Metanoia : A New Vision of Nature Documentary Film

"Metanoia : A New Vision of Nature" is a Documentary Film film by Simon G. Powell. The film is principally about the paradigm of natural intelligence. Moving beyond the confines of orthodox science and orthodox religion, the natural intelligence paradigm views Nature (and evolution) as a system of self-organizing intelligence.

Metanoia is the world's first film to delineate the paradigm of natural intelligence. And it does so accompanied by an original upbeat soundtrack - making this film an enticing blend of art and science.

This film is designed to promote a new way of thinking about Nature, the biosphere, and the evolutionary process that built the biosphere. This new way of thinking involves the concept of natural intelligence. The underlying premise is that our current definitions of what life is, and what evolution represents, fall short of the mark and thereby do Nature a major disservice. Rather than seeing the evolution of life as a blind and dumb process, evolution can be viewed as an inherently sensible process whereby Nature selects and preserves sensible changes to the genetic code (i.e. changes in the genetic code which happen to promote the kinds of sensible biological behaviour that facilitate survival and reproduction). It is precisely this sensible and sense-making aspect of natural selection that gives evolution a specific direction. Thus, the natural intelligence concept does not invoke supernatural forces or new mechanisms lying 'outside' of Nature but is, rather, a complete reinterpretation of Nature. Moreover, as the Metanoia film attests, such a reinterpretation of Nature is crucial if our relationship with the rest of the biosphere is to be improved and healed. It should also be noted that the natural intelligence paradigm is not wholly aligned with any currently existing 'ism', be that atheism, pantheism, deism, theism, ID creationism, or similar. For this reason, the concept of natural intelligence (and its various metaphysical implications) needs to be judged according to its own merits.

"Stunning and mind-blowing... I'm so grateful to you for letting me see Metanoia. You have delivered on the promise in your title of providing a new vision of Nature."

- Paul Flynn, UK Member of Parliament.

                                                  Metanoia by Nathan Jalani Taylor

Reference : Bouncing Bear Botanicals

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