OVNIs : UFO Fleet Over Mexico

For many years people living in Mexico have witnessed strange anomalies in the sky which have left millions in sheer awe of what they were looking at. It is nothing peculiar to have witnessed a UFO if you were in Mexico and now thanks to Infra-red Technology and Digital Cameras you can have a field day capturing UFOs on the IR Camera !

A massive UFO sighting took place on Friday June 24, 2005 in Xalapa, Mexico. This stunning event was witnessed by Xalapa's governor, Fidel Herrera Beltran, members of his staff, many officers of the Xalapa police department, newspapers and television reporters and many people gathered at Casa Veracruz for an official ceremony for the delivery of new police patrol cars to the police department.

The amazing incident took place at 10:30 AM causing commotion, excitement - and some alarm - among the people and officials. Just after governor Fidel Herrera Beltran finished a speech inaugurating the new units, his attention was called by his officials signaling to the sky where a strange spectacle was appearing.

A spectacular UFO fleet of at least 14 unknown flying objects shocked the entire gathering at Casa Veracruz who, pointing to the sky, screamed "OVNIs OVNIs!!" in a tremendous state of excitement. The police officers were also signaling to the sky wondering what these unknown flying objects could be.

Different reactions were heard from surprise, curiosity, confusion and even some laughs among the people who continued shouting "OVNIs!!" The newspaper reporters were taking photos and the television crew videotaped the entire spectacle. Governor Beltran took the microphone and said jokingly: "It seems the martians have arrived!!"

The people wondered if the strange objects could be balloons of some kind, or real UFOs like those so many times reported over Mexico. However, the engimatic flying objects remained almost static in the sky in formation describing a triangle pattern in perfect alignment for almost 30 minutes.

On Friday night, TV Azteca presented the report with videos on their national TV newscast giving the account of the unprecedented incident. On Saturday June 25 the Diario de Xalapa newspaper as well as others published on main headlines the unusual event under the title: Luminous Objects caught the attention during official act.

A few days later another Massive OVNI sighting over Mexico ...

Two new fleets of UFOs were filmed in the skies of Mexico City on April 11, 2005, by photogrpaher Arturo Robles Gil, increasing the expectations that the uncommon wave of UFOs is the largest sighting in the world. This is a mystery that keeps the Mexican people in a state of excitement and uncertainty. The sightings had happened in full day-light and had started with a formation of seven objects. They all emitted a white luminosity and had a spherical form. Gil made one zoom of one of objects and described it as having an intense luminous source, similar to a plasma ball. At that moment, one of objects left the formation and started to execute independent maneuvers. It appeared to be controlled by an intelligent force. Gil focused on the object and it was obvious that it was performing aerobatics by flying in and out of the main body of UFOs. After filming the seven UFOs for approximately 15 minutes, Gil was surprised by the approaching sight of an enormous fleet of UFOs. He re-focused on the fleet.

"There were more than 100 luminous objects in the sky, perhaps two hundred. It was simply spectacular ", he said. His videos show a fleet of luminous objects flying in perfect formation that contrasted with the blue sky and white clouds.. This video is considered one of most important pieces of UFO evidence, as is the images taken on July 10, 2004, in Guadalajara, filmed by Miguel Avila and Miguel Dominguez. The mysterious phenomenon of UFO fleets that have happened in Mexico have been called "the quiet invasion". This new video from Gil, was broadcast by the national television last Sunday, April 24, 2005. The film was shown on the program Los Misterios [ the great mysteries ] and presented by Jaime Maussán. Mr. Maussán also showed another video, shot in Torreon, Coahuila. This video showed another fleet of UFOs, consisting of at least 50 objects, flying in a formation similar to that of the one witnessed and photographed by Gil. This film was captured on March 30, 2005 and was witnessed by Guillermo Ortiz.

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