The psychedelic culture has grown exponentially over the years, even though the scene is mostly underground and not exactly mainstream as yet. Literally millions if not more, experiment with psychotropic substances every day. What's in your Baggie is a documentary film that looks closely at the psychedelic party scene and the various substances that are sold with highly toxic impurities which can be really dangerous for human consumption, hence are to be approached with a reasonable degree of caution.

Common drugs from previous generations like LSD, mushrooms, cocaine and opiates are still popular, but they’ve been joined by the likes of MDMA and ecstasy, amphetamines, ketamine, and a massive array of others.

In fact, there are so many different psychoactive substances floating through our country that people don’t even realize how complicated things have gotten.

We quickly discovered that the majority of the time, people were surprised to find that their bag of drugs was not what they paid for.

According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, 243 new drugs have been reported since 2009.

For whatever reason, many festival-goers and other young people alike seem to be thoroughly oblivious to the invasion of dangerous new drugs.

Unfortunately, most substance users are unaware of the availability of substance test kits.

Well, the MDMA you’ve been taking at festivals this summer is probably bath salts
– VICE, Noisey

Fake Drugs Are Taking Over Music Festivals—Here’s What You Can Do
– VICE, Thump

What’s Actually in the Drugs You Buy
– High Times

Molly Deaths May Be Caused By Other Drugs
– NBC News

Investigating US festival drug-testing and Dutch dance phenom Oliver Heldens grows up
– Beatport

Behind the Scenes Interview with the Crew of “What’s In My Baggie?”
– NeuroSoup

VIDEO: These Guys Tested a Bunch of Festivalgoer’s Drugs and Baffled Them With the Results
– RYOT News

‘What’s In My Baggie?’ That MDMA At Music Festivals This Summer Was Probably Bath Salts
– Canada Nightlife

Reference : Whats in my Baggie ?!

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AFTER some 18,000 kilometres of travelling, consisting of five flights, a bumpy two-hour drive, a boat ride and an exhausting trek, I finally arrived at my location hidden deep in the Peruvian Amazon. The journey I would go on shortly after my arrival, however, would take me far beyond anywhere else I had ever been.

The plant medicine Ayahuasca has been used in South American shamanic cultures for thousands of years, yet only now are Westerners, like myself, learning of its incredible powers which fuel one’s curiosity to take the strenuous journey to drink it.

Ayahuasca is a psychedelic brew comprised of two natural ingredients which are boiled together for three to four days: first, the chacruna leaves which contain large quantities of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a naturally occurring chemical produced in the brain. Consumed alone, the DMT would be broken up by a gut enzyme, which is why the second ingredient, the banisteriopsis caapi vine, is vital as it switches this off.

When combined and then consumed, these two induce an intense visionary state which takes you on an internal journey of around four to five hours, delving into the subconscious mind, stripping away the ego and the layers of conditioning picked up throughout your life, subsequently providing new perspectives, thought patterns and information.

I had not taken any drugs before, and nor can Ayahuasca rightfully be labelled as such. Though a Schedule I/Class A drug in the United States and Europe respectively, it is in no way addictive. In fact, it is notorious for curing long-term drug addictions and dependence on harmful anti-depressants. Taking Ayahuasca is not for a thrill-seeker looking to score a good time, it is a demanding ordeal and there is a fair amount of preparation involved in terms of research, diet and lifestyle.

My intentions were purely for self-development and the exploration of consciousness. As a curious deep thinker, my aim was to learn more about this incredible computer we have in our heads that we know so little about and use so little of. I wanted to travel inside the subconscious where, whether we like it or not, emotional clutter is not only stored but plays an active role in our decision-making, as well as to gain clarity on some long-standing dilemmas swirling around my mind.

Under Ayahuasca, the entire brain region where we store emotional memory is hyperactivated and therefore we can access deeply hidden memories and subsequently rewire the brain to create new, more positive thought patterns.

Held in a ceremonial setting in pitch darkness in a round hut called a Malocha, you are provided no shortage of warnings that your first experience will be dark and unpleasant; after all, Ayahuasca’s purpose is to get to the root of deep lying issues, phobias, harmful personal traits, and present them to you in such a stark way that you will be led to reexamine them.

Despite a grueling three-day journey with very little sleep topped off by being woken up from a brief nap to join the ceremony, my first time, strangely, was quite the opposite.

