Health Benefits of Being Raw Vegan

It comes as no surprise why pharmaceutical companies are getting bigger and the medical industry continues to thrive on account of a sick and undernourished populace, barely surviving to make ends meet, while feeding a system on the path to self destruction. Sooner or later we all will have to come face to face with the truth and there would be no where to run and hide. The fact is that we are capable of achieving balance in our lives if we can begin to look at the causes of disharmony and get rid of the obstacles in our path to self realization and achieving peace of mind and a healthy lifestyle. The Food we eat, like everything else, has a signature vibrational frequency to it ... 'Prana' from the Live food we eat is what creates more Ojas (Radiance) in our body and truly nourishes us, keeps us healthy ... enhances our life span.

Here is a documentary film called "Raw for Life" which dwells deeper into certain facts about eating raw food and various health benefits associated with it.

David Wolfe on the Importance of Eating Greens

Whether you're eating cooked food or are on a raw vegetable diet, everyone knows how important vegetables and fruits are. How come then, that we're not eating as many as we should?

How come that the two only servings of vegetables for many people are french fries and tomato ketchup? (I'm not kidding, in the US they are considered servings of vegetables!)

Why eat greens?

All greens are alkalizing, and all contain:

Folic acid; and

Some examples of great green vegetables:


How best to eat greens?

Run them through a juicer, and you will get all the benefits of these plants within 15 minutes.

That's how quick a vegetable juice is absorbed by your digestive tract, into your blood. This way you'll get the most benefits out of vegetables fastest, juicing vegetables when you're on a raw vegetable diet. (Go here for vegetable juice recipes.

You could also make a green smoothie. You may add some fruits for taste. (Click here if you want learn how to make smoothies and green smoothie recipes.)

Where To Find Organic Greens?

What to do when it's hard to find fresh vegetables in your neighborhood? People are powerful. You can start your own little COOP. You can find 5 or 6 people and order from an organic farm nearest you.

Or grow your own vegetable garden. Then you're completely in control of your food. One of the best solutions to all problems we're facing today is growing your own vegetables. This is better for the economy and environment. It will "ground" you, because it will connect you with the soil.

And, when you put your own love into your food, it tastes better. Like mothers' home cooking tastes better than anything you can buy in a store or fast food restaurant. Everybody knows that. It's not explainable scientifically, but it's true. It's the same thing when having your own garden.

Here are just a few things I’ve learned:

Live foods. It’s common sense right? A cooked seed won’t grow, but a raw seed will. Heating food over 118 degrees Fahrenheit destroys much of the nutrients in your food. Cooking food also diminishes the natural life energy. I’d rather put living food in my body.

Enzymes. Cooking food destroys much of the natural enzymes (your body can also create enzymes, but can only do so much) in your food that are needed to break down nutrients. Eating raw eliminates this problem.

Insane energy. You won’t know this unless you try it for yourself, but eating raw gives you an amazing boost in energy. I used to get tired around 2 or 3pm during the day. Now I simply don’t have that problem. When I do get tired, it doesn’t last nearly as long and an orange or apple will recharge me within a few minutes.

Better sleep and less sleep needed. I’ve slept better than ever while eating raw. But most importantly, I don’t wake up feeling tired or groggy anymore. On most days, I wake up feeling full of energy.

Increased mental clarity. Eating raw has helped me focus on the things that are important and made me more emotionally in tune with others. I feel like a wall of fog has been removed in my mind. It’s easier to think clearly and focus for long periods of time.
Eat as much as you want. This isn’t really a health benefit, but it is pretty awesome. I never get that uncomfortable full feeling eating raw. You know where you have to unbutton the top button on your pants and take a nap? I don’t get that. I can eat as much as I want, and while I will feel full, I don’t feel weighed down or tired.

Less cleanup. Simply put, there aren’t many dishes to wash when you eat fruit and vegetables. Although if you do compost (like I do), you’ll probably have to do it more often.

No packaging. Eating raw means less packaging all around (well, I guess you could argue that banana and orange peels are “packaging”). This means less trash in a landfill and more room in your cupboards. Win/win for everyone.

More regularity. You should naturally have around two to three bowel movements a day. If you’re going less than that, it probably means your intestines are unhealthily clogged. A raw diet gives you more than enough fiber to keep you regular.

Connection with the earth. Eating food that’s been freshly picked just feels different. You feel more connected to the earth and more grounded. Eating lots of processed foods — frozen or from a box — makes creates more of a gap and leaves you feeling disconnected from the earth that sustains you.

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