Shanti Jatra 2009 Returns With More Magic ....

After two consecutive banging seasons starting 2007, Shanti Jatra Full Moon Festival 2009 returns with the biggest surprise in the Asian subcontinent for all psychedelic+trance+dance funatics converging from all across the world in the mystical mountains of Nepal to create a surreal ... magical experience ! This years line up looks simply FANTASTIC !

*Shanti Jatra* gets bigger this year as we extend the duration of the festival by a day. Its now going to be 3 nights and 4 days.
* With the resounding success of two editions of Shanti Jatra, we bring to you the next installment in October 2009, which is set to be bigger and bursting with more energy, color and the spirit of fraternity hood.
* Installation of 2 Stages - Main Stage and Alternative/Chill Stage with different projects. Installations of varied workshops, screening of movies and documentaries, environmental workshop and art displays.
* Live instrumental music will be a highlight of the alternative stage apart from other activities to be held.
* Shanti Jatra will also be a host of exclusive merchandise, souvenirs, psychedelic gear etc at different stalls to take home as memorabilia.

" Shanti Jatra Full Moon Festival - 3,4,5,6 October 2009 "

The Line Up so far ...

3D LIVE (3D live acts will have music on 5.1 surround)

- Agent-17 (Spiral Trax, Sweden)
- Andromeda (Dream Vision Media, Portugal)
- Chromosome (Dream Vision Media, Portugal)
- S-Range (Liquid Records, Sweden)


- Space Tribe (Space Tribe, Australia)
- Neuromotor (Mechanik Records, France)
- Tryambaka (Spectral Records, Portugal)
- Para Halu (PsyLife Music, Hungary)
- Drone Bixie (Parvati Records, Denmark)
- Jahbo (Parvati Records, Denmark)
- Procs (Manic Dragon, Sweden)
- Braindrop (Omveda Records, India)
..... and more to be added


- Dj Insanix (Mechanik Records, U.S.A
- Wicked Sound System (Freakuencies Productions, India)
- Cosmic Tandav (Rudraksh Records, Dubai)
- Janux (Sound Species, India)
- K.T (Counter Culture, India)
- Audio Psykosis (H.S.S Records, India)
- Dj Psycobaba (Moonsun Records, India)
- Dj Jafar (Qatar)
- Dj Nitin (Beyond Logic Records, India)
- Sundrop (India)

Chill Stage / Alternative Stage

- Yidam (Bengaliens, India)
- Jussi (Gaje, Finland)
- TBO (Gaje, Finland)
- Master Kumbkaran (Delhi)
..... and more to be added

LET THE SHANTI SPREAD WITH THE SOUND .... Let Music do the talking ....

(((Awakening Consciousness)))

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