The Masters Gathering The Secret Law Of Attraction Returns

After the runaway success of the bestseller "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, the movie / documentary made on the book has captured the imagination of millions worldwide and this is only getting bigger and better with more people awakening to "The Law Of Attraction" and to the fact that we can consciously create our reality and shape our experiences through the power of our thoughts, our feelings through our intent. The Stars from 'The Secret' return with "The Masters Gathering" packed with even more life changing, enlightening ways to live fully and consciously !

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, the planet’s leading transformation experts and best-selling success authors have gathered to deliver a message and program of epic proportions… the most complete life-enhancing mentorship program to date.

ANNOUNCING: The Masters Gathering!
A complete, step-by-step system that includes audio interviews, video interviews, online coaching, and a 100+ page workbook.

Join us on January 26th, 2009 and deliver to your list exclusive video giveaways from the most respected, well-known Masters in success and self-development: individuals who have never before agreed to participate in an online product launch. We know you’ll discover that joining us will delight and surprise you with a windfall of continuous abundance and prosperity.

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Anonymous said...

You probably watched the video of John Assaraf and Harrison Klein, excellent video with plenty of amazing info.

Cant wait for the John Demartini video being released.

Like the site n theme,

Good luck :)

The Masters Gathering 2012 said...

The 2012 Masters Gathering is here. Join the conversation on Facebook!

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