Opening to Celestial Energies : Ending the Fear of ETs

Many people are asking the question, "Why am I being contacted by extraterrestrials?" These contacts occur during dreams, in meditation, face to face, and often simply by poring through books and the Internet to sate an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about ETs. Contactees’ emotional reactions span from abject terror to vague indifference to deep spiritual connection with these enlightened beings. But all contactees want to know if these beings are harmful or loving. Through my work with ET contactees, I have some surprising evidence that celestial beings are here to bridge the gap between humanity and the angelic world.

Extraterrestrials are simply manifestations of loving, enlightened celestial energy whose divine role is to awaken humanity to inner peace, wisdom and love.

What IS Going On ?

The initial reaction of contactees is often a questioning of their own sanity. You are not going insane, nor are you having an abnormal or unnatural experience. Rather, you are participating in a highly symbolic global and individual movement of humanity: you are bridging the gap between human, celestial and angelic experiences of consciousness.

Prior to your incarnation, you agreed in your divine contract to have a celestial awakening, which includes contact by celestial beings. Often those who most stubbornly refuse to acknowledge their celestial selves have the most terrifying contacts, including abduction and implant experiences. For those having undesirable experiences, your participation is desperately needed in the mass awakening of humanity to its higher self. Some celestials are willing to break their own karmic law to shake you awake.

The fear ends when you release your feelings of separation from your celestial energy origins. All elements that comprise the Earth experience are celestial in origin, including nature and the animal kingdom, water, earth and the mineral kingdom, air, and fire. The elements of human beings are celestial as well. We are all a part of the universe of God, which is comprised of celestial and angelic energy.

For many people, contact during a celestial awakening takes the form of a gentle nudge to read a certain book, take a class or workshop, or to recall a dream, coupled with obsession about ETs. You may have been contacted already, but most likely don’t remember the experience. Even the word contact is a bit of a misnomer as it implies something outside oneself meeting something within. The concept of awakening rather than contact is more suitable to describe the true nature of the phenomenon--for you will realize that celestials were present all along, and that they are a part of you in the same way that angels are a part of you. Many books have spoken of personal representatives on each level of awareness--celestials are your etheric connection.

Dimensions and Chakras

Part of the difficulty in describing a celestial awakening is the lack of context for the situation, specifically, for the experience of the higher dimensions. Only in very recent years have theoretical physicists established the dimensional theory of the universe.

The refined, pure angelic God-source energies become denser as they move through the dimensional chakra system to create physical reality. These energies also correspond to the astral angelic and etheric celestial bodies in terms of infusing the energy that eventually creates the physical world. Working backwards from Einstein’s famous E=mc2 equation, mass equals energy divided (slowed down) by the speed of light.

As there are densities of matter, there are densities or refinements of energy. Humanity is currently in the third dimension or the Individual Consciousness chakra. This is evident from not only physics (the fourth dimension is difficult to explain) but also from the behavior of society. The competitive desire to dominate others and take their personal power is what drives the world economy.

Humanity is ascending to the fourth dimensional Planetary Consciousness chakra, and the celestials are the facilitators of this process. The celestial energies are infusing into your everyday world in the form of synchronicities, instant manifestations and miracles. When celestials descend to Earth, they are actually densifying their bodies to allow visible contact. Celestial contact is a metaphor for humanity’s transformation to a fourth dimensional, heart-centered Planetary Consciousness.

Where Do We Go from Here ?

Personal connection with celestial energies is a key to realizing the dream of a brighter future for humanity. Each contactee receives a special notification about the urgent need for their participation in reuniting all aspects of the human experience: the human mind and body, the etheric celestial body and the angelic astral body. Celestial beings serve as a link to angelic energy and eventually to God, so there is no reason to fear this type of divine intervention.

Senseless and brutal acts committed by nations, corporations and individuals are incomprehensible, yet they continue daily. Awakening to the presence of celestials will be the catalyst to allow all on Earth to see themselves as part of the universal family of humans, celestials and angels. As this awakening continues, we will continue to break down these distinctions of consciousness until we are aware of ourselves as one universal energy of love. In that moment, the idea of war, hunger, poverty and inequality among people will no longer exist.

We will live as one in abundance.

Sean Topping, an Oregon-based intuitive channeler who specializes in connecting with celestial beings, can be reached at [email protected] !

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