Alien Sign : A Crop Circle Documentary

"Alien Sign : The Message" is a video presentation of a lecture given by Colin Andrews a leading researcher of the Crop Circle Phenomena.

In this documentary, Colin Andrews investigates and endeavors to find answers to the crop circle phenomenon, examining cases and photographic evidence worldwide with the assistance of experts in science and the paranormal.

Here is an excerpt from Colin Andrew's book titled 'Crop Circles : Signs Of Contact' ...

My name is Colin Andrews, and I have been in a unique position since 1983, a position, my friends, that I did not ask for. I was an electrical engineer and a local government officer in England and, one day, as I was simply driving between my offices, a chance glance out of my car window pulled me into this phenomena. As soon as I saw my first Crop Circles, something threw a switch. I was not aware at the time that I walked into that field that, within hours, I was to become one of the only three people in the world researching these phenomena. Within days of that July afternoon in 1983, I joined forced with Dr. Terence Meaden, who was, and still is, the head of the Tornado and Storm Research Organization in Great Britain.

I also teamed up with Pat Delgado, who had just retired from his job at NASA tracking the Mariner Project at the Woomera Tracking Ranges in Australia and Busty Taylor, a driving inspector and light aircraft pilot who lived in my home town. I became known in the area very quickly by tapping on lots of doors: farmer's doors, military doors, police doors - Just about everybody I could get to - asking them what they knew about these things, how long had they been there, and anything else they could tell me. The first thing the farmers told me was that these five circles were not the only ones they had ever had. Almost every farmer whose door I knocked on in that area of southern england told me that their forefathers had these things on their land, and they had all heard them spoken of when they were children. This was concrete evidence that crop circles had been around for at least 30 years.

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