I walked into the Malocha and took my place on one of the vacant mattresses dotted around the room. Soon enough, I was called by the Shaman to take my cup of the brew. I had read all about its horrific taste and texture, and it was no overstatement. Imagine if you will, a tar-like thickness, black liquorice flavour and the bitterness of ten espressos rolled into one tall narrow cup.

It typically takes 30 minutes to an hour for the visionary effects to kick in. Sitting in a meditative pose awaiting to be flipped into another dimension, my heart began to race. After about an hour, I noticed my perception begin to alter.

After some initial unpleasant images which left me feeling slightly queasy, I was fortunate to feel the positive effects of Ayahuasca from my very first experience.

Upon coming into contact with an intense female energy, I was swiftly led on a tour of a serene jungle where nature was brimming with life. I soon felt myself begin to vibrate with my surroundings and eventually became immersed with all the plants, trees, rivers and animals around me, experiencing that much fabled ‘oneness with everything’.

It is important to stress that this is not like a dream state where you are simply watching images sail past, you are fully conscious and the vision state is felt fully, in fact, more intensely than everyday reality.

With this, a spontaneous outpour of tears began gushing from my eyes in what felt like a rebirth, a reconnection with the feeling of pure love and elation which, prior to my trip, I had lost touch with as a result of becoming constantly worried about the future, fuelled by my rather harsh levels of self-expectation.

The brew is made from plants found in the jungle
The brew is made from plants found in the jungle

In shamanic culture, Ayahuasca is commonly referred to as ‘abuelita’, or little grandmother, and is described as an all-loving female energy, the spirit of Mother Nature manifested into this plant to assist humanity, with whom many come into contact during their experience with the medicine.

Rather than a sequence from one to the next, visions in each ceremony are unique, as I would soon find out. In stark contrast to the first, my second ceremony saw me submerged into a gloomy underworld – I had the feeling that I was sinking into my mattress and ended in a room where serpents slithered past my body and sewer water flowed beneath me, bringing about a strong need to purge. These nightmarish visions would go on even after the ceremony had ended and I had returned to my cabin.

However, any rough experience you may have, Ayahuasca’s purpose is to bring you onto a noble life path and the shedding of jealousy, lust and other malignant traits picked up throughout life. ‘Bad trips’ tend to be a visual representation of negative tendencies and vomiting is a fundamental part of shedding certain emotional baggage.

In our society, we are quick to brand or slander something we have little to no knowledge of, and Ayahuasca, a mind-altering brew which takes people into different states of reality, certainly has not escaped this treatment.

Governments, media and pharmaceutical companies, whose industries rely on a passive and obedient general public, are quick to brand such substances as drugs, a sentiment which has precipitated into the minds of most. Research into psychedelics gathered momentum in the 1950s but once their benefits came to light, they were quickly thwarted by the aforementioned trio.

A mere mention of psychedelics is often met with startle or suspicion, yet our society is not without its mind-altering drugs, they simply are not presented as such. Sugar, cigarettes and alcohol are the cause of millions of deaths every year but are perfectly legal, in fact incessantly hammered into the public psyche. After all, they serve the current system to a tee while Ayahuasca, on the other hand, will shatter the illusion that this power structure maintains.

We are at a point in time where much of humanity has lost its way; our ego-dominant culture has made us numb to the treatment of animals, our environment and our fellow human. We squabble for temporary power and possessions and have consequently lost touch with soul and spirit.

But like an organism producing antibodies at a time of illness, psychedelics like Ayahuasca have resurged in the West in similar fashion at a time where our society needs healing the most. If we are to claim to be an advanced society then the way in which these plants are represented must change and more intelligent debate must take place.

Opening ourselves up to Ayahuasca and its worldly benefits could be the key to liberating ourselves from this mental cage we have unknowingly trapped ourselves in.

Author : Andreas Vou

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"Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Fear grips us in strange ways and keeps us locked in a dense, lower vibrational state ... like everything else, this also changes when we begin to realize that our fears stem from our own created illusions of the egoic mind. When we stop reacting to the contents of our own rational thinking mind which keeps us in a perpetual thinking state, we break free from the illusions of our own creation, and start being more accepting of what comes forth in the here and now, without trying to change anything about it. Accepting the lessons life has to offer brings a great deal of freedom and we realize our life purpose on Earth school which has to do with furthering our own spiritual growth while being a guiding beacon of light allowing others to be the best version of themselves. Judging another path is the way of the ego which always seeks to be right.

