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.... Namaste Beautiful Beings Of Light ....

In these magnificent times we live in there has been provided an opportunity for all of humanity to awaken to the infinite possibilities that lie within our consciousness birthing a new age of Love & Harmony ... when we all truly live as one consciousness with all illusionary boundaries dissolved as we allow our inner light to shine ... the key to transformation lies within our ability to tune into the child within and stay in tune with the bliss of innocence allowing compassion to drive our thoughts, our feelings, our speech, our actions ... always ... knowing the self as one with the inherent unity which binds all creation as one infinite sea of consciousness ... spirit ... energy .... love .... god ... the field ... we can choose any name .... any label .... any tag .... there really is one actor playing all these parts in this infinite play of consciousness .... all parts destined to reunite with the true nature of self ....

We have a lot to learn from the children of today as these ONEderful beings of light bring forth an awe inspiring fresh energy of transformation through their w~one~derful gifts of unconditional love and compassion for all as we consciously co~create our reality and birth the neo paradigm of oneness as we bring to realization our true multidimensional nature .... Love & Light ... All Ways ....

Connecting To Innocence by Cheryl Goodrich ...

There is a wisdom that is so ancient. It bubbles up inside my mind and has the ability to be transported into time. This ancient wisdom is innocence and it contains everything that is needed to heal the world.

There are scatterings of this wisdom found in time. It is seen in the turns of the seasons, the wisdom of nature and the innocence of a child. These scatterings alone do not hold enough power to bring the healing of the world. Something else is needed. This something else is the link that unites all of these scattered pieces of wisdom together. This link is the idea of love and is found in the mind of every person who walks this earth. It is to the idea of love that we must turn to allow innocence to flourish in time for without innocence all life will perish.

Re-connecting to Love

When a person re-connects to love and begins to disconnect from the boundaries and barriers that time and space sets on the mind, it begins to connect to another Source that is powerful enough to move the forces of nature and gentle enough to cradle a child's innocence. As a person searches for this ancient source of wisdom, a pattern begins to emerge. This pattern is revealed each time the mind is freed from a past perceived hurt. Each step taken becomes a golden thread that binds together the fallen innocence that is scattered in the world. It is this connection that will save the world. There is nothing else. If there were then love would be a lie and all of the betrayal and pain found in the world would be the truth.

Connecting to innocence unites us to the ancient Wisdom found in Heaven.

Heaven cannot unite with what it does not know, but we can align our mind with innocence by perceiving a new way of thinking. We cannot pursue a new way of thinking until the old way is given up as something not wanted.

Why the Innocence of a Child is so Precious

We think we know, but do we understand how the seasons change? Why the innocence of a child is so precious? The wisdom of these things is what is worth pursuing, yet we get caught up in the "wisdom of the world" which teaches us we are something we are not. No wonder there is so much treachery and pain in the world. The constant demand that we become something we were never supposed to be overwhelms every mind that makes such a demand. The intensity that this strain causes is seen and played out on the faces of those that walk this world and on the face of those that makes such a request.

Our next challenge is not world peace, conquering outer space, feeding the world or global warming. It is not protecting the environment or the world economy. The next challenge that we have today is preserving something that we all are born with and is re-introduced into the world each time a child passes the threshold from eternity into time and space. That trait that is so cherished in our children is called innocence. This is the challenge for this millennium; how do we maintain and keep the quality of innocence in our children while bringing them up and teaching them to become physical beings? Spirit, by nature is innocent. If we can keep our children innocent, they will heal the world. They can teach the world how to love again without being threatened, for what they carry into the threshold of time is unconditional love. What they learn in the physical realm is that it is not safe to love unconditionally. This is fear and can only be learned in time. It is fear that threatens the existence of the world, nothing else.

Blending Physical and Spiritual

In the physical realm there is a strong tendency to believe that being physical is the greatest expression of Spirit. Being physical is not an end, or the final way Spirit can be interpreted, but instead just an avenue of expression of the Spirit. Being physical should be a blend of the Spirit, which is soft and yielding and also innocent, to the physical, which is a way to express the Spirit through the manipulation of physical matter or molding it to the Glory of God. God's Glory isn't found in the body. It is found in our Being.

Miracle of Birth

A true holy encounter reveals the innocence that each one of us still holds and it is beheld by one looking through innocent eyes. Innocence is a gift from God and God never takes back what He has given freely. The miracle restores our innocence and it is the gift that is being extended unto mankind by God so we can remember what the rest of creation already knows.

Take my hand and help me gather the wisdom that is tossed about in the world. Let us join together in a new understanding that brings us back to the simplicity of life. All of the harsh undertakings found in the world is simply a futile attempt to make a statement that screams; "I am not the innocence that lies scattered about in time. I am greater than this." But there is nothing greater because there is nothing else. The wisdom of the world is merely nothing because it does not contain a drop of innocence that a child offers to the world every time one is born.

..... In Lak'ech Ala K'in .... Bhole Naath Sabke Saath .......

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What human beings are conditioned to focus on by society is not the truth. Every energy being exists to find his way back to the heart centre.

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