Pleiadians : Human Like Extraterrestrial Light Beings

The Pleiadians or the Plejarans as revealed to Billy Eduard Meier are human like Extraterrestrial beings who originate from a world known as Erra, one of the 10 planets orbiting the star Taygeta, located in the Pleiades (or the Seven Sisters). The Pleiades can be found in the constellation of Taurus, the bull. They are about 400 light years away from us. They are humans of flesh and blood like us. They have blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. They wish to help us with enlightenment and spiritual wisdom of oneness. They want to try and steer us away from our destructive habits and prepare us for Ascension to a multidimensional existence truly awakening the infinite creative potential within !

The Pleiadians are Extraterrestrial beings from the Pleiades star system. Some have made the journey to earth to help us evolve to a higher dimension. These Pleiadians are so spiritually evolved that they no longer require a physical body. They are beings of light energy. The Pleiadians seem to communicate with certain earthlings who they say are part of the family of light. This communication is accomplished by telepathy, and channeling. I think I may have found another method they use which I call synocracist research.

Other than James Gilliland, The two most notable Contactees are Barbara Marciniak and Billy Meier. Marciniak an internationally known trance channel from North Carolina. She has sold over 280,000 copies of her channeled book “Bringers of the Dawn”. She says the Pleiadians are beings of light. Meier has said to have made physical contact with several Pleiadians who looked like humans. It is indicative that the human form might be one of the ways the Pleiadians chose to make peaceful contact with us. One of Meier's contacts was a woman called Semjase. During several visits she allowed him to take pictures of her “Beamship”.

This craft allowed her to travel the 500 light years to earth in 7 hours. The Pleiadians can move into “hyperspace” and convert themselves and their ships into fine matter particles that can travel faster than the speed of light. Meier has taken over 1000 of the clearest UFO photographs ever seen. Meier has also related some very advanced knowledge he claims they, passed on to him. Meier has a 5th grade education and he has notes about such advanced technology as the Pleiadian's tachyon drive propulsion system. This was in the 70’s before the Internet. Meier does not live near any major information centers.

Today, Feb 3rd also happens to be Billy's Birthday ... Happy Birthday Billy, My Good Friend ! :)

The Pleiadian Message From The Galactic Federation

"We are pure Light, pure Love, pure Divine consciousness. The Archangelic Emissaries of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and emit golden yellow rays of Divine Love and Light. We have come to this plane to offer our assistance at this time during your transitional phase from three dimensional Beings to multidimensional Master Beings of Love and Light, able to transcend time and space in its current earthly limitation as you move into the fifth dimension.

At this time, Mother Earth is changing frequencies. She is sensing different vibrations and is starting to expand and move with these new energies. This is impacting on the natural elemental environment. Subsequently, a great universal and personal shift is needed. A shift in collective thought and collective consciousness. We are calling to you as we sense your energy, your ripeness in wanting to become your Higher Light, and to experience your Light Body. So, the journey has began and as you recall your multidimensional and multifaceted nature, remembrance needed to work on a planetary level, so your consciousness will expand and within this Light, you will become Master Beings of Light and Love.

You will travel with us to different dimensions and collect various skills for your ascension journey into the fourth dimension. This is a most wonderful journey into the New Golden Age and we are pleased to be part of this evolutionary process as you become your Higher Self of the Light and your Christed Overself of the Light and assist in the planetary ascension of Mother Earth and her many people through the Photon Band and into the " Golden Age of Aquarius "!

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