8 Good Reasons to FLY


Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio 3.2
P3 Celeron, 128 mb ram, 40 gb hdd, 1.13 Ghz

Genre: Psychedelic
Size : 131 mb
Duration : 58:39
Quality : 320 kbps Stereo

Track List:

Eskimo Vs Cycle Sphere Vs Sirius isness - Hello Moto
Astrix - Adventure Mode
Astrix - Techno Widows ( GMS Remix )
Astrix - Massive Activity
Space Buddha - Silent Galaxy
Melicia Vs DNA - Magic Stick
Eskimo - My Blue Goa
Altom - People are strange
ITP - Lose your illusion Part 1
Ziki Vs System Nipel Vs Ananda Shake - Magic World


Clyde said...

Good scene dude keep them coming! E boy :D hehe

Spud said...

hey nice set bro

looking for better and more of these

keep the vibe going


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