UFOs Over Illinois : Police Eyewitnesses !

Final Frontier is a UFO Documentary featuring multiple police officers reporting UFOs sighted over many cities in the State of Illinois on January 5th 2000. At around 4 am a truck driver called in at the regional 911 center located at Belleville reporting a flying object in the area of Lebanon. The Trucker Melvern Noll said the UFO was like a two story house with white lights and red blinking lights ... and it was last seen Southwest over Lebanon. Soon after a police officer patrolling the area of Lebanon responded to the dispatchers call and head towards the area where the UFO was last sighted.

Police Officer Ed Barton radioed in and said, "I see a very bright white light east of town and it keeps changing colors ... I'll go over there and see maybe if it's an aircraft, doesn't look like an aircraft though ... That's affirmative ! It's not the Moon and it's not a Star!"

Subsequently, three more police officers from Shiloh, Millstadt and Dupo in Illinois, reported seeing a large V shaped UFO which then disappeared into the night sky shortly after ...

Darryl Barker is an independent director/producer. His documentary coverage of the famous St. Clair County, Illinois triangular UFO sighting by multiple witnesses, including five police officers, was premiered in August, 2000 in St. Louis, Missouri. On July 22, 2002, he interviewed Detective Mark Lopinot of the O’Fallon, Illinois police department. He had heard from one of the other officers that a policeman in O’Fallon had also seen the UFO of January 5, 2000.

Detective Lopinot was in his squad car driving east on Highway 50 going into O’Fallon and as he passed over Interstate 64, he saw an arrangement of bright, occasionally “twinkling”, amber lights (much brighter than street lights) at an approximate altitude of 200-300 feet, and covered an area larger than the wingspan of a C-5 military cargo plane (222 ft.) or a 747 jetliner (211 ft.). The lights consisted of two rows, three evenly spaced lights in the top row and two evenly spaced lights in the bottom row.

Download The Heather Ratcliffe Report (PDF)

Source : D Barker TV - LOPINOT

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