Free Technodrome Shai Ben Hayun Bombay 72 Degrees East Police Raid

On October the 5th, 2008 Technodrome aka Shai Ben Hayun along with about 250 other people was arrested at a Club in Mumbai called '72 Degrees East' ! It was a gathering on a Sunday night where a lot of youngsters from affluent families were present with the idea to party, to dance have some fun in life, little did they know the police would grace the occasion with their unwanted presence on a tip off !

Shai Ben Haiun - aka. Technodrome - is a well respected figure in the world Trance scene, his music has taken him to play across the globe, and as a producer his music is played by DJs across the world, with releases including one album and tracks on over 15 compilations.

Shai originates from Kiryat Gat which is a very small town in Israel, and comes from a working class family.

On October 4th of October Shai arrived for a three day visit to India, to play at this private party the following day in the highly regarded and exclusive "72 Degrees East" Club, which caters to the sons and daughters of the rich and famous Mumbay in India.

It's been 35 days and Shai is still imprisoned while the others got away with little or no trouble, possibly paying off the cops since most were from well to do families, some children of famous Bollywood Stars !

There has been a petition signed by 2500 people to Free Technodrome, however the Indian authorities are not moved by the idea that they are keeping an artist / musician behind bars who was supposed to be playing at a Party which got busted !

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