Labels such as Lightworker, Empath, Indigo, Starseed may help us identify ourselves in some way with respect to our origins and past lives, but should not create a false sense of superiority over others who are yet to see the light and awaken to their true spiritual nature and use the gifts they were born with. Allowing each others journeys to unfold as they have to is the best we can do at times ... without the need to control others choices and deciding whats best for them. By accepting the darkness for what it is and letting it go we heal it ... by fighting it, we create more of it.

The lessons will be repeated until they have been mastered and transcended .... All we have to do is be the light .... follow our path ... love all unconditionally foregoing the need to judge anyone or anything. Recognize that love is what has the power to transform ... and our own inner transformation is what brings about a positive change into the world. We are way more powerful when we are awake and united as one consciousness as opposed to being divided by our false thoughts and belief systems. The world is changing and it is changing with each of us making better choices and being mindful of what allow into our sacred space.

Here is a brilliant article from Tiffany Stiles on being limitless by becoming fearless in our lives ....

Once you become FEARLESS, you become LIMITLESS!

The only limits that hold you from progressing forward are the ones you have placed upon yourself, from childhood programming of parents, school, and society as a whole. You have been programmed how to behave, what you can and cannot say, how you should dress, look, speak. You have been programmed that if you step outside of that box, you will be “labeled” different, freakish, not normal, crazy! It is all just that, A PROGRAM to keep you locked into a BOX! The very minute you decide step outside of that box you are free! You no longer care what anyone thinks and you no longer need the approval of anyone else. You have begun to step into the authentic self you are and you will present that self to the world fearlessly and unapologetically. You did not come here to experience this life with limitations, you came here to experience all of it in its glory, its messiness, its ugliness and its most beautiful and happiest, peacefulness. You are a human having a soul experience. You chose to come here to experience emotions, ALL of them. In higher realms in the Light body there is but only one emotion to experience and that is of unconditional love. In order for your soul to evolve and progress to higher levels, this could only occur through karmic lessons, patterns, painful life lessons and challenges. Through these experiences is where you grow, and your soul evolves. Only in and through the most painful experiences does a soul learn compassion, self love and unconditional love. Through this comes a yearning and a calling of how to show to others this way and to help others out of their own pain and move through the other side of it with a renewed sense of self perseverance and strength you never knew possible. We are all here walking each other home. We are one! There is no division, that is also a program. We are all mirrors to one another for the purpose of lessons. You have learned what you do to another, you do the same to yourself. This is karma.

For thousands of years this planet has been kept in a prison of a very low vibration and a very dense 3D reality for many different reasons, but the main one was to keep humans from releasing karmic patterns and stay on the wheel of reincarnation for the purpose of control and fear to provide a service. Through manipulation of DNA and evolution we have now progressed to this level. The level of truth and knowing. Only 3% of our DNA was activated at that time, just enough to survive, but on an extremely limited basis. The other 97% spliced to remain dormant. This is how control has been maintained for 26,000 years, UNTIL NOW! Now with the realigning of the photon belt, the milky way, the planets, the extreme solar flare activity and the lunar events that have taken place starting in 2011, our total DNA is being reactivated at 100% capacity. When this happens it begins firing up each chakra energy center in the body one by one until all are firing in a wide spinning circle in unison with one another. You then reach a higher connection to your higher consciousness and experience the “Dark Night of the Soul.” Your ego falls away through this process, and your kundalini energy that has been coiled at the base of your spine begins to rise through each one of your chakra centers completing your 12 strands of DNA. At this time you are fully activated! You are FEARLESS and you are limitless energy flowing from Divine Source to the core of mother earth. You become a crystalline light body and the embodiment of that Light frequency of unconditional love. The more you allow this energy to move through you, the easier it is for you to integrate with it. As you do, your Light shines so brightly that you will show others out of the Darkness.

