Es Kava Turen Hai

Since i started blogging about Indigo Children, i have read some pages on the subject and was happy to learn so much about our spiritual reality each one of us is trying to understand and connect with in our own special way. Some choose to live unconsciously living by a doctrine, a metaprogrammed illusion we so lovingly call " Reality " while choosing to break free over the weekend to alter our consciousness by any and all means available for a brief moment or two and then we say, " it's time to get back to reality " ! Our little understanding of the nature of creation and what this life is all about has led the world to chaos where we fight ourselves behind the facade of the personalities subtle ego play ...

One of these many blogs on Indigo Children is NoahNow's Blog on Indigo, Crystal & the Star Child where i read these lines " Es Kava Turen Hai " which means " We work towards an identical goal " ! We are all here to learn, to evolve, to grow spiritually and in order to progress we need to break free from the illusions of our much chaotic reality of dualism and separation. The 3 dimensional essence of our being is certainly not the only one as there are many you's and many me's, we are all the same assisting no one else but reflections of our own selves ( In Lak'ech Ala K'in ) move forward, to grow spiritually, to strengthen our weakest links and to understand within our greatest weaknesses lies our greatest strength. All weaknesses our opportunities for the soul to evolve through conscious choice.

" We work towards an identical goal ! "

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