Metatron Channeling Solar Eclipse 2009

The Total Solar Eclipse of 22nd July 2009 opens a new gateway for divine energy from the source entering our solar system and creating strong vibrations of transformative healing energy ... awakening the human spirit to align with the cosmic light of divine elevated consciousness. This is a channeling from Metatron, received by Carloyn Evers ...

Today is a day of magnificence. You know we feel that away about every moment, but today there is something special happening in the heavens. There has been much talk about today's eclipse and it is right that humanity become aware of this day.

I won't discuss the mechanics of eclipses as you are well aware of how this phenomenon works. What I want to discuss is yes, while this is the direct result of Source's energy coming to Earth, you were meant to be on Earth at this auspicious time.

What might not be remembered is that this is the moment when there is a change in the physical body that is very laudable and very special in the sense that humanity has been waiting for this particular energy for a very long time.

We have spoken about the fall into the dense dimension that all of humanity now resides in. We have spoken about the fact that there was an appointed time when that moment was to be reversed, and the energies would be on Earth again when there would be an upward climb to the dimension above the one where humanity presently resides.

This is the moment. This is the time when the particles are beginning to change. This is the moment when destiny is again in the reach of humanity.

Now there will be a general change and there will be an individual change. Generally this change will affect all in a certain respect, but it will affect those whose sights are on the spiritual path in a more robust manner.

Those who are already open to the light will feel the impulses as an urge to fulfill what is before you. You see, so much of what you have been following presently is the result of the prompting of your immortal soul and now this energy that is here will connect or harden a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.

All will not be affected in the same manner. You will receive this connection based upon the manner in which you have been working on the spiritual path in the past. Some gifts are given to all and some gifts are given in measure according to one's efforts.

This is how humanity will find themselves presently. Those who have been indifferent to the messages of their soul or shall we say inspiration to the higher aspects of desires and actions, might not feel any change, but those who are cognicent of their spiritual selves will feel these energies in a more direct manner based upon their connection to their spiritual selves.

These connections will be felt more dramatically during the next week. This is the beginning of a foundation for this implementation. It will not be immediate, but will slowly filter into your consciousness.

Those who are bordering on the spiritual gifts of clairvoyance and the like will find their gifts start to unfold. Those who haven't begun this process yet will become one step closer to opening up these doorways to your spiritual gifts.

As we said, this is a momentous moment for other reasons also. Besides connecting the conscious mind to the unconscious mind you will also start to see and feel changes in the physical. These changes will be subtle at first but in about a week you will start to see changes in your personal emotions. You will start to feel a new type of love.

Earlier this was called agape, and this form is a special kind of love as it is love for all of humanity. Yes, while you did feel love for others you might say, you will feel a quickening of this love. You will enter a new doorway in this sense.

This is the beginning of the comprehension of what the ONENESS means. This is the beginning of what you have called a gathering of all particles on your plane where there is an attraction and coherence with regard to the past, present and future.

This is why spiritual unfolding is beginning on an accelerated basis. The connection between the human soul and the essence of what is in the world is coming together in a heightened manner. You will start to understand what connected into one voice will FEEL like. Up to now this has been a spiritual concept. You will start to understand what it feels like to hold connections to everyone in the world and to the essence of Mother Nature herself.

With this comes a renewal of the soul in a sense. The adversities that you have experienced in the recent past will seem to be understood in a manner that hasn't been there before. You will also start to understand spirit in a manner and degree that wasn't there either. This understanding along with your actions is a true understanding of your Mastery.

With this you will also begin to understand on a level what your journey is all about. You see, up to this point you held this information on a subconscious manner. When the subconscious and conscious self begin to merge, an understanding comes forth and you will begin to feel a peace that you haven't experienced in the past.

This is peace of the soul that is entering your conscious awareness. Up to now you might say that there has been a cloud between your soul and you, the ego. This cloud begins to dissipate and you will notice this starting within the next week. There is great glory in all of this.

We come forth to bless you and to reconnect with you in a manner that you haven't felt before. You and I are one in the secret recesses of the soul.

Now for the meditation...

Lord Metatron Brought forth by Carolyn Evers

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Jeshua explains the solar eclipse of July 22nd 2009 !

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

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