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'Voyage to Betterment' is an interesting documentary film about the current state of affairs on our planet, with diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Coronary Heart Diseases etc ... running rampant all over and what we could possibly do to improve the quality of the lives we lead by being more conscious of what we feed our body and how we can nourish our soul. What does it really take to keep good health?

The film introduces the viewer to the Ten Principal Elements for Well Being. As soon as we mention well being everyone immediately thinks of food and exercise. So that is where the film begins. A group of regular people are filmed taking a 30 day food and exercise challenge. Their first week on a holistic cruise yet it turns out the group spent far more time partying then doing yoga or taking in workshops. The film highlights some of the main marketing techniques that we are programmed by.

Then the viewer is left with an appreciation for the difficulty in distinguishing truth from falsehood by the examination of our beliefs including the one thing dear to all, the beliefs about food choice. Secretly, nearly everyone believes their food choices are best and others have it all wrong. Our beliefs about which food is best for us goes from one extreme to the other.

Many believe that meat based diets are best and others that vegan diets are best. Is the truth somewhere in the middle or closer to one end or the other? In the film leading vegetarian doctors highlighted their most critical findings of their lifetime of work. Andrew served as the coach of the participants featured in the film. Although he is not vegetarian himself he put the participants in the film to the test to see if what the vegetarian experts say in the film holds any value.

Before and after blood tests measured the effect of their plant based food challenge, with something of concern to everyone, our risk of developing major illness and our biological age. When the participants in the film discovered the depths of human potential and the reality that everything is forever recorded in consciousness, it left them speechless.

The film goes on to reveal other critical elements for well being and captured things on film for the first time ever. Viewers will see a tumor disappear in minutes, and grass growing taller when surrounded by love.

Reference : Voyage to Betterment

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