This is why you came here now, in this lifetime. The number sequences, the symbols, the downloads of information, the increase in vibrational frequency, your gifts expanding is all happening right on course. You trained and prepared yourself for this many lifetimes over. You are not ill equipped. Everything you need to know lies within attached to your higher consciousness and Divine Source. Jesus was an example of this to show us the way and he did, and the returning of Jesus IS the embodiment of Christ Consciousness within YOURSELF! This is the returning of Jesus through each and everyone one of us who completes this process. As each one does the Divine template of Earth returns lifted from the 3D density of control and fear and raises to 5D and higher realms of consciousness UNIFIED AT THE COLLECTIVE LEVEL. WHEN YOU BECOME FEARLESS, YOU BECOME LIMITLESS.

You are remembering this universal truth now. You are remembering the Laws of the Universe. You are remembering you are the co-creator of your present and future reality. You are remembering that your thoughts, words and actions are what creates your reality. You are remembering that in order for you to continue progressing you must release the old, lower vibrational emotions to make room for the new higher vibrational frequencies that are coming into your body now. You are remembering that your health is mind, body and spirit connected and your total body health remains in your emotional well-being being attached at each chakra level. You are remembering from a specific triggering event that you must begin seeking the truth for any of this process to begin to unfold. Through this, you are remembering that you need to keep yourself aware of current global events, but you do not allow them to control or take over your emotions. You don’t feed any into any negative, worldly events, because if you do you are feeding that energy into it to propel it further. You are remembering to only keep your vibration high, and to remain positive even in the face of adversity for this is what will create a positive outcome for your reality to rapidly manifest. Through this knowing you will become FEARLESS and you will become LIMITLESS! For when you become LIMITLESS energy you flow with the Universe and the Universe flows with you. Synchronicity is abundant and will be a daily part of your life leaving little bread crumbs for you to follow on your Divine path. You have full access to the higher realms of consciousness and inter-dimensional reality as you are an inter-dimensional being. Your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels and Guardian Angels are here to assist you through this process. Call on them and they are here in the blink of your eye.

Love, light & blessings on your continued journey.

By: Tiffany Stiles

Source : Sacred Moon Grove

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'Human' is a collection of stories about and images of our world, offering an immersion to the core of what it means to be human. Through these stories full of love and happiness, as well as hatred and violence, "Human" brings us face to face with the Other, making us reflect on our lives. From stories of everyday experiences to accounts of the most unbelievable lives, these poignant encounters share a rare sincerity and underline who we are – our darker side, but also what is most noble in us, and what is universal. Our Earth is shown at its most sublime through never-before-seen aerial images accompanied by soaring music, resulting in an ode to the beauty of the world, providing a moment to draw breath and for introspection.

'Human' is a politically engaged work which allows us to embrace the human condition and to reflect on the meaning of our existence.


Since 2012, the crew behind human has been gathering an exceptional range of content.
This unique collection of interviews and images is intended to be shared with the widest possible audience.

Drawing on this unrivalled collection of images, Yann Arthus-Bertrand offers us a galaxy of works adapted for all platforms and every type of interaction: cinema, television, the digital space, and major public events.

Reference : Human ~ A Film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

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The food that we eat, literally becomes us ... the vibrational quality of the food, the Prana within is absorbed by our bodies with every single morsel of food we eat. In times like these when humanity is awakening to many truths its been previously unaware of, it becomes impossible to ignore certain facts and live a life of willful ignorance. In other words, once we wake up from our 'spiritual slumber' there is no going back to sleep again. One can only forget certain lessons but life keeps reminding us to stay true to our path and our soul's journey from time to time. The challenge lies in being able to translate this understanding and knowledge in our lives as our living experience, while forgoing our false ideals and belief systems which keep us serving our own egos while being unconsciously insensitive to others feelings.

Here is an article about Food choices and Spirituality which highlights certain key aspects of our evolutionary journey into the fifth dimension and what we can do to facilitate this transformation within each one of us as we make this shift.

There are many suggestions and directives offered in the spiritual community about the foods a person should eat in order to raise their vibration. In comparing the various suggestions to what people actually eat, it is clear that eating habits of lightworkers are as individual and varied as their personalities. It is becoming harder each day to obtain affordable healthy food as the majority of food available is tainted in one way or another. Is there really a “right” way of eating on the spiritual path and if so how can we obtain what we need in order to survive? The answer has many viewpoints and variables. First, it is important to know that every single person’s body on this planet is different, and therefore has different food requirements. Second, it is possible that some people are simply born of a high vibration and/or metabolism and can eat whatever they want without gaining weight or affecting their vibration level. Third, once a person changes their level of vibration, the body’s food needs and tolerances will change. Finally, the fourth thing to explore is that our DNA activation will render these choices obsolete.

