The Truth According To Puppetji : Wizdumb & Socksangs

... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... Puppetji's Wizdumb & Socksangs ... ツ

You’ve done your morning yoga, you’ve meditated, prayed for world peace, had your blended soy chai mocha-frappa-latte, flipped off and cursed the crazy driver who cut you off in traffic… you’re a vegetarian, a yoga teacher (who isn’t these days) and better than everyone else… life is good.


It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what your spiritual practice is, how many times you’ve been to India, Peru, how many hours you’ve clocked at the yoga studio or how many sweat lodges you’ve done: Master Puppetji speaks to all. His insightful and useless “Socksangs” are light-hearted reminders that help us open our eyes to a new way of SEEING. A master at squashing illusion with Wizdumb, humor and meaningless insights, Puppetji cuts through the spiritual mumbo-jumbo and gets right to The Truth: According to Puppetji. Considered to be one of our last great enlightened masters, Puppetji selflessly delivers his meaningless words of Wizdumb to anyone who will listen and even those who don’t. Puppetji’s message is simple: “You take life too seriously… Enlighten-up” When Puppetji isn’t demystifying dogma, karma, dharma, yoga or busy practicing the art of nothingness, he helps run the family store in Pune, India: The New Delhi Deli; home of the famous six foot Swami-Pastrami. Related Articles :

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