Aum Namah Shivaya

'Aum Namah Shivaya' the foremost mantra in Shaivism which literally translates 'Adoration To Shiva' or 'I Bow To Shiva'. Shaivite mystics hold that within its celestial tones and hues resides all of the intuitive knowledge of Shaivism. Shiva means 'Good' or 'The Auspicious One' among the uncountable other names and meanings it has ....

AUM : The three parts of Om (A-U-M) encompass the three states of waking, dreaming, deep sleep, the three levels of gross, subtle, causal and the three levels of conscious, unconscious, subconscious, as well as the three universal processes of coming, being and going. Absolute silence beyond the three levels is the silence after AUM. It also refers to Tripura, the one who live in the "three cities" as in Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, as well as the light referred to in Gayatri Mantra.

Namah : Adoration, homage, respect. Nothing is mine (as an individual person); everything is thine (as the Absolute Reality). The three levels of Om, the three worlds of gross, subtle, and causal, along with the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep states of consciousness, as well as the three levels of conscious, unconscious and subconscious themselves are "not mine" as the true properties of who I really am. Truly, "nothing is mine." Rather, everything, all of these triads is "thine" or the "other" as the Absolute Reality.

Shivaya : That Absolute Reality that is the ground out of which everything emerges. It is that "ink," so to speak, that is not separate from the many forms which may appear to manifest or be created from that ink. In the Realization of this, one comes to see that he or she is one and the same with the Absolute Reality. The Mahavakyas, the great utterances are seen to be true. Shiva (the static or ground) and Shakti (the active or creative) are seen to be one and the same. She (Shakti), while one with Shiva is realized in direct experience as the one in the three worlds (Tripura) outlined in Om.

'Namah Shivaya' also known as the Panchakshara Mantra ( 5 Syllable Mantra ) represents the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space {Ether} ! Thus, the Om Namah Shivaya mantra also leads awareness in the reverse order, from manifestation back to the source from which manifestation arises.

"Shivo Bhokta, Shiva Bhojya
Shivo Karta, Shivah Karma
Shivah Karanatmakah"

Shiva is the experiencer and the highest object of experience. Shiva is the goal of Sadhana. There is nothing apart from Shiva. There is nothing other than Shiva. Whatever there is, is Shiva. There is nothing, which is not Shiva. There is no place, which is not Shiva. There is no time, which is not Shiva. To be aware of this is to be aware of Shiva.

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Lashitha said...

The most beautiful picture I have seen of Lord Shiva, so far.

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

:) Aum Namah Shivaya !

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Shiva and Shakti are one and the same.

There is no place that He is not.
There is no place that She is not.
They are one and the same.

She is in every thing.
She is in every word.
She is all there is.

See Her in all things.
Hear Her in all sounds.
Know Her in all thoughts.
Feel Her in all feelings.
She is all there is.

She is the one in the three worlds.

Shiva and Shakti are one and the same.

yoUNITY of Spirit & Matter :)

((( Aum Namah Shivaya )))

Shiva Shakthi said...

Ghirijashankar Namah: Shivay

Anonymous said...

Good pictures! That's wonderfull. But I guess these religions are fake.

Unknown said...

ॐ Mangalam ॐ kaar mangalam

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