Different strokes for different folks

When we were choosing the body we would inhabit before incarnating, we knew of our parent’s bloodlines and DNA, tracing all the way back through our grandparents and great grandparents. The eating habits of our ancestors are ingrained in our biological pattern. It is possible that this lineage could even go beyond Earth incarnations. The food requirements for our bodies could be influenced by these lineages and can also be changed through changes that we make in our diets that could affect our children and their children.

It is also highly likely that as we go through the changes of the times, we may begin to tune into “past life” characteristics of eating. All of the sudden we may begin to have an affinity for a food that we either never liked before or that we had never even heard of.

High vibrational humans and superhuman metabolism

There are people on this planet that are able to carry more particles of light of their oversoul in their body than others. Some of these people are here simply to “be” and are raising the vibrational level of the planet as well as the collective human consciousness. Because they carry more particles than the average human, their food needs would be different than the average human.

Some of these people have a very high metabolism that may be because of their vibrational level or may be inherited in their genes. These people seem to be able to eat whatever they want to in moderation without having an effect on their vibrational level and/or their weight. While metabolism may not be always linked to vibrational level, it is definitely a bonus when a high vibrational level causes superhuman metabolism.

Your current vibration can make a difference in food tolerance

Everyone is vibrating at a different frequency. Some people who are vibrating at a lower frequency may require a low vibrational diet in order to feel comfortable and satisfied. As the planet raises her vibrational level, the vibrational level of her inhabitants will rise. This may cause some people to have digestion troubles and diarrhea, gas, and bloating after eating lower vibrational foods such as beef, pork, and processed foods with no life in them.

Some people vibrating at a higher vibrational level may not be able to absorb low vibrational foods and require a very specific high vibrational raw or vegetarian diet. Some people that vibrate at a very high level have learned how to program their bodies through intention to be super waste machines that very efficiently dispose of anything that is not beneficial, allowing them to eat some things that others on a spiritual path simply cannot tolerate.

The majority consensus is that in order to raise your vibration level in the body, raw and organic foods such as fruits and vegetables can be used as a tool in starting up the super body computer. While some people need to follow this kind of diet in order to raise their vibrational level, others seem to be born ready to ascend and have no problem with food tolerances. Most people find themselves in the category of unhealthy eating habits most of their lives and changing their eating habits was the first step in defogging their brain and decalcifying their pineal gland.


The biggest challenge set up for us today is to eat 100% organic. Although there are some successful communities providing mostly organic fruits and vegetable, there are chemtrails being sprayed in the air which settles in the gardens and are found in our soil. Watering the gardens with tap water from the cities allows for fluoride and other chemicals to settle into the gardens. Processed foods contain harmful chemicals mostly designed to keep the pineal gland blocked and to make the body carry excess weight, as the fat cells protect the body by carrying the toxins within them as a shield. Most of these chemicals and toxins are also collected in the lining of our intestines until the body can find a way to expel them.

Fasting mostly involves going without food for a certain period of time depending on the results the person wishes to obtain and the reason for the fast. For the most part fasting is a great way to clear the intestines of toxins. It also helps the mind to be able to connect with the spiritual planes easier. However fasting could be dangerous for some people that require food based on their genetic makeup, and these people may require a different type of fasting where they eat more liquid foods and drink a lot of water. Some people who are here to ground the energies into the planet need to stay grounded with food every day. So again the level and type of fasting is very individual and is not for everyone, although many people use this tool at least once on their spiritual path.

Vegetarians vs. animal consumers

It is important to withhold judgment about those who choose vegetarianism or those who choose to eat animals. It is equally important not to tell someone they should eat only vegetables or that is ok for another to eat animals. The observation among the spiritual community is that there are a large growing number of vegetarians and this number will continue to rise as the body raises in vibration.

When people ingest an animal, the animal joins with the human and gets to be a part of the human experience. All animals have consciousness and it has been said that some animals that are raised specifically for human consumption know this and are willing to serve in this way. The human also takes on the experience of the animal to a certain extent, depending on the factors mentioned previously with spiritual attainment and awareness. Animals that are raised organically and with loving intentions for human consumption are the best choice if animals are to be eaten.

Another controversial point raised about animal consumption is that if an animal has been suddenly or tragically killed and eaten by a human, then the person can take on that fear vibration. The same goes for animals that are raised in terrible environments that would constitute abuse due to neglect and overcrowding. Blessing your animal food, giving gratitude to the animal, and intending to clear this energy and raise its vibrational level can alleviate the detrimental effects of ingesting that energy.

Fifth dimensional eating

As humans ascend into a fifth dimensional consciousness, the act of consuming of animals will likely change. For one thing, it would be hard to kill an animal once people become aware that all animals have a consciousness and can communicate. Intentional killing of animals of any kind will probably not exist in the fifth dimension. Those that choose to eat in the fifth dimension will be able to grow organic live foods and/or will be able to replicate it with technology. Thankfully we will be able to recreate a cheeseburger if we are craving a cheeseburger in the fifth dimension. Obviously it will be void of hormones, toxins, and chemicals, and could actually have more nutrients than a cheeseburger ever had before. Is this the real definition of “cheeseburger in paradise”?

Fifth dimensional eating will be for pleasure and will probably consist of a mix of fruits, vegetables, nuts, smoothies, and juices. As one decides to leave earth in their bodies to visit other planets, a lighter diet will automatically be desired as some planets in our galaxy vibrate above the fifth dimension. Most beings live on the prana life force and occasionally only eat for pleasure and for social occasions such as honoring those visitors from earth.

Why body weights vary

One thing that causes a person to be “too fat”, “too skinny” or “just right” can be linked to our genetics. If our great grandparents were potato farmers, for example, we may have a tendency to not commonly crave potatoes, but require them physically as well as psychologically because of the imprint we carry in our DNA.

Our upbringing as a child has a lot to do with our mind’s programming when it comes to eating. If we grew up eating meat and potatoes then we have entrained our brain to expect meat and potatoes for dinner. If our parents always served three meals a day then our brains will instruct our stomachs to look for that next meal and to sometimes panic or cause our blood sugar to crash when we do not have that fuel we are used to. The same rules apply to those that grew up eating out and having the opportunity to eat enough food for two or three people.

De-programming the brain can solve overeating problems, anorexia, and can help the mind learn to hear what the body wants to eat. When we begin to eat what our bodies need we begin to feel better and have more energy to exercise if that is what our body needs in order to be “just right”. When we reach this goal, the amount of pounds we weigh becomes insignificant.

Interference from dark forces

There is another observation that applies to a smaller portion of the population but should be mentioned here because it is something that will not be diagnosed by a physician. Interference from darker forces on this planet can cause extreme fluctuations in a person’s health and weight. Interference is only possible with the presence of fear in the human energy field. Such interference tied to food and health may cause an inability to eat or a tendency to overeat, and in both cases the overall goal of the interference may be death. Massive swelling in the body can occur as a defense to negative energy or devices placed in the body. Basic metaphysical and spiritual practices of love, raising your vibration, prayer, and intention are the first places to start with this type of interference and in some cases it is best to seek professional help if the symptoms persist.

Disease and the alkaline body

Dis-ease in the emotional body can manifest in the physical body in many forms. Cancer, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, and heart disease are just a few examples of diseases that can manifest out of blocked energies in the casual bodies. Studies show that cancer simply cannot survive in an alkaline body. Some doctors fail to prescribe an alkaline diet before beginning radiation or chemotherapy or before performing surgery.

It is not surprising that fifth dimensional dining would probably mirror an alkaline diet in order to maintain the optimum vibrational resonance.

How to listen to your body

The only way to make sure you are providing what food is best for your body during your spiritual journey is to listen to your body. One of the easiest ways is to pay attention to your cravings. Apparently if your body is craving a gallon of ice cream, one would need to question if there is an emotional issue tied to the craving. In this case you might be surprised that you body may actually need something in a small amount of a certain ingredient of ice cream if indeed the craving is not tied to an emotional issue. Generally speaking, paying attention to cravings with discernment and without judgment will help you decide what to eat as your body is telling you what nutrients it needs at the time.

Another great way of listening to your body is to pay attention to the way it reacts to the foods you eat. Gas, bloating, brain fog, diarrhea, constipation, and fatigue can all be some symptoms of eating the wrong foods for your body’s current needs. For example, if you hear your body telling you that you need strawberry ice cream, perhaps it is craving strawberries and milk or cream. Many wonderful nutrients can be derived from both, but after eating your strawberry ice cream, you get awful gas and bloating. Did that mean that you didn’t need the vitamin C from the strawberries or vitamin D from the cream? Maybe in the future you could try making homemade strawberry ice cream or a homemade strawberry smoothie made with organic ingredients and stevia. Perhaps the additives, sugar, or hormones in the ice cream would have caused the symptoms.

On the other hand, if you find that you get bursts of energy and brain clarity from certain foods then be sure to keep those foods in your kitchen. Pay attention to certain foods can satisfy you and make you happy as they release endorphins in your brain that stimulate a positive emotional response. If you get this type of response from eating something that you would normally consider bad for you then maybe your body needed a little treat! When it comes to treats, the general rule of everything in moderation helps to keep your cravings in check.

Some allergies are caused by foods as the body’s way of telling us what it does not want. Hives, nasal drainage, sneezing, and mucus are all symptoms of allergic reactions to foods that can oftentimes be mis-diagnosed as hay fever or “seasonal allergies” are treated with medication to alleviate such symptoms. By paying attention to what you are eating when these symptoms arise, a process of elimination can help narrow down what your body may be rejecting.

Speak to your cells and try to listen to what they have to say. It is highly unlikely that your body would lead you astray in eating anything harmful but you have to also pay attention to how it reacts to eliminate unnecessary ingredients that may be harmful. It is also unlikely that your body would ever truly ask you to eat a gallon of ice cream, so discernment in hearing the consciousness of your cells is needed in order to do it a favor by eating what it needs to be optimized.

Until a person learns to gauge what their body needs, an old rule of thumb that can be followed is “you are what you eat”. High vibrational, live foods such as fruits and vegetables generally end up being the best bet and anything else that isn’t alive requires energy to break it down into the useful ingredients and the neutral and harmful ones.

Societal influences have brought guilt into play when it comes to making food choices. It is possible that we have moved to a vibration level on the planet that will allow for discernment based on the body’s reaction. In the past, our bodies had months or even years to adjust to the raise in vibration of the planet. The quickening of the vibrational levels has immensely increased which will place stress on the body if attention has not been given to it previously. The foods your body needed a year, month, or even a day ago may change very quickly as the cells in our bodies are also changing very quickly.

Many foods once deemed bad for you by so called experts are now being brought back into our awareness to have certain beneficial effects on the body. Potatoes, coffee, and sea salt are a few examples of foods that were once seen as the ultimate food sin, which means that they might be really good for you!

Hang on until the DNA activation and shift

The observation of the spiritual community reveals the quest to keep the physical body alive until the “shift” of the planet into the fifth dimension. There is something to be said about being happy eating what makes you feel good. Some people sadly follow fad diets and daily dietary suggestions from government funded organizations, a physicians, or spiritual gurus out to make a buck. There is a fine line between what other people recommend vs. what your body may need. This is an example of walking the fine line between the third and the fifth dimensional boundaries when trying to manifest the New Earth and a new body.

You are the one on control of your body. When the veil is lifted and we move into a fifth dimensional way of living, having to make food choices based on avoiding toxins or chemicals will be a thing of the past. Basic survival needs will be taken care of and food can once again be a pleasure and can be a social event of giving and receiving.

Some people are here in this incarnation to be true spiritual leaders and may need to follow a strict high vibrational diet. Some people are in the middle and need a mixture of live foods and supplemental staples along with a little guilty pleasure. Some people simply came to earth to enjoy the experience of life as a human and can be either unaffected by various foods or may have chosen a food detriment as an exit point when it is time for them to go.

Listening to someone else rather than listening to what your body is trying to tell you will give your power away by ignoring the best tool we have for discernment. The answers can always be found within and with practice we can also use the body to discern truth in our outside world. Respecting your cells and organs as living beings with consciousness and the ability to communicate can catapult you along your spiritual journey.

When you love yourself and your body you are taking care of the one thing that many beings in our Universe do not have. The fifth dimensional human body will have the capability to allow travel all over the Universe and will be able to withstand many different vibrational levels. If more people really knew about the upcoming capability of our New Earth bodies, they would immediately take care of their vehicle and would give it the love and food it needs to survive into the new vibrations.

Reference : Cosmic Starseeds

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