The Divine Wisdom Of Oneness

The World we live in today is in a state of rapid transformation and spontaneous evolution where the observer, the self, the all discerning I'ness your Highness is no longer a mere spectator in the game of life but a conscious participator in all of life's tribulations and jubilations ... the observer is life itself ... the observer is now beginning to realize the true nature of the self as consciousness which in it's truest essence is the same consciousness that runs through all of creation ... in all the many forms ... the ONE in many and the many in ONE is now no more a concept for the awakened soul. It is realized as the truth of YOUnity in all the varied multiple~cities ... It is a game of consciousness where we are always experiencing different aspects of the ONE consciousness and creating our realities moment to moment with our thoughts, our actions and our speech. The omnipresent divinity in whichever form or name we choose to picture in our heads or our mind's eye is all around us ... in everything and in everyone around us ... we just need the real~eyes~ation to see the divine presence behind the masks of the ego we carry as separate individuals in our waking world.

Here is an excerpt from 'Oneness' by Rasha published in India as 'The Divine Wisdom Of Oneness' by the Jaico Publishing House ...

Chapter Eleven ... Integrating the momentum of change, as a population. The catalyst for wars, famines, and natural disasters. Deferring to your own truth over reality by consensus.

We are all of One essence. And even though the momentum is one in which the actions of the collective affects each of the parts, and the choices of every individual affects the whole, there is an overriding impetus of Divine intent driving the process. Unity will come to be. And it is all of little consequence, from the collective vantage point of All Creation, whether beings at a particular crossroads in time and space make the contribution of resistance or nonresistance to the energies of change. These powerful forces will carry you with them - flowing in the direction in which Life Itself is going and at the pace at which Life Itself is traveling - either way. Your perception of the journey, your personal experience of it, is what you are here to create. All the rules are changing now. Your world, as you have been schooled to understand it, has already ceased to be. The cellular structure of every life form on your planet has been altered. The resonant vibration of every living thing has been augmented. And the attunement of all consciousness to heightened levels of existence has been achieved. As a race, the human population has opened itself to receive the gift of Grace. And even though precious few are aware of that shift, all are manifesting the result, in one form or another. Some, who have recognized their newfound abilities to manifest reality as they would like it to be, have learned to pool their collective strengths and to create a force for change on behalf of all. These ones, who are small but growing in number, have set the pace for others in the "here and now", and continue to demonstrate by their own choices the possibilities available to all. These are the forerunners of a new paradigm. These are the pioneers whose lives herald a world whose rules are being written and continue to be rewritten in the moment. The pace at which change is manifesting is an ongoing phenomenon. Life is not simply turning the page and writing itself a new overall script to which all must adhere to indefinitely. The very foundations for the creation of your reality are, in fact, ever changing. In these times, that change is happening at a pace so rapid that it can be noted, not only in the cosmic overview of your history, or even by a generation, but in a single lifetime. Yours.

Your very life is a testimonial to change. And as you become consciously aware that the only thing that can be counted on is realization that nothing can be counted on, you will shift from a mind-set of expectation to one of allowance. You cannot "control" anything, now. You are, in fact, totally "out of control." And these are the optimum conditions for maximizing the process of energy integration and for manifesting life experiences that you will find enjoyable. Resistance to the reality that things are not the way they are, when you were schooling purportedly taught you the rules of the game, will only reinforce the difficulties you may choose to create for yourself. Openness to what your own experiences has shown you is real is the best possible response to the conditions at hand. It matters less what others may be saying, or what the so-called teachers of your times may be espousing as truth. Your own experience is the highest truth, for you. And it is this reality that, ideally, serves as your lamplight in the uncharted territory of these times. Each of you is a master in your own right. Each of you has sufficient life experience to serve as a reference point for what is so, for you. Conditioned deference to the leadership of others over the input of one's own experience can only inhibit the pace at which you travel on your journey. For, your life is a testimonial to your own choices and the insights you are able to glean from them. The habit of looking to others for a nod of approval does not serve to reinforce your autonomy as a self-realized being. It reflects and fosters dependency. There is but one truth on which you can depend, no matter what - your own.

All things are possible now. In essence, the slate has been wiped clean. It is a new kind of world. One in which dreams can be realized in an instant. One in which the deities who walk amongst you can be recognized as your own emerging selves. It is a world where you are able to feel supported, happy, and successful in your endeavors. And one where indescribable joy of being in sync with the momentum of limitlessness, is your birthright. These are the conditions at hand. Right Here. Right Now. Not someday. But in this very moment. The sacred journey of transformation has delivered you right to the doorstep. All that is optional is whether you choose to cross the threshold and experience.

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