Mysterious Orange UFOs Orbs Over Britain

Britain is always abuzz with UFO sightings, Crop Circle formations and other unexplained phenomena mostly attributed to Chinese lanterns, Military Exercises, Flares or Weather Balloons by the investigating authorities. In recent times there have been multiple sightings of Orange Orbs/UFOs over many places in Britain, Holland, America and Canada.

Here is some rare video footage of these Orange Orbs/UFO sightings from YouTube ...

Orange UFOs were recently seen in two locations, Merseyside and Lincolnshire. Days earlier a similar phenomenon was reported over Cambridgeshire, where one witness claims each Orb was as big as a house. The sightings have prompted defence officials to check their logs and sent UFO fans into orbits of excitement. Engineer Paul Slight, 54, took photos on his mobile phone of the strange objects hovering over Lincoln at 10.30pm while he was cycling home after a day out with friends. 'There were 26 of them at first, dodging and darting in between each other like they were playing a game,' he said. 'After that, seven more arrived and weaved through the crowd of lights like strange kinds of aircraft. After five minutes of moving around, they hung in the air for a second then shot off into the sky and disappeared.' In Cambridgeshire, banker Scott Boswell, 37, said he saw more than 100 lights flying less than two miles above his home in Hinchingbrooke. The former soldier and experienced pilot said: 'I know they weren't aircraft – they were silent. 'And I was a soldier for a decade so I could immediately rule out flares or weather balloons. I really have no idea what they were.' On the same night, May 27, at around 11.30pm guesthouse owner Auberon Hedgecoe, 40, of nearby Huntingdon, also saw the lights. 'There was no sound,' he said.
An image manufactured by Auberon Hedgecoe of how the lights appeared over a half an hour period above Huntingdon.
'They were travelling 15 at a time and every six minutes more seemed to be coming over the horizon. They were not planes. They were not balloons. Each one was the size of a building.' Source : Daily Mail Related Articles :

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