The Shaman's Last Apprentice Documentary Film

'The Shaman's Last Apprentice' is a narrative documentary focusing on the story of Rebekah Shaman, who in 1997 followed a vision she received from a Shaman calling her to the Amazon, where she found and studied intensively with a powerful Ayahuasquero Shaman in a little village nestled in a remote corner of the Amazon rainforest. Now she tells of her unique story working with the Shaman and Ayahuasca to connect with Mother Earth.

What follows is a warning from the Shaman to the West that we urgently need to change our relationship with each other, and with mother Earth.
Only when we understand how vital each one of us is to the future unfolding of this planetary story, can we find the courage to let go of the fear, evolve consciously, and step into our own power so we can be the change.

Alexander Ward | Director's Bio :

Alexander Ward is an artist and film-maker coming from a highly trained background in traditional animation. Working as an Art Director in China for an animated feature, then moving into the Video Game industry as a Conceptual Artist.
Beginning to work in environmental documentaries after developing a profound connection to nature, he was led to work with the sacred medicine Ayahuasca in many journeys to the Amazon rainforest, tutored by native shamanic healers who practice in the tribal traditions, where he now proceeds to use his creative background in ways to promote the virtues of Ayahuasca, reconnecting to nature and the cultural shift that is evolving out of this.

Sharing his own journey with Ayahuasca in various documentary and media projects and bringing light to the stories of others touched by this powerful entheogen.

Rebekah Shaman's Bio :

Rebekah Shaman has travelled extensively and lived and worked with various indigenous groups. She has a BA Hons in the Study of Religions and MSc in Development Studies, both from SOAS, UCL in London. She has also self-published a book 'The Shaman's Last Apprentice,' based on her experiences as an initiate of a Peruvian 'Ayahuasquero' Shaman in the Amazon Rainforest in 1998. Returning to the West she worked with the World Travel and Tourism Council focusing on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility before leaving to set up Hemp Global Solutions Ltd, a hemp food company. Rebekah now facilitiates cacao ceremonies and coaches using shamanic techniques to release blockages and realise their potential.

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