Psychedelic Trance : Adventures In Onederland Vol.1

The first rendition of the "Adventures In Onederland" Series, power packed with hard hitting tracks from great artists like Sirius Isness, Painkiller, Menog, Elec 3 & Tristan ... Enjoy the ride into Onederland .... Dedicated to the spirit of adventure and the wisdom of oneness that runs through all creation ! Adventures in Onederland is a Shamanic initiation to invoke the 'Superman' within each one of us ... awakening the infinite, within !!!

Genre : Psychedelic Trance
Size : 136 mb
Quality : 320 kbps
Duration : 65:17

Tracklist :

1. Menog Vs Painkiller - Go Into Trance
2. Sirius Isness - I Want Freedom
3. Tikal - Sweet Child
4. Tristan - Focus
5. Elec 3 - Dream Searcher
6. Xerox & Illumination - Tribal Metal
7. Solar System - Bible Of Trance
8. Sattel Battel - House Of Terrorizing Son
9. Tristan - Terrordactyl
10. Kode Six - Tekno Feind

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Anonymous said...

Hello i love this page!
Here's the thing the link for download adventures in onederlan doesn't work... can you upload it again? thanks

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Direct Download Link updated mate ... Thank You :)

Anonymous said...

great compilation sattel battle & tristan rox!

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