UFO Fleet Over New Orleans : Recent Sightings !

On November 12th 2011, the city of New Orleans witnessed an amazing sight in the night skies. Literally thousands of people saw a UFO Fleet fly over, moving slowly blinking on and off ... kinda flickering time to time, as they all just kept on coming as seen in this 4 and a half minute video (before the camera's battery or memory ran out)... Here is the video taken from Raven Street of these lights ... Incredible !!!

The people on the streets sound totally awestruck at what they were seeing. Some literally ecstatic with joy, laughing and cheering ! There was another recent sighting at the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans when NBC's cameras returned from a commercial break during the NFL game between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts and focused on the historic, triple-steepled St. Louis Cathedral and caught a streak of something really bright flashed across the screen. When viewed frame by frame, this is what was revealed ... a rod like object with 2-4 really bright blue lights above and some below lights below as well,  moving at an incredibly high speed. The object moved quite like the Rods captured on camera by Jose Escamilla and many others across the world. However, the lights on the object as seen in the still frames are something quite unique to the rod phenomena.

As more and more such awesome sightings continue to happen all around the world, the question of ETs / UFOs / Aliens / Advanced Technologies / Free Energy will be answered for the masses to know, as we all awaken collectively to realize a more harmonious and balanced world where everyone is equally empowered and truly live as one being ... we are !

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