Holographic Sub-Quantum Mind Theory

In light of the myo-electric research demonstrating that cognition takes place outside of the body (placing the physical body and brain squarely in the role of “radio receiver”), I use the analogy of a “thin client” computing system to explain how the Holographic Quantum-Mind (actually a misnomer, as the mind actually exists at the sub-quantum level...but again, for laypeople, the explanation suffices) functions: the body/brain acting as the “dumb terminal” (mixed analogy here, as I explain that, rather than being wired into an ethernet network, as is a thin-client computing system, the brain/body acts as a very sensitive “radio receiver”, with each being “tuned” to its own “sub-quantum holographic hard drive”, the DNA serving in a similar capacity (no pun intended) to a radio’s tuning capacitor, though incredibly more complex), the body’s bio-energy field (“Aura”, Orgone, Chi, Kundalini, Prana — whatever they choose to call it, depending upon their various backgrounds and predispositions) acts as the “antenna” (a bridge to the sub-quantum realm, where their “hard drive” is actually stored — so here, you have your “medium”, so to speak ), and, of course, the “Holographic Sub-Quantum Hard Drive” storing, not only your memories (“data”), but the “programs” that comprise your personality.

I go on from this point to explain that, while the analogy of a “hard drive” is convenient, we are not dealing with an actual physical construct, as the sub-quantum realm exists outside of space-time. I ask them to think of their individual “storage space” as “whirlpools in the river”; i.e., they have their own individual characteristics, but are “composed” of the same “substance” (again, I make clear that we are using analogy, and not speaking literally — many of these people tend to be VERY literal, as you might imagine from their professions!) as the rest of the sub-quantum realm. In other words, their own “personal” holographic storage space, rather than being “partitioned off” from the rest of the sub-quantum realm, is actually part-and-parcel of the holographic “fabric” of the sub-quantum realm. They are able to access their “data” and “programs” strictly by virtue of their physical/energetic resonant signature (I do NOT go into the pcar (phase-conjugate-adaptive-resonance) issue, as their eyes would glass over, and I would lose them: but they can grasp resonance, and especially those familiar with signal routing through fiber-optic networks understand the concept of multiplexing, which builds a mental bridge for them to grasp this concept as applied to consciousness), which is matched to their “hard drive”.

This explains Jung’s “Collective Unconscious”, and the “Akashic Records” of the ancient Tibetans. Further, we can see how supposed “reincarnation” functions: I make the analogy to cordless phones/cell phones and “crossed signals”, due to a crowded frequency spectrum — something with which they are all familiar. While everyone’s physical/energetic signature is unique, there are bound to be certain “overlaps”, which allow a person living NOW to “tap into” the “quantum hard drive” of someone who is “dead”. i.e., that person’s “data” and “programs” still exist in the sub-quantum realm, and are thus available to be “tapped”, providing that one can “get into resonance”, or “tune” to that person’s signature. Mediums do this voluntarily (the trend seems to be to call such people “channelers” these days), while in cases of reincarnation (and, at the extreme end, “possession”), there is a certain amount of resonance purely by chance. Incidentally, this also explains “genetic memory”: as the DNA is so instrumental in the “tuning” process, it can be understood how people of close genetic relation, thus sharing elements of their DNA, may “tap into” ancestors’ memories.

Telepathy can be similarly understood: when two people develop a close rapport, a “resonance” between themselves, their resonant signatures “overlap” to a certain extent, allowing for the “sharing” of “data”, and, in some cases, even their “programs” (personality traits, etc.).

With the audience having “followed the bouncing ball” thus far, and grasped via these analogies the basic concepts I am trying to convey, I inevitably get a question regarding “Astral Projection”/”Remote Viewing” and/or the “Near death Experience” (NDE). Usually, a brief review of the non-local nature of any realm outside of space-time is sufficient to answer questions about remote sensing: since space and time are illusory constructs confined to “space-time”, and the “mind” exists in the sub-quantum realm, OUTSIDE of space-time... (there is usually some “forehead slapping” at this point — in most cases I don’t have to go much further on that issue...).

With NDE, however, I have to get a bit more in-depth. Since the physical body is a tuning mechanism, and does not immediately decay upon physical death, the tuning apparatus remains relatively intact for a period of time. And, if we look at the work of Wilhelm Reich, explaining the energy dynamics of “Orgone” (Chi, Prana, etc.), we can see that the Bio-energy field (“Aura”, etc.) will remain coherent and attached to the physical body for a period of time as well. Thus, our receiver, antenna, and of course, the “sub-quantum hard drive”, are all intact for quite a while after death. During this time, the consciousness may de-focus from space-time, as can also happen during “Astral Travel” and/or “Remote Viewing”...and if the body is revivified, these memories may be retained, and a NDE is then reported.

At this point, questions usually lean toward the more esoteric aspect of Astral Travel/NDE, and the fact that certain constructs seem to be reported by various people: “Christians” may see “Jesus”, or other appropriate religious figures, while Buddhists see Buddha, etc., etc. I explain the “form follows energy” principle, and show that the more mental energy is given to a construct, whether in THIS “space-time” realm, or any other, the more “real” it becomes. Thus, with BILLIONS of human minds lending energy to their various belief systems, it should come as no surprise that people find what they EXPECT to find in the NDE state. I even posit that space-time itself may be the result of a group of entities in the sub-quantum realm having “concocted” space-time, in much the same way that programmers of Virtual Reality systems create “worlds”, either for entertainment, or for university educational programs.

After some metaphysical meanderings along this line, I usually re-cap the main points of the “Holographic Quantum-Mind” theory, and send them on their way. All in all, I have found that people take to this VERY well... almost as if, on some level, they know it to be true... and while most cannot hope to ever comprehend the details of the high-end mathematics and physics involved, they grasp it very well at the intuitive level.

By Louis Malklaka


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