Tribe Warriors Fight Back to Save Amazon

The Ka'apor Indians of the Amazon have started fighting back to save the amazonian jungles by confronting illegal loggers who are incessantly destroying the rain forests of Amazon. They started a jungle expedition to search for and expel loggers from the Alto Turiacu Indian territory, near the Centro do Guilherme municipality in the northeast of Maranhao state in the Amazon basin, Brazil.

“Illegal loggers have long invaded areas of the Amazon rainforest. Tired of what they say is a lack of sufficient government assistance, the Ka’apor Indians feel it is time to take matters into their own hands.

The Ka’apor Indians are the legal inhabitants and caretakers of the territory along with four other tribes. The tribe sends out their warriors who hunt down loggers and drive them off their land.

"Nossa Terra - Our Land" is a short documentary film which takes an exclusive look inside the word of the Kaapor People of Brazil as they struggle to keep their land and their culture. The documentary includes a tour of the forest and how they hunt, find water, and use the forest for their survival.

On several occasions, Indians around Brazil have been subject to violence and attacks from illegal loggers. This time the Indians fought back.

“We got tired of waiting for the government,” Ka’apor leader Irakadju said.

The Ka’apor Indians’ way of life depends on the forest. They are not the only tribe to complain about exploiters; other warriors around the country have also set up patrols to drive away those exploiting the forest’s natural resources.

“Our forest was being taken away from us, but we woke up,” Irakadju told me one day. “Many whites feel that the standing forest is of no use. They cannot see that a living jungle is good for the entire world and helps the Earth to breathe.”

The Kaapor Indians have little choice left but to fight back in order to save their home, the Amazon forest, from being destroyed. All forests and trees on the planet sustain a very delicate ecosystem we don't quite fully understand and if we don't stop now, our future as a civilization on this planet looks bleak. We must strive to keep the planet green adopting sustainable ways of living, in harmony with the natural way. For that we must first begin to understand what is the natural way ? We must get back into the wilderness and reconnect with others aspects of ourselves we've for so long been disconnected from ... Sometimes an inner revolution is what is needed to bring about the manifestation of real change in our world and each one of us carries that eternal spark within, to light up our world. We must lighten up, now !

More power to the Tribe of Gaia ... Spread knowledge ... Spread Awareness ... 

Live the life you love and love the life you live !

" In Lak'ech Ala K'in "

Images Courtesy : Lunae Parracho (Reuters Photographer)

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