Diana Cooper on Angels, Orbs & 2012 !

Diana Cooper is one of the most well known and widely read authors on many essentially interesting subjects of our time that speak of our imminent spiritual transformation such as Angels, Orbs, 2012 and the emerging collective consciousness here now ...

In this brilliant 26 minute video Diana shares how she reached rock bottom 25 years ago with no psychic or religion background when she surrendered to receive the information from the angels. This is when she left her body and the angels showed her the future. Angels appeared to Diana and they gave her information of what she was to teach. Since then she began to see the Orbs around her and they gave her a training course to distinguish between their energies.

Angels are appearing now to give us more information to prepare for 2012. New energies are coming and if we are ready, they will shift many people to the 5th dimension and into ascension. Diana's message in her book explains in detail about the transition as we root ourselves down into the earth.

Many people have been finding orbs in their photographs. So what are they and why are they appearing now ? The spiritual realms indicated some time ago that they would soon give us more tangible proof of their existence and that there will be mass sightings of angels as the year 2012 approached. So they are drawing attention to their presence by appearing in photographs as orbs. Many skeptics claim that the orbs are the result of a drop of moisture or speck of dust on the lens of the camera. However scientists are now saying that there is an energy source within each orb. They appear where there are children, in beauty spots, churches, at ceremonies or celebrations and at spiritual gatherings - in other words they are drawn to high frequency energy and where the veils are thin. They can also be called in by intent. As I understand it there are two kinds of orb. Solid ones are manifestation of spirit. They contain the light bodies of elementals, such as fairies, spirits of the deceased, angels, Ascended Masters and any being who is travelling out of their physical sheath. These appear as solid balls of light, big, small, faint or bright according to their frequency, so an angel appears as a bigger and brighter orb than the spirit of someone who has passed over. The other kind of orb often have patterns within them which are coded messages from the invisible realms. Some of them transmit healing, communication or love. Other patterns are symbols or keys for opening up the mind or heart, for example I saw a lovely one containing a rose, which was being sent from the angels of love to open up the hearts of those who saw it. A few are inter-dimensional gateways. They open doors for you to access other realms, different galaxies and even far off universes. Of course, if you accept the invitation you will travel in your spirit body during your sleep. You may even appear as an orb in someone’s picture as you are on your journey. Every time you send out a prayer or invocation you are calling in orbs. Angel workshops are always full of them. Prayers for help attract the assistance you need and this will often appear in the form of an orb. Or you can simply sit quietly and ask them to come to you. Blessings Diana www.dianacooper.com Diane Coopers Books : Related Articles :


Watch 2012 said...

Interesting video...I never knew about the orbs, how fascinating! I will read the book you recommend for sure!

Anonymous said...

i loved the book 2012 and beyond facinating

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