UFOs Sighted In The Himalayas !

There has been an unprecedented increase in extra terrestrial activity on our planet in the last 30 years and India is no exception to this. Most sightings in India are never reported because people don't know what they saw and dismiss it as some spirit or a ghostly apparition. Around the Himalayan region there have been many sightings of anomalous crafts which take off at high speeds and vanish in the blink of an eye.

The No Man's Land, Sino-Indian border is one such place where locals believe there is an underground UFO base which both governments are aware of and have hence cordoned off the area from civilians. Tucked away high in 15,000-ft glaciated mountains, Chandratal, the only sacred lake in the Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, has for long been steeped in mythology. Legend has it that the crescent-shaped pristine water body is an abode of fairies who descend on Earth on moonlit nights.

But the glacier-bound uninhabited terrain has come to be associated with an equally incredible tale doing the rounds in India's top space and defence establishments-the sighting of an unidentified flying object or UFO at the Samudra Tapu region, a de-glaciated valley at an eight-hour trek from Chandratal. More than a year after a five-member team of glaciologists and geologists had a 40-minute encounter with a balloon-shaped object straight out of The X-Files, the incident continues to baffle a section of the Indian scientific community. Both Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the army are aware of the matter which figured even in Parliament last year when the minister of state with the Prime Minister's Office had, in a written reply, confirmed the ISRO report on the UFO sighting.

It was the penultimate day of a week-long expedition undertaken by Ahmedabad-based Space Application Centre (SAC) of ISRO on September 27, 2004. The team comprising three sac scientists and two geologists had pitched camp in the valley some 17,000 ft above sea level. They were studying the Chandra basin glacier using satellite data. Around 6.45 a.m., as the scientists were preparing to leave their tents, one of the porters spotted a white object on top of an adjacent mountain ridge, and screamed: "Sir, the snow man is coming." Anil Kulkarni, a senior ISRO scientist who has been mapping glaciers for a quarter century, and his team members saw what appeared to be a robot floating a few inches above the ground, approaching the camp along the mountain slope. Kulkarni and his co-researcher, geologist Sunil Dhar, pulled out their digital cameras and began shooting the object even as the team raced towards the mountain to investigate. The oblong object, between 3 and 4 ft high, kept moving down the slope towards the team. It had a cylindrical head with two balloon-type attachments, a body, hands and two legs. "It seemed to be walking, planting and pacing its steps like a human being," recalls Dhar. It seems when the object reached the lower edge of the hill, 50 m away from the stunned scientists, the team members' excitement alarmed it. It stood still for a few seconds, turned and started a steep 70-degree ascent towards the ridge top. By this time, apparently due to the rays of the rising sun, its colour had changed to black. Soon it changed to white again, hovered above the camp for five minutes before noiselessly receding into a white dot in the sky.


On 7th March, 2007 there were two unidentified crafts near the Indian PM's residence.

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South India too has witnessed strange ET activity since the Tsunamis lashed India's southern shores. According to some experts, these are signs of possible experimentation with tectonic plates by some entity. People in Nicobar island complaints something is going on under the ocean-deep underground many miles below the water surface. The pattern of aftershocks is also strange. Normally on plotting the same they show a gradual decrease in the moving average of Richter scale reported. This time no pattern can be found. After one large aftershock, a considerable time lapses before the next one.It seems someone is controlling the after shocks and making sure plates are not over stressed. Andaman and Nicobar islands has experienced 121 aftershocks between 5.2 and 6.2 Richter scale. The Geologists in India are closely tracking these aftershocks and cannot find a pattern. The only pattern that can be found is a large lapse after a considerable aftershock.

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