UFOs Over Memphis Chased By Military Helicopters

One of the most incredible UFO videos taken this year of UFOs moving in formation over Memphis around the airport subsequently followed by military helicopters before they shift dimensions and appear as though vanishing into thin air.

Here is the eye witness account as found on youtube ... "May 20th 10:30pm, glowing lights appear in the sky. Some move. Some appear out of nowhere. Some move vertically or horizontally. Half a dozen helicopters fly around and near the glowing lights. This video is spreading like wildfire among the various online communities. Military veterans are saying these lights are in no-way related to flares whatsoever. That it is impossible for these lights to be flares. I served in the Marine Corps for four years active duty and have seen plenty of flares my friend and those ARE NOT flares. For one they do not sit for that long ... they move and they have a trail. You know when you see a flare or flares. Peace ... May 22, 8:15 PM We are still waiting for better footage as it is strongly believed that at least one helicopter on the scene, had a video camera." Related Articles :

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