The Great Intention : Awakening Consciousness !

The Great Intention

Starting on Saturday April 11 2009, many people around the world began to conduct a peaceful intention for mankind and for the planet.

The results have been felt by all who have participated and the awakening I have seen occurring around the globe is noticeable.

We are making a difference.

We at would like to continue to organize as many people around the world as possible to simultaneously spend one hour each week in a state of peace and love and to continue and to expand this intention. What people need to do in order to participate is to spend that time feeling the peace in the world. This is very different to doing something like praying "for" peace or praying externally. What is needed is to place yourself in the emotional state where the prayer has already been answered and the peace we are striving for has already been achieved.

The aim is to feel the peace, love and prosperity in the world; the love and unity between all of mankind, the joy and abundance for all and the health and vitality of ourselves, of each other and of this wonderful planet. The intention commenced on Saturday April 11 at 10 pm Greenwich Mean Time and still continues at the same time each week. Check the relevant time for your local area to be sure you are participating at the correct time.

This experiment is still ongoing so it doesn't matter if you have seen this message late, you are still able to participate at any time. Please spread this information to all you can in order to gain as many more participants as possible for these continued events. To discuss this experiment please see the related forum thread HERE !
Source : The CrowHouse

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