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In an age of quick information exchange and free knowledge sharing, the media too is quickly evolving with the changing times ... The Herald, a local newspaper in Goa recently published this brilliant article by Anil Pandey called 'Symbols of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence' which shares interesting information about creation, extra terrestrial origins of humanity, SETI, the Mayans, Crop Circles, Cycles of Time, 2012 ...

'Symbols of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence' ... by Anil Pandey

If we accept that the UFOs exist we would be admitting that extra terrestrial intelligent life forms are a reality. While the science admits that in this vast universe with billions of galaxies, it is more than possible that intelligent life may exist not only in other galaxies but in our own Milky Way itself. We have recently found water on moon and near pure water in a Mars crater.

Ancient Sumerians have left evidence that they were taught civilization by some beings they called Annunaki - Those who from heaven to the Earth came - Sumerians left their history on clay tablets and one of them clearly depicts the solar system in correct order, including Pluto and Uranus which were discovered not more than two hundred years ago.

Zecharia Sitchin in command of many languages with cuneiform deciphering skills who has conducted primary research of ancient history and has written several books gives compelling evidence that earth had space ports in ancient times and we had visitors from other planets. Without investigating further some people tend to dismiss UFOs, Eric Von Daniken and countless other researchers who have found enough evidence which points to extraterrestrial visitors on this planet in ancient times. But Sitchin is well aware of this and bases his arguments on solid scholarship, including the most rigorous translations of Sumerian text, Vedic tales and excerpts from the original Greek and Hebrew versions of the Bible.

According to Sitchin our Solar System has another planet which the Sumerians called Nibiru which has a 3600 year orbit around the sun, and we are visited by the Annunaki, the beings that inhabit this planet when it enters our solar system.

SETI project, Search for Extra Terrstrial Intelligence had sent a Arecibo message created by Dr. Frank Drake with help from Carl Sagan and others, aimed at the globular cluster M13 some 25,000 light years away. The message sent on 16th November 1974 consists of seven parts about basic information of life on earth and was beamed into space via frequency modulated radio waves.

There are many who are convinced that we have received answers from the depths of outer space in the form of crop circles in replies that are encoded in binary digits similar to what we had transmitted into outer space. So much interest was generated in these spectacular formations that the servers of the websites hosting the information buckled due to excessive traffic.

The Arecibo Crop Glyph ( Response to The Message sent by SETI)

Wonders of our ancient history and heritage also hint of visitations of extra-terrestrial intelligent beings. Historians cannot with any measure of honest scholarship explain that how on earth some our grandest monuments like the Pyramids of Giza, Angkor Wat and the Pyramid of Chichenitza embody very advanced knowledge of astronomy and engineering at a time when classical historians tell us that we had only copper tools and the wheel had not been invented.

Researcher Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval have done extensive work of studying these monuments and there research concludes that these monuments are handiwork of a very advanced race with knowledge of Astronomy, Advanced Engineering, Mathematics and technology which we were not supposed to possess according to classical historians. Three pyramids of Giza precisely mimic the star map of the Belt of Orion and Angkor Wat is a terrestrial map of star constellation Alpha Draconis. There beauty grandeur and precise engineering of these monuments tells us they had a definite purpose which evades us.

It is now commonly believed that sites like Stonehenge in the UK and comparable sites around the world were like gigantic observatories to keep track of the precessional movement of the earth's axis, as every 72 years the Earth's axis precesses by one degree and 26000 years complete one full cycle and the end of the cycle augurs massive earth changes. How could the ancient ones keep measure of such a slow and barely discernible movement of Earth's axis?

From where did Mayans get their astronomical knowledge that they could predict the 1991 Solar Eclipse over Mexico City while the civilization had disappeared a thousand years ago? And why does the Mayan Calendar end on the Winter Solstice of 2012 which today we know as a date when a special astronomical event that happens only once every 26000 years ... when the centre of the milky way galaxy, the Sun and the Earth will come in perfect alignment. If this event will affect gravity, it will also affect time as both are interrelated. Who gave Mayans complex and advanced knowledge of movements of planets ?

The possibility that we have been visited in the past by extra terrestrial beings has to be thought of with an open mind as our ancient history certainly points to anomalously advanced ancient knowledge. In the same breath we can say the possibility that UFOs exist also has to be taken with an open mind as every thousands of reports are filed from all continents from people of all walks of life.

The next article will be devoted to Giza Pyramids as a reflection of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Wait and watch, sorry read ...

Source : The Herald Goa

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