Tuning Into the Realm of Fairies and Elves

Some years ago while I was at a Music Festival in Nepal, I accidentally chanced upon these anomalous 'Balls of Light' in most of the pictures taken on my digital camera. There were showing up in different colors and sizes and the phenomena wasn't restricted to the night time and didn't necessary need the flash either for they were there even in the pictures clicked in broad daylight. This put me onto a quest ... to investigate the phenomena of Orbs and Nature Spirits.

Over the years, as my understanding of the spirit realm deepened, I begin to realize there was another realm, another dimension hidden away from plain sight where these beings exist. They come into our reality from time to time ... and can influence our thoughts, our imagination in the most beautiful way.

Here are some interesting videos about Fairies, Elves and other dimensional beings and how we can tune into their realm of existence which will help us enrich our understanding of other spiritual planes and invisible realms that surround us.

The Fairy Faith ... In Search of Fairies ...

Elves in Iceland spark a road building protest, causing all kinds of trouble for the workers ... Even the law of Iceland recognizes the presence of Elves and other mysterious entities who very real !

Elves and the Underworld Kingdom ...

Proof of Little People ... Elves in Iceland !

Ancient Little People ...

A glimpse into other Realities and Dimensions ...

Here are couple of pictures of what look like Golden Sparks or Fairies ...

This one was taken at Shiva Valley, South Anjuna ... Goa ! Quite interestingly, the Fairy / Spark of Golden Light resembles a Trident (Trishul) ... it also looks like a vertically transposed image of the Om Symbol.

The picture below taken by a friend at home, also has a golden spark, right next to my ear.

This one was taken soon after, however at an outdoor location in Secunderabad, India ... and see what showed up :)

If only we could go beyond our rational, logical mind and tune into this magical world that seems so elusive, we would be able to experience the presence of these mysterious beings who are here to help us along our spiritual journey.

Its time we tuned into the language of light ... its all around us .... and within !

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