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The truth is in here and the truth will set you free ! The world we're living in today is ridden with all elements of a chaotic side dish which we never asked for in the first place, yet we lap up all that's served, accepting the so called reality of the times as an unchangeable duality of life ! We say, there is Good and there is Bad ! We give power to the idea of WAR by accepting this illusion of an eternal battle of opposing polarities. We live in a world of words and meaning where the truth is sometimes clouded by the slick play of language and words. Reverse psychological patterns seen all around us, yet unnoticed by the preoccupied average human intellect chasing the material dream. We are all here for the same reason ... To Learn .... To Evolve ..... All the Evil done in the world are quite simply actions which are less evolving in nature ! Evil is not the equal opposite of Good as believed for many years now. It's a different path charted by some which takes one off course from the illuminating, enlightening nature of light, naively pursuing external power when the infinite lies within !

Our belief systems have been made so rigid that it takes a whole lot of rebelling and questioning everything that has been thrust onto us as policies, rules, guidelines and ridiculous laws curtailing our basic need for Freedom. The creation of duality and then a patriarchal system where justice can be served through fair trial is one of the greatest illusions which most of us find hard to see through .... You don't have to believe anything but what your inner self suggests. The only true authentic information lies in your DNA and speaks through the voice inside you ! We might have distanced ourselves from our inner voice to an extent by wrapping ourselves unknowingly in chemical straight jackets, however, it's never too late or impossible to get back to your spiritual roots and find the Oneness that runs through all of Creation !

Our world is One and it includes everything and everyone on this Planet. What affects one could well affect the rest of us and we all need to rise to the need of the hour, Unity ! This is a time for empowering the spirit as we are all equal and we are all leaders leading each other from time to time .... Our collective consciousness has the power to heal, to love and to coalesce all the separation as One Infinite Power of the Source ! Transcend the Duality of Good and Bad and merge as One Force in search of the Truth for it's only the truth of our true infinite nature that will set us free from the shackles of the long limiting paradigm of a patriarchal world. To be of service to others is to empower the self as we are all part of the same holographic reality, as we are all one ! Our clarity in the world today might be blurred by dark clouds of deception and darkness, but within us we carry an eternal flame to illuminate the darkness with beams of love and positive synergy ..... We are the World and we need all parts of us to merge as one indestructible, all transcending force of THE ONE .......

Hurricane Gustav manifested as tropical depression in the eastern Caribbean Sea on Monday, the 25th of August and quickly intensified into a Category 1 hurricane with winds of about 90 miles (145 kilometers) an hour. As of today, the Category 4 Hurricane Gustav is lashing the US state of Louisiana with torrential rain and gale force winds Monday after forcing nearly two million people to flee. From the Alternative News Realm, this Hurricane like the one before is not so natural as widely believed !

This is a time when we should not overlook our ability to affect what's going on in our world and bring light to all the darkness that surrounds us ...

I received this letter from our Lightworker Family 21 hours ago and want to share it with all of you for when we are together we will make the difference......

Dear Lightworker,

This is not the normal email or newsletter announcement. I am sure
this email comes to you at a time of rapid change in your own life,
and I am sure you are aware of the many earth changes taking place
right now. The question we need to ask ourselves is Are we a Part of
the process? YES, and What Intention do we want to set for our growth
and evolution on this planet?. Does it have to come at the price of
great pain and suffering? No! It does not. I am not alone in having
received the guidance as to how we can assist in the birthing of this
new energy coming through the sun and earth at this time. You have
been called into assistance, in your own way, through your own
personal revelations and connectedness. This connection wanes, and
wavers from time to time, but ultimately it is we as the individual
conscious that we are, who must choose our place in the greater body
of humanity, the earth and the whole. That power some call God, that
all encompassing, omnipotent power that feeds and nurtures us all. We
have to align and recognizes our oneness. We have all received our
calling.. And I would like to you partake in this opportunity to
exercise your divine right, to shine your light in unison with
lightworkers all over the world.

As each of us are one, humanities pain is our own pain, our healing
is humanities healing, which in turn is earths healing. We know that
many of these earth changes are a part of the process, as the earth
channels the higher density energies flowing through her sacred
meridian grid, yet we are a part of that grid and a part of how that
energy is used and processed. Will it continue to come forth as
earthquakes and destruction, as hurricanes and tidal waves, or can it
serve a higher purpose?

I believe it can. And this is the crux of this message to you.
Hurricane Gustav, a Category 4 Hurricane is slowly moving through the
Gulf of Mexico. This is in close proximity to mainland USA, and we all
saw the effect Katrina, a Category 3 hurricane had on the region, how
it effected the most vulnerable people, the children, the mothers, the
fathers, and anyone else who could not afford to escape its path.

I want to ask you to join with me, in prayer and meditation. If you
do not have a regular practice of meditation or prayer, I am asking
you to start one now for this purpose, and in these prayers, I am
requesting that you to add your voice to mine, and ask that these
energies driving the hurricane be channeled into you to assist you in
your own spiritual awakening, to ask that these energies be channeled
into all willing lightworkers who are sharing in this prayer, so that
the destruction can be transformed into a blossoming of hearts and
minds. And that each of these meditators, each of these lightworkers,
carries that energy with them, like an invisible hurricane Mandala,
that can sweep through the consciousness of humanity where the real
purification is needed.

Ask of the earth, ask of God, ask of the Great Spirit, ask of
yourself and ask of the One for this to be fulfilled. Ask your guides
and spirit teachers to help you focused on this intent. Lets join our
hearts, minds and voices in this request, and take up a greater
responsibility in the well being of this planet and its people, no
matter how big or how small they may be. Please join me, please spread
the word.

Hosted at Lightworkers.org we have a public voice server anyone is
free to join and form group meditations to focus on this. I will be
incorporating it into my daily practice and spending twice the time I
usually do, giving twice the energy and twice the heart to this
matter. You are free to use the services of Lightworkers.org to
network and connect with others to help bring this about.

You can find a semi-live update of Hurricane Gustave here

Send it your waves of love, call its energy into your heart and ask
in sincerity for the above to be made manifest in your own powerful
words. You know what to do, you have everything you need. You are a
divine emissary of light.

Shine On !

((( Love Always )))

Adeon and the Lightworkers.org Team !


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