understandable information. There seem to be some people who are awakening and using their ability to use the pineal gland.

Frequency equals energy: Ancient civilizations understood frequency and how to convert it into energy. Ancient civilizations and modern physics overlap very comfortably.

Sound and frequency are the common denominators of all religion. The Primordial Word, let their be light the sound of God that created the universe and all things in it. In Eastern philosophies, it is the primordial sound, the Aum that created all things. Sound is the primordial source of all things in the universe. This lays the foundation for nature's law, which is sometimes referred to as sacred geometry. Sacred in Greek means fixed.

We are dealing with fixed geometry as it is fixed by the divine creator and the primordial source of all things and we realize there is only one law of nature. And that is the law of nature.

Take for example) the six aspects of Aum. OM MA NI PAD ME HUM, the six sound frequencies. Suddenly in the symbol of Aum you see these beautiful shapes that actually are the representations of sound manifesting itself in physical form. This goes back to the 1700's with the plates and then Hans Jenny's research in the 60's and 70's you see some fantastic things that come to light. And that is sound manifesting itself in physical form. The six aspects of Aum are represented in sacred geometry. The six sounds represent the six days of creation. We are combining all this into the laws of nature and it starts to show us the source and origin of these things and it seems to come from sound. The number six is not just restricted to Hinduism and Christianity. Egyptian religion talks about the six aspects of the divine eye of Ra. The five primary Platonic shapes that give rise to all other matter and frequencies are inextricably linked to the six days of creation as first there was a void. All this fits together as the essence of God moves across the waters, across the Void."

References : Michael Tellinger - Temples of the African Gods

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