(|||) The Federation of Earth EDMC Documentary

" (|||) " is a documentary based on the spiritual roots of the trance dance experience. The movie speaks about how post modern era 'Psychedelic Shamanism' and the Electronic Dance Movement Culture have heralded the birth of a new age consciousness. The film covers everything from the emergence of House Music, to alleged contact with aliens. Interestingly enough, the film doesn’t have a name, it is instead going by a mathematical, almost metaphysical interpretive symbol (|||) !

“This culture has encountered problems with terminology and what to call itself. These experiences are beyond language, and should be in a place where it’s kept open-sourced.”
(|||) is an ethhnographic documentary film that investigates the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of electronic dance music culture. The film describes the relationship between music and consciousness, the metaphysics of mythology, and a spiritual experience found by so many on the dance floor. Through this investigation, (|||) creates an epic visual ethnography of the culture that has emerged from a technology of the imagination. The film also reveals how all of this information coincides with our planet’s alignment with the center of the galaxy on December 21, 2012, investigating why the culture is preparing for a massive synchronized party on that date.


Goa Gil
Erik Davis
Daniel Pinchbeck
Robin Sylvan
Susan Brunswick
The Wicked Crew
DJ Random
The Oracle
Tribal Harmonix
and many more….

What Director Jeronimo has to say about (|||) ...

"What began as a school project several years ago has led me on one of the longest, most epic adventures I could have ever dreamed of experiencing. I had always had a deep curiosity of Rave culture after witnessing a close friend become entirely transformed after attending an “underground” party. With a strong background in science fiction, I began this documentary as a fictional piece and through my initial research discovered the information I was “making up” about rave culture was actually true. Since this discovery I have dedicated my educational career to researching the metaphysical and mystical dimensions of electronic dance music culture."

"When I began my field research I discovered a new mythology and collective mysticism permeated this nascent global culture and offered a remarkable opportunity for observing the nature of the collective human imagination. What I discovered on the dance floor at these events changed my life as it has so many others. It was altogether inspiring for me to discover a culture based on this self-altering principle that is triggered by an experience that has been practiced by shamans since the beginning of human history. I hope that the inspiration and passion I received from my experience with this culture will prevail through this film, and that I may offer as much of the beauty of that ‘moment of oneness’ we all have in the music to those who have yet to experience it."

View Trailer here !

Supported by a dynamic transmedia and global marketing campaign, (|||) will be making a sneak-peek debut at electronic music festivals all over the world this summer, before making its official emergence to the public eye in the fall.

You can request a screening at your event here .

It has been designed with musicians and VJ artists into an ‘experience’ with one section of the film utilizing a hard-hitting baseline and hypnotic visual effects to recreate the trance experience for those in the theaters. The film is due to circulate parties and festivals all over the world before it is released to the general public on the big screen. Just watch for the symbol... (|||)

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