Barnyard : The Party Animals Movie

HAHAHAHAHA ! Barnyard is a rip roaring animated movie on some farm/party animals who live a full on parallel reality once the farmer isn't around. It's a story of a young cow Otis (Kevin James), who is all fun and no responsibility ! His Father Ben (Sam Elliot's), is a kind of a leader who takes care of the farm animals keeping them safe from a prowling pack of wolves who have developed a taste for the Farm Chickens ! Ben is a bit concerned with Otis's attitude towards life however, Otis carries on with his adventures in the wild until one day the wolves attack and Ben succumbs to his injuries after fighting the wolves valiantly and chasing them away !

The movie is loaded with Fun and important lessons to learn in life everyone can relate to ! A must see on a bright Sunday morning !

Kevin James ... Otis the Cow (voice)
Courteney Cox ... Daisy the Cow (voice)

Sam Elliott ... Ben the Cow (voice)
Danny Glover ... Miles the Mule (voice)

Wanda Sykes ... Bessy the Cow (voice)
Andie MacDowell ... Etta the Hen (voice)

David Koechner ... Dag the Coyote (voice)
Jeffrey Garcia ... Pip the Mouse (voice) (as Jeff Garcia)
Cam Clarke ... Freddy the Ferret (voice)
Rob Paulsen ... Peck the Rooster / Gopher (voice)
Tino Insana ... Pig the Pig (voice)
Dom Irrera ... Duke the Dog (voice)
S. Scott Bullock ... Eddy the Cow (voice) (as Scott Bullock)
John Di Maggio ... Bud the Cow / Officer O'Hanlon (voice) (as John DiMaggio)

Maurice LaMarche ... Igg the Cow (voice)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I am downloading this movie right now

Anonymous said...

ummmmm does anyone have a pic of the demented chickens singging peaches and cream????????? or a video?????????

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