Is India Ready for Cannabis Medicine ?

For a land of traditional knowledge and wisdom of the ancients, India has today become a place where its people have forgotten what it is to be human while chasing material wealth and sensory pleasures like the rest of the human population on Earth. In India we find all kinds of folks ... some awake and aware .... some who seem deeply archaic and medieval in their world view to the techno savvy robots tuned into the Matrix with obviously no idea of the extent of mind control and manipulation that goes on in our reality.

Before western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs came into the scene mankind always relied on natural remedies to cure any diseases and ailments. Cannabis for instance has always been used as medicine throughout various cultures around the world and is now making a resurgence on the world stage as a potential remedy for all kinds of ailments and disorders that affect the human body. I came across one such shining example of someone being cured of Cancer using Cannabis Oil in India. The story was shared on Facebook on a highly popular page called 'Being Indian' sometime in November last year and has managed to fetch close to 25,000 likes with about 10,000 shares and thousands of comments which shows some signs of the truth finally reaching out to the masses. Its up to us now what we choose to do with this information.

Viki Vaurora used 500 gms of Ganja buds and extracted all its medicinal properties to its oil base, concentrated with THC and CBD compounds. 14 gms of oil was extracted from this process and was ingested in small doses for a period of 2 months. Leela who was suffering from cancer for a long time wasn’t able to eat, talk, walk or sleep peacefully because of the the damage done through chemotherapy but after 2-3 days into the treatment by Viki, she was able to eat and rest without any pain.

Here is the full story ...

What an amazing day with some great news.

A couple of months ago, i was talking to my cousin regarding the amazing benefits of CANNABIS and the reasons for it being illegal. She being an Ayurvedic doctor was quite surprised to learn about the medicinal values of the plant and later informed me that one of her neighbour and a family friend, LEELA, was suffering from cancer. The chemotherapy had damaged her to an extent where she wasn't able to eat, talk, walk or even sleep peacefully. She was throwing up like 20 times in a day and she had to pop like half a dozen of prescribed pills at a time to null the side-effects of the toxic chemo injections. None of the prescriptions was helping her in anyway.

Next thing we know, we asked the patient if she wanted to switch to the "REAL" medicine. A sacred plant, filled with medicinal compounds to cure any disease known to man, CANNABIS / MARIJUANA or commonly referred to as GANJA, in India.

I got my hands on half a kilo of plant buds and extracted all its medicinal properties to its oil base, concentrated with THC and CBD compounds.

14 grams of extracted oil, ingested in small doses over a period of 2 months.

Our patient is now cancer FREE.
And her doctors are curious to know HOW?

Just 2 or 3 days into the treatment, she stopped throwing up completely and was able to eat a little and also rest without any pains.

And in the course of next two months, she healed herself completely.

Thank you Leela for being a brave patient, handling the powerful medicine on a daily basis and finishing your treatment.
Thank you Sowjanya for your brave support in letting me do this. Our world needs more open-minded doctors like you.
Thank you Sushmitha and Harshith for accompanying me in the very long extraction process. (still owe u guys the pizza that we never ordered that night)
Thank you Abhiram for you greatest support. This couldn't have happened without you.
Thank you Sowju and Sowmya for taking the test dose.
And thanks mom, for helping me clean seeds from half a kilo of plant
You are all awesome - Viki Vaurora

Many of us who have blindly accepted Ganja or Cannabis as a dangerous drug still continue to live in our bubble reality, oblivious of the truth. Its only after having done some research into the subject can we truly understand how this really works and the ulterior motives of the big pharma and the-powers-that-be to suppress natural cures and herbal remedies while pumping toxicity into the vast majority which continues to sleep in a perpetual state of ignorance. It is time we speak the truth as we know it and help ourselves and the planet of all negativity and lower, pesky vibrational frequencies which seek to keep us in their control. There are many folks who are beginning to use Cannabis as medicine and there are scores of articles in the mainstream media on the potential benefits of Cannabis which should enlighten and awaken the masses, hopefully !

The only way we can free ourselves from this invisible prison is by gradually taking our power back, one step at a time. Once we stop feeding this system, we become more self sustained and connected to our roots, which is the need of the hour. Let's grow our own food, our own medicine ... let's change our world, one step at a time. The truth cannot be suppressed for too long ... we must be the change now. Its time !

Let's gear up for a Cannabis Reprise in India !

Join the Community for Legalization !

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