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One of the most common experiences of this spiritual consciousness is the feeling of "oneness." Oneness is often experienced as a feeling that everything is part of a whole, or that we all are from one common source and share a common spirit. Let's then consider some ways that the spiritual beholder might experience oneness.

To our ordinary perceptions, the world is a mass of individual life forms each seeking its own destiny. Behind this appearance is the essential nature of existence, the One Divine consciousness. This consciousness expresses itself in the universe in many forms, each with its own will to be. But in fact each form is an expression of the One seeking its infinite joy of existence. All true spiritual realization begins with this new perception of the essential Oneness of all beings and things.

The spiritual experience of Oneness is often expressed by the feeling or understanding that we are of one essence or spirit. We experience that the same soul force that we feel in ourselves is there in each person we encounter. This deep perception has the effect of reducing the barriers we feel between ourselves and the people around us. That in turn leads to the realization that other people's interests and concerns are no different and no less important than our own. If we carry this experience into our daily lives, then we cannot but have a deep and abiding respect for every person we meet along the way. Living our lives this way inevitably leads to increased energy, happiness, and good fortune for ourselves and those around us.

Many of the common personal values we share in our lives can be said to emanate from this inner experience of oneness. Examples of these personal values are -- concern for others, trust, tolerance, openness, respect for the individual, and teamwork.

Also we can say that the greatest foundation for any collective, including our society as a whole, is one rooted in this experience and realization that the spirit in me resides in every other person in that community. This spiritual oneness may be in fact the central attribute of an ultimate future society.

Namaste :)

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((( All is One )))

1. The Misted Muppet - Spiritual Visions
2. Sirius Isness - Powerful Reality (Vibraddict rmx)
3. Opium Of The Masses - Alter Being
4. Space Monkey - Megalomania
5. Ziki & Sundose - Human Being
6. Digicult - Cosmic Company
7. Opium Of The Masses - True Reality
8. Illumination & Zizi - Who Are We (Ananda Shake Remix)
9. Tristan - Suriname
10. Vibrasphere - Yaku

((( One is All )))

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We hope our world awakens to the all pervading truth of Oneness in all creation.
Everything and Everyone is a Holographic projection of the divine source and when we go beyond our limited egos and personalities we experience the infinitude of our being !

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