UFOs OVNIs Over Santiago Chile

On December 9th 2008 hundreds of people living in Santiago, Chile saw multiple brilliant golden balls of light, UFOs or OVNIs as they are referred to by the locals, moving in formation and disappearing through what seems like a 'portal' and then reappearing elsewhere moving along slowly pulsing a golden aura. A similar OVNI sighting over Santiago, Chile was captured on film earlier ...

The Chilean Air Force released the following statement on December 12th 2008: The strange "formation of lights" that was seen a couple of days ago in the skies of Santiago, was finally Pillan 14 aircraft from the School of Aviation Fach practicing the graduation ceremony of officers, attended last night by President Michelle Bachelet. According to the Air Force said Terra.cl, over the weekend the group of aircraft flying over a route from the El Bosque air base to San Bernardo. And though the flight is quite noisy, distance is not possible to capture it, which joined the lamps used in the opportunity for fixed and non-intermittent could have caused the confusion of the people. In fact at the base say that every time you perform this kind of night flights, receiving more than a phone call warning of the presence of foreign objects in the sky or UFOs. The alignment observed by dozens of people and caught on video, was due to the maneuvers performed for the Pillan landing. There are hundreds and thousands of reports of anomalous lights seen in the skies all over the world and with more people opening to celestial energies and the truth that many Extraterrestrial Civilizations and other higher dimensional light beings are here on Earth, Full UFO Disclosure & open contact is just round the corner.
... In Lak'ech Ala K'in